The tennis match – Chapter 8: What was supposed to happen, happened indeed

The tennis match – Chapter 8: What was supposed to happen, happened indeed

This is the eigth chapter of the series “The tennis match”. You can read the previous chapters by clicking on the below links:
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I cannot remember how much time this never-ending kiss lasted, it was out of our reality, time had no more hold on us, we were like ghosts invisible to the world. We finally came back on earth, Ambre was staring at me with a shining smile, yet devilish. Lust had definitely claimed us, we went too far and apparently there was nothing we could do to rebuke our mutual attraction at that moment. My hands were irresistibly attracted by her soft skin, just as hers by my sweating body. It was wild, primary … something I rarely felt, and definitely never for a workmate, even less for a woman.

I was not myself anymore, I was a lost soul desperately animated by the sole desire to be with her … I wanted to feel her, I wanted her hands on me, I was horny as hell. I realized I had not say a word for a long time and Ambre seemed amused to witness me in that state of confusion.
-“What’s going on in your cute champion’s head?” She finally asked.
-“I … I …” I chuckled unable to speak properly. “I don’t know Ambre … your touch feels absolutely fantastic … but … I am not sure we should do that.” I heard myself saying, my whole body language saying the exact opposite.

She chuckled, her frank stare on me.
-“Why not? What’s the problem? You’ve never been with a woman before?” She asked.
-“Actually … not since high school, but that’s not the problem…” I argued.
-“So what?”
-“I … I had a complicated relationship with a colleague 2 years ago, and it ended with a … painful breakup.” I said feeling my throat tightening a little (see The landlord series). “I promised myself then, never to mix my love life and my work again… That’s the first time since that I feel I want to break that promise.”
-“Come here!” She said opening her arms.

I could not resist to hug her tight again. The softness of her skin against me, made me shiver, a tender vibe was building in my tummy. There was absolutely no doubt that I wanted her, my whole body craving for more. She finally pulled away from me and took my hand, leading me towards the umpire chair where the net would not be an obstacle between us. I leaned my back against the steps of the chair, Ambre was facing me with a large smile, each of her hands grabbing the edge of a step, making me her willing prisoner between her two arms. She leaned closer to me, her lips nearly touching mines, her stare plunged in my eyes, I was shivering in expectation.
-“How do you feel now Cathy?” She inquired.
-“I … I want you Ambre … kiss me …” I pleaded.

She chuckled displaying an amused smile.
-“You tried to hit on me with your little game, didn’t you?”
-“I … I actually did not plan anything” I said trying to defend myself. “I am just a little of an … exhibitionist.” I admitted.
-“That you are my little winner!” she said with a wink.

I did not let her add another word and planted a kiss on her lips. Her left hand moved on my hip, caressing my iliac crest, slowly progressing towards my thigh. The tips of her fingers on my skin were giving me goose bumps. Our lips did not seem to be able to live apart anymore and I risked a hand on her shoulder that I slowly directed down her breast, feeling the soft skin reacting to my touch, her nipple growing hard under my palm. Soon her hand was sliding on my inner thigh and finally reached my crotch. Ambre froze, staring at me with an engaging smile.
-“Feel me …” I said in a sigh full of lust. Instantly her hand came back to life and started to caress my most sensitive spot. I could not prevent myself, I let out a muffled moan. My body was covered in goose bumps, I was so excited that my legs could barely support me.

The tip of her middle finger was slowly following the valley of my intimate slit, spreading apart my folds even more at each passage, until it reached the source of my intense wetness, plunging briefly in the tight canal, to continue its journey up to my oversensitive clitoris. I gasped as Ambre touched it, nearly loosing my balance, excited as I was. Ambre caught my arm when she felt I was falling and chuckled.
-“We should better get you seated… I would hate to cause a sprained ankle!”

I giggled feeling ashamed at the intensity of my arousal. She took my hand, pulling me to her chair where she sat. She grabbed my hips with both her hands and made me sit on her laps. My whole skin was hyper sensitive, I was in heaven when she wrapped me in her arms from behind. I was feeling her nakedness against mine, her round breasts pressing against my back. I did not care anymore about the fact that we were outdoor, all I cared for was the extreme sensuality of the moment. Her hands went into motion again, one grabbing my breasts, playing with them, as the others was plunging between my legs. I knew I would have to surrender soon, I was soon on the edge of an intense orgasm but Ambre was an expert in soft torture: she was interrupting her caresses just at the right moment, resuming them when she felt I could endure her treatment again. I was in a constant pre-orgasmic state… never had I felt such a thing before.

