The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Saturday

The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Saturday

The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Saturday

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The next day, still unable to find anything to put on, I made my way to the kitchen wrapped in the thick towel I was given at the pool. Yann was there, a coffee cup and an orange juice in front of him and having a serious chat over the phone… Work … it did not seem to stop ever, even on week-ends. I quietly prepared my own breakfast while he was finishing his conversation. He eventually hung up and smiled at me.

-“How was your night Catherine?” He inquired.
-“I slept very well thank you!” I said sipping my coffee. “The only thing is that … I have not been able to find where you put my stuff… I have basically nothing to put on”
-“Oh … really?” He said obviously feigning surprise.
-“Really!” I replied as I understood he did it on purpose.
-“Well I admit I did not put your stuff in your room but in mine… I felt it was a good opportunity to resume your fun dares.” He winked at me.
-“Oh really?” I said mimicking his tone earlier
-“Yes really! I dare you to spend the week-end in your Eve outfit.” He said bluntly.
-“The whole week-end? Wow, that’s something.”
-“I might let you dress when we will go in town” he smiled.
-“Such a gentleman” I replied with irony.

He chuckled.
-“So? What do you say?” He asked arching his eyebrows.

I looked at him intently, trying to keep a serious face despite the fact that I wanted to laugh. Finally I let myself smile and said playfully.
-“Risky but it might be a lot of fun.”

With that I untied the knot of the towel and let it drop behind me on the floor. I looked at Yann and smiled.
-“Like what you see?” I winked
-“Definitely!” He said with a smile.

He gently chit chatted with me while I was finishing my breakfast, probably a way to help me getting comfortable… it kind of succeeded.
-“Finished?” He asked finally as I was not drinking or eating anything for some time.

I nodded
-“Yes thank you!”
-“Good. Let’s gather in thirty minutes. Time for me to shower and then we tackle the work for the day?”
-“Sounds like a plan!” I said raising.

We quickly cleaned up the table. He did not let me do the dishes and asked me to get ready. As I had not to worry about what to wear I focused my attention on my make-up and made sure no dis-gracious hair was showing. Satisfied I made my way downstairs. Yann was on the patio with his laptop. He gestured inviting me to join him.
-“Your neighbors might see me” I said hesitantly
-“I do not think so … but who knows” He chuckled. “Come, don’t be shy. There is no pleasure when no risk is involved, right?”

I chuckled and taking a deep breath I stepped on the patio and sat in front of him. At first I was nervously looking around but I finally nearly managed to forget I was naked… well a few insistent stares from his part reminded me that fact from time to time. It was far me more flattering than annoying anyway. We made good progress which was a good proof that he was focused on work more than me … actually I was amazed at how quickly I felt at ease working like this.

I jumped on my chair when I suddenly heard someone clearing one’s throat. A woman was standing just behind Yann, how did I not hear her coming? I discovered later that she was wearing slippers who made her completely stealthy.
-“Excuse me Sir?” She said. I instantly covered myself with hands and arms the best I could.

Yann turned to the woman still sitting on his chair.
-“Oh Anna, I did not hear you arriving. So … this is Catherine, the colleague I told you about.” Anna nodded to me with a smile. “Catherine, this is Anna, she is actually my occasional maid when I come here… oh and don’t worry I told her you were a nudist and that you might not wear much today.”

I stared at Yann taken by surprise by his speech. A nudist? Gosh I was to play the role if I did not want to look like a whore… I politely nodded to Anna, forcing myself to take a more confident pose, displaying myself in the process. Anna smiled.
-“It’s ok Madam. It’s actually the perfect weather for a full tan.” She commented.
-“Huh… yes … yes indeed. Thanks” I replied trying to act normally. I was making a fool of myself I realized.

Anna turned to Yann
-“So I was wondering if I should set the table outside or inside?”
-“Oh definitely outside, the weather is perfect” replied Yann with confidence.
-“Perfect!” She said.

She disappeared inside the house and came back a few minutes later to set the table. She left again, probably to prepare the lunch.
-“You should have told me!” I reproached him
-“Yes I’m sorry! I thought I would hear her and you would have time to dress…” he apologized.
-“And now what?”
-“Just play the nudist and all will be fine. Don’t worry, Anna is nice, nothing to worry about.”

I sighed and looked at him with a reproachful stare, he smiled innocently to answer. We eventually resumed working until Anna announced the lunch was served. It was a bit strange to be the only one naked, or nearly: I only had a small napkin covering my thighs.

-“At least I have no risk of getting stained” I said with humor. I saw it made Anna smile. I was wondering what was the story behind Yann and Anna, if any. I did not dare to raise the question though.

Anna finally served us the coffee and vanished in the kitchen. She was back maybe twenty minutes later to let us know she was leaving.
-“Good bye Madam, Sir. I am on my way.”
-“Thank you Anna. The lunch was fantastic” Yann said.
-“Yes delicious Anna, you’re a real cordon bleu” I added waving at her, lying on a sundeck chair. I was stunned at how natural it seems to be for me.
-“Thank you!” she replied leaving.

Yann escorted her to the gate and was back besides me a minute later.
-“Would you like to visit the village where I used to spend my holidays?” He asked
-“And where is that?”
-“We are in that exact village. Of course as a kid my parents could not afford such a house. We were renting a spot at the nearby camping.”
-“Ooooh I see. Well I would certainly like a tour Yann… but maybe not in my present outfit.”

