The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Saturday night

The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Saturday night

The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Saturday night

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The bistro was a few minutes walk from the beach. At this time of the day it was not too crowded, it was a bit early. We were able to choose our table outside. Yann ordered his rosé for me and him while we were checking the menu. The service was not especially quick and we had already two glasses of the beverage when our first meal course finally arrived. No need to say I was a bit tipsy which seemed to amuse Yann a lot. The food was not fantastic, nor dramatic either. I had to agree with Yann that the place was worth a visit just for the wine… I had a bit too much, but Yann was persuasive.
-“Are you trying to make me drunk?”
-“Oh no!” He said innocently. “Just to loosen you a bit. Don’t you like this rosé. It’s amazing isn’t it?”
-“Oh god, yes it is” I said giggling. He laughed with me.

We finally left the bistro after having spent a super nice evening.
-“I think I need to walk a little to clear my mind” he said.
-“I wouldn’t mind walking either” I told him.

We started to wander the streets arm in arm, chatting and laughing. We were passing the town hall when he stopped looking at me.
-“I want a souvenir of this wonderful evening. Pose for me, will you?” He asked fetching his mobile phone from his pocket.
-“Awww… but I look like nothing, all disheveled and all. You can’t take a shot of me like that” I complained
-“To me you’re perfect, go on!” He said gesturing to me so I take a pose for him.

I stroke a few poses and I heard the numeric shutter of his phone a few times.
-“Come on Catherine. Strike me something more model-like. You can do better!” He encouraged me.

I exaggerated the poses which seems to satisfy him more, he was nodding in approval. He walked towards me and showed me the pictures he had taken, they were actually pretty good.
-“Not bad!” He exclaimed. “Sad though that your bikini bottom is making that unsightly mark on your dress.”
-“Is it?”
-“Yes look!” He said zooming on the picture we were looking at.
-“Well at least it shows I am wearing panties. I am an honorable lady.” I concluded with a smile
-“Precisely … so here is my dare for you. We are going to take a few more shots with those panties very visible around your ankles” he said looking at me biting his lower lips playfully.

I looked aghast at him. As soon as I heard the word “dare”, my body started to react. I did not do anything yet but I was aroused. I felt he was able to read that through me, he already understood that I was going to say yes to his crazy proposal.
-“Are you serious?” I asked to keep up appearances.
-“I am absolutely!” He said amused.

I checked the street on my right and my left. Nobody in sight but there were a few bystanders earlier when Yann took the first shots. It was very risky … and all the more exciting I had to admit it. Yann nodded to me in encouragement. I nodded back and I did it: I grabbed the hem of my bikini brief from under my dress and pulled it down my legs. There I was, standing in the streets with my panties around my ankles.
-“Be quick!” I urged him striking a pose.

He was taking the pictures when I saw a guy entering the street. Yann did not notice him at first but my face probably alerted him. Yann quickly walked towards me and took me in his arms. Doing so, he screened me from the guy who passed us without apparently noticing anything. I sighed.
-“It was close!” I whispered in his ear.
-“Yes, but I bet you liked it” he whispered back.
-“Every second of it” I admitted to him.

He finally released his embrace when the guy came out of sight. I was about to pull the bikini brief back in place but he stopped me.
-“Don’t! You don’t need any panties anyway. Give them to me.”

I froze a second, then smiling I stepped out of the brief and handed it to him.
-“Thank you!” He said with a quick wink.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the street. We were laughing like two kids. We ended up in a small square, facing the church. It was deserted at that time. Yann grabbed me by the shoulders and pressed me against his tall frame.
-“I did not have that much fun in ages” he admitted.
-“I think I can … feel … your ‘fun’ against my tummy” I said

He chuckled.
-“I confess you gave me a serious hard-on, does it shock you?”
-“No… it’s kind of flattering actually. It’s been arousing on my side too” I said.

Yann smiled and after a pause added:
-“Would you pose for me again?”
-“Sure!” I said with enthusiasm. “Where do you want me?”

He pointed to a corner of the square. I went there and stroke a sexy pose which made the hem of the dress to move up, not too high I hoped. Yann pointed the phone to me, about to take a picture, I displayed my best smile but I did not hear the shutter. He let the phone down and looked at me with one of his best seductive smile.
-“Catherine, what about we take that picture … without the dress” he launched. I stared at him with round, wide opened, eyes. “I dare you!” He added.

That word ‘dare’ had this effect again. It sent a tender shiver all along my spine, delivering an erotic shudder in my tummy. He seemed to know that word was doing that to me. I was having goose bumps and I was getting wet, so wet. I cautiously looked all around me to ensure I had no secret admirers and I opened the zipper in my back. All it took was a gentle pull and my dress fell at my feet. I quickly stepped over it and threw it to Yann who caught it with skill.
-“Ok now Yann do it quick!” I said in what I wanted to be a whisper but came a bit louder due to my nervousness.

Yann softly chuckled and pointed his phone camera at me again. This time the shutter triggered, I was so nervous that I was thinking even that soft noise could be heard miles away. The more the seconds passed, the more I could hear my heart beats in my head. My arousal was rising, I stroke pose after pose, being more and more daring. Yann was taking a lot of pictures from what I could judge. Finally after what has been maybe one minute, and an eternity from my perspective, Yann threw back my dress and I passed it back on.