I was lost in her hands, vibrating like an instrument with its musician and what was supposed to happen, happened indeed. We were so taken by each others that we did not see it coming, or to be more correct, we did not see or hear him coming! The creaking of the court door made itself door and the tennis attendant was there, a few meters from us, completely shocked by the scene he was watching: us! We had just been caught!! I was mortified!

I jumped in a crouch at Ambre’s feet as she was hiding her naughty bits the best she could with her arms. The tennis attendant seemed to recover from his shock, recovering his voice.
-“What … what the fuck … what the fuck do you think you are doing …” he managed to say stuttering.

We looked at him helplessly. I did not know what to say or do, we had just been so stupid to do that … Ambre seemed in shock and frightened, I hated myself at that moment to have put ourselves in such a delicate situation.
-“I am going to teach you a lesson, you filthy bitches!!” he said waving his broom menacingly.

I understood we had to react quickly, he seemed to have lost all reasons! I raised on my feet slowly … I had no other choice than to try to buy us time. Standing stark naked in front of him, I knew I was not in the best position to negotiate, I tried though despite the stress that I was not able to conceal in my voice.
-“S…sorry Sir… we are going now ok? Calm down please … calm down … we did not mean any offense and ….”
-“You did not mean any offense?” He looked at me, all of me, I could feel his solid stare scanning every inch of my skin.

I slowly grabbed my bag and my racket as he was continuing to argue.
-“You’re not going anywhere bitches!! You are going to stay here until the police arrives” he continued threatening me with his broom. “You are going to spend a very nice moment in a cold cell I guess.”

This is when I grabbed Ambre’s arm, pulling her and dashing to the door. Arriving at his level, I dodged his broom and gave him the strongest push I could manage. I was the first surprised when I saw him stumbling, and falling backward, as we passed him dashing to the door.

He was quickly back on his feet but I guess the adrenaline made us to finally distance him in the alleys of the tennis club. We could hear him calling us names but we lost him. The only problem is that Ambre lost her bag in the battle, moreover we were still naked.
-“What… do we do now?” asked Ambre out of breath.

I envisaged quickly our options and we had not many… we could try to hide, but I felt it was unlikely we could escape him in his own club.
-“To the car!” I managed to say.
-“What? Like this?” asked a panicked Ambre.

I ran even faster, Ambre following me.
-“No choice … Ambre. Let’s go!!!”

And this is how we found ourselves dashing in the streets in our Eve outfits. The car was not parked too far, but still, it was a good one-hundred meters. I never managed to run that fast in my life. Happily at this hour, most people were at home, enjoying their dinner and to my knowledge nobody spotted us.

I jumped in the car, slammed the door and sped of. We left the area before our pursuer managed to see our car … At least this is what Ambre, who looked back when we left, thought. This was really important because I had no intention to let him read my plate and report us afterwards.

After a few minutes, when the shock passed, Ambre got the giggles. I started to laugh myself unable to control myself. We were on the highway, speeding to avoid being caught by the trucks … we were still naked after all and not yet out of trouble, far from it. I had of course put the hood back but we had nevertheless to find refuge and quick.
-“What’s the plan now?” asked an amused Ambre.
-“We go out! I am sure the boys will buy us plenty of drinks!” I joked.
-“Oooooh, filthy exhibitionist!” replied Ambre mimicking the voice of the tennis attendant. We both laughed at her very good imitation. “My flat is five minutes from here … I guess it’s our safest option” she said.
-“All right. Where to?”
-“Next highway exit!” said Ambre posing a hand on my thigh. “Moreover, it will give us the opportunity to resume our unfinished business.” she added

I smiled and instantly felt my heart beating loud and fast again. My nipples got hard again and she noticed it of course.
-“Your body is talking for you Cath!”

I nodded.
-“It seems I cannot hide anything from you … actually I am not hiding anything!” We laughed again.

I followed Ambre’s instructions and we were soon parking the car in the basement of her building. Happily the place was completely deserted. We could not resist to kiss each other once again, it was like an irresistible urge, at least on my side. She suddenly froze and gasped.
-“Shit! My keys … they are in the locker at the club … ”
-“Shit!!!! How did we not think of this?” I swore.
-“Hmm there’s an option. There is a spare with the concierge.” She said. “But we better get dressed!”
-“Oh yes of course.”