Yann chuckled.
-“Yes, you are definitely right. I actually asked Anna to move your luggage to your room. So … when you’re ready we can go.” He said with a smile.
-“Why didn’t you tell it earlier?” I said raising on my feet.
-“Because … I was reluctant to see you dressed I guess.” He chuckled.
-“I see…” I said with a wink.

I planted him a kiss on the cheek and ran upstairs towards my room where I found my precious luggage. I picked up a sun dress and sandals … and my bikini underneath. After I refreshed myself and redid my makeup I was on my way downstairs. Yann was waiting for me and smiled when he saw me.
-“How do I look?” I asked expecting a compliment.
-“As good as you can be when dressed” came the reply.

I stuck my tongue and giggled. We were soon outdoor, following the same path than yesterday. We actually passed in front of the restaurant. The Yann who made me the tour of his childhood village was totally different from the one I knew. He was passionate and seemed so happy to reconnect with all his souvenirs of those past summers with his family, uncles, aunts and cousins. Each single corner of the village brought memories: a bicycle race here, a bad fall there. The bakery where he used to buy sweets, the small church where he was going to mass with his grand parents, we visited all of them. The little center of the village was actually cute and very quiet at this time of the day where it was probably too warm to be outside. We did not care though, I was so happy to discover Yann in a different way than the one I knew. The most emotional visit was probably when we went on the camping site where he used to stay. He described me the wonderful days he spent there, playing with cousins, evenings chit chatting with family and friends around a shared dinner … and a few beers when he was older. He felt so relaxed when here … work transformed him, not in a good way I thought for myself.

We spent a few hours in the village, and to be honest I did not see the time passing. We eventually stopped by the bakery. Yann of course knew the bakers and introduced me to the charming couple. They had a long chat, getting news and reminding the old times. I was listening, smiling at their stories. We finally came out with a croissant and a drink and he led me to the beach.
-“We deserve a little break don’t we?” He said.
-“Oh yes, I would not mind to sit a moment” I confirmed.

The beach was a pretty small crick directly connected to the village center. We could hear behind us the noise of the slight traffic. We sat on a side of the beach which was definitely not crowded. The sand was hot under our feet, it really felt like holidays. Yann sat by my side and smiled.
-“I hope I did not bother you too much with all my stories, did I?”
-“Absolutely not!” I shook my head. “I am discovering a secret Yann actually”

He chuckled.
-“Not secret, just well hidden.”

I stripped from my dress and sat upon it.
-“You knew we were going to the beach then?” He said noticing my bikini.
-“I did not… but I was hoping for it.” I said showing an amused smile. “You should go get yours … we are not so far from the villa” I proposed.
-“I’m ok” he said. He unbuttoned his shirt and smiles. “See? All good!”
-“Very good indeed!” I replied with a flirty wink. “Would you mind if I let you a moment for a swim?”
-“Go ahead Catherine!”
-“Thanks!” I said raising and then running towards the sea.

After such a day walking in the heat, it was a real relief to be able to cool down and swim. I had such a hard time getting out of the water. It was so good I did not want to go back on the beach. I finally did and sat back on my dress next to Yann.
-“How was the water?”
-“You don’t know what you missed! You should have come!”

He chuckled.
-“It’s ok, I’m good for now.”

I laid on my back and closed my eyes, drying under the warm sun of this end of afternoon.
-“I feel like I am having holidays” I said.
-“Good, good! I am happy to hear that” he said. “You know, you don’t have to wear the top if you don’t want to.”

I raised on my elbows and looked around at the other women. All of them were wearing a top.
-“Are you sure?” I asked with a smile.
-“Well I dare you!” He finally answered.
-“Oh… that’s different. Will I be in trouble?”

He shook his head.
-“I don’t think so. I have seen a few doing it already… nothing happened.”
-“In that case…” and I unhooked my bra and spread it by my side on the warm sand. “Those things take ages to dry, men are the lucky ones not having to wear them.”

He chuckled. I was raising on my elbows checking a bit nervously at my surroundings. I was definitely the only topless female of the beach but as Yann told me, it did not seem to shock anybody. I was a bit more worried at the street passing behind the beach from where I could probably be seen. However after some time I just forgot about it all and enjoyed the fact of not wearing a top. I got so relaxed that I ended up laying on my back and closing my eyes (secretly imagining the whole beach starring at my exposed tits). Yann and I were chatting the whole time. He was so curious. I was too and try to know more about him. He was actually a self raised man. His family was rather poor. His mother died when he was still of young age and his father when he was still at school… Life has been pretty hard on him but he was a kind of survivor, it made me admired his success in business. After all it was not that surprising: he had an habit for survival.

The sun started to be lower in the sky and the temperature slightly dropped. I shivered and Yann noticed the goose bumps on my skin.
-“Should we go dinner? I am starving” he said.
-“I am in. Anna’s lunch was delicious but maybe a bit too light.”
-“Agreed!” He chuckled.
-“I need to go back to the villa to change. I cannot reasonably go out all sandy and my dress half wet.”
-“I know a place where they will not care… and they serve the best bottles of rose I know. Let’s have an early dinner, what do you think?”
-“Deal!” I said raising on my feet.

I grabbed my dress and passed it. I took my bra, still on the sand, in my hand and smiled at Yann.
-“I am ready, should we go?”
-“Absolutely!” He said joyfully. “And I approve the choice of not putting the wet thing back on” he added.
-“I bet you do!” I said.


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