I opened my bag and handed over my tennis dress to her.
-“Happily we are the same size!” She said after checking.

I, myself, dressed back in my business outfit and we finally got out of the car, pretty decent for the first time in the last hour and a half. Ambre managed to get the spare key and we finally entered her flat. It was clean and fresh, decorated in a modern way, tasteful though.
-“Make yourself at home” she said.

I set myself in the sofa and looked around.
-“I really like a lot your flat, it’s beautiful. I’ll invite you over to help me with mine.” I said
-“Thank you! I will definitely be happy to help you know … would you like to drink something?”
-“Oh thanks, yes! Just water for now.”

She came back with a glass that she put on the coffee table in front of me.
-“There you are!” She switched on her hi-fi system, an ambiance music filled the room. “Jumping in the shower … I won’t be long” she said planting a kiss on my lips before leaving to the bathroom.

I patiently wait for her, reading her numerous interior design magazines. That was probably how and where she got the inspiration I guessed. My mind started to drift, I thought back at that incredible end of day since we left the office earlier. The tennis game had been fantastic of course, I lived a fantasy and pulled a friend into it … but that’s what happened once the match was done that made the day: that first kiss exchanged, the caresses, the softness of her skin, her scent … I did not know how much time passed but there she was, standing in front of me, wearing an elegant silk kimono. She handed me over a well folded large white towel.
-“Your turn? The bathroom is there!” she said pointing me in the right direction.
-“Thanks!” I said raising on my feet and grabbing the towel from her hand.

The bathroom was like the rest of the flat, modern and appealing. I felt like I was inside a magazine, maybe I was dreaming after all. I pinched myself and well … apparently I was not. I stripped and welcomed the lukewarm water on my skin. I was feeling a bit strange being in Ambre’s apartment, but I knew it would pass eventually and I took my time to try to gather myself. What did I do with my stupid game? I definitely triggered something I did not anticipate, something stronger than me, and than Ambre too it seemed. I was shaking and it was not because the water was too cold … it was pure lust, expectation of what was about to come.

I finally got out of the bathroom, the towel tightly wrapped around me. Music was still playing but Ambre was nowhere to see.
-“Yes I am here!” replied a voice.

I walked towards the direction I heard her voice coming and there she was: lying on her bed, her beautiful smile displayed and not a stitch of clothes to cover her amazing body. She wiggled to me and tapped on the bed right at her side.
-“Come here sweetie … as I said, we have unfinished business to attend … and I cannot wait one second more!”

I smiled and walked by the side of the bed. Staring at her, my heart beating faster and harder than ever, I untied the knot of my towel and let it drop at my feet. I crawled over the bed and laid on my back by her side. I could feel her body radiating heat even before she came over me. Her whole body was against me and her face just above mine. We stared at each other for long second and suddenly broke in a passionate kiss, the kind of kiss you remember a lifetime. This is how started a long night made of love, passion and lust … Ambre was an intense lover and I enjoyed every second. What was supposed to happen, happened indeed!

I knew before falling asleep of exhaustion that night that the next day would be awkward. I did not even know if Ambre was serious about it of it was just a one night stand. To be honest I was not so sure myself but I knew I just spent the most intense evening and night of my existence. Next days at work were probably going to be a bit strange, but that was thoughts for another day.


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My dear readers,
This is actually the end of the first season, which means there will probably be others. However, this is now five months that I started this adventure with Ambre and we thought it was time to make a little break. Time for us to indulge in different projects and come back with fresh ideas what will be the next adventures of Ambre and Catherine.

I would like to take the opportunity to deeply thank the “Cosmic Sisters” who have accepted the installation of the tennis court set on their land for months. Special thank to Ambre who, apart from being my partner in crime in the story has assisted me a lot in various departments such as the set building itself, photography, poses and I will not forget her constant support during the whole adventure.

That is the end of a long project, I feel at the same time very happy and proud of the work accomplished but also a bit sad, but it is a common feeling that I will eventually overcome with new projects. I have learnt a lot, in particular in the domain of photography and poses building with the excellent AnyPose.

I hope you enjoyed that long story, too long? I loved working on it definitely, it is probably not perfect but I did my best and this is what counts to me.


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