I was shivering and giggling. Yann grabbed me around the shoulders and we walked out of the square. He was showing me the pictures as we were taking the way back home. The shots were amazingly erotic, it was very clear that I was naked outside, it has been so wild.
-“They are really hot pictures Catherine” he commented. “I had hard times concentrating you know.”
-“That was so frightening … and exciting at the same time. I knew I had this exhibitionist inner side but well … you pushed me to it and it … it was fantastic. I am still … so aroused. Do I shock you?”
-“Oh no Catherine, you just make me … very proud and very … hard” he added with a wink.

We were still looking at the pictures, commenting them, as we passed the restaurant we dined in the evening before. We were a few minutes walk away from the villa now, I was pretty eager to arrive, I needed to release that sexual tension sooner rather than later, one way or another. I felt his warm hand on the back of my neck, descending and stopping where the zipper was.
-“Yes Yann?”
-“I am going to open that zipper again… right here. You are going to walk the two minutes to the villa completely nude. Would you like that?”
-“I don’t know, it’s so risky!”
-“Catherine, the chance of having someone in that street at this hour is tiny, it exists but it’s tiny. Don’t you want to experience this one time in your life? Catherine? I dare you!”

His words had such an impact on me that I could not prevent letting out a moan of pleasure. It made him smile widely.
-“You like dares Catherine, don’t you?”
-“I… I do” I replied my throat tight with emotion

At that moment he pulled the zipper all the way down as we were still walking.
-“Continue as if nothing happened Catherine. Let your dress fall, I will grab it behind you … don’t try to prevent it, don’t hide yourself, walk as if you were fully clothed, and the most important: enjoy it!” He said.

I nodded, too focus on my feelings, to actually voice an answer. First step, second step, the top of the dress folded and came down, unveiling my breasts and tummy… Third step, fourth step, the whole dress started to slide down, I started to be short on breath … Fifth step, sixth step, the dress came stuck on my hips … Seventh step, Yann gave a little pull on the hem of the dress to help it a little … Eighth step, the dress slid down even more revealing my butt to the world … Ninth step, tenth step, the dress slid along my thighs and legs … Twelfth step, it is on the pavement and I stepped over it. Naked I continued my way, trying to stop the natural urge to cover myself with my hands. Yann behind me grabbed my fallen dress and through it over his left shoulder, then caught up with me, walking by my side.

The warm air of the night was caressing my skin, all over, all spots, even the more sensitive ones. I closed my eyes to be fully connected with my body. Yann took my hand to guide me.
-“How do you feel Catherine? Tell me everything…” Yann whispered
-“Yann … I feel so …” My throat was so tight that my voice was broken. “You are making me live one of my wildest fantasies…”
-“Good … you realize anyone could see you, do you?” He said on purpose to add to my realization of what was happening.
-“Oh yes!” I said opening my eyes as if to face the reality. “I feel like wild and free … and oh so aroused. I could have an orgasm any time now.”
-“Hold it, we are nearly there” he said pointing to the gate of the villa fifty meters ahead now. He triggered the opening of the automatic gate with the remote in his pocket and we soon passed it. He triggered it again to close and unlocked the door, rushing us inside.

Without any further warning Yann pushed my back against the wall and leaned against me… his hard manhood through his pants pressing my sex started it all, it was more than I could hold and I experienced in his arms one of the most powerful orgasm of my whole life. My legs did not carry me for a few seconds and without Yann I would have hardly fallen. I opened back my eyes to see Yann’s face overhanging mine.
-“I am so sorry … ” I said.
-“There’s nothing to be sorry about young lady … I made you live something very intense and it makes me very proud. Come!”

He grabbed my hand, leading me to his bedroom. Even if Yann and I already had sex together, it was completely different this night: we were in his room, we were having a private relationship … I was feeling it was like a first one with a different man and I felt Yann was probably having the same feeling. I threw myself in his arms and hold him tight … that manhood was still very present as far as I could feel it. I looked up at him and he bent over until we joined our lips and tongues in a passionate kiss.

I unbuttoned his shirt and helped him out of it. I caressed his back with one hand, while the other hand was exploring his torso. I could feel how excited he was, but I was decided to keep the control and make him wait for a little bit longer: I wanted it to be my tempo. Slowly my hand descended down his nude torso and reached his belt, I moved it down and caressed the bulge through the fabric of his pants.
-“Awww poor boy! There is definitely something we should do about this” I said
-“I think you have to do something about it Catherine!” He laughed a bit nervously.

I continued massaging his bulge staring straight into his eyes, I felt he was in my power, it was an unusual feeling, but a pleasant one. Gently squeezing his balls made him groan in satisfaction, I felt he was ready. I unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers, then crouching in front of him, I pulled down both pants and brief to his ankles. His long and wide organ was pointing to the sky. I bit my lower lips and looked up at him with a satisfied smile.
-“Hmm it seems that rosé is doing you good… You should drink it more often” I joked.
-“Not sure the rosé is the cause Catherine” he answered with a smile.
-“No?” I said with a playful smile.

I gently pushed him so he fell on the bed in a sitting position. I grabbed both his knees and spread them so I could kneel between his feet. His warm hands reached my face, then the sides of my boobs, it felt so good, goose bumps returned on the surface of my skin. I looked up at his face who was now showing signs of arousal. I sat next to him on the bed and grabbed his shaft in my left hand, squeezing it a little I started a slow motion up and down, changing the pressure of my hand at each stroke. My right hand grabbed his balls and gently squeezed, I knew I was doing it right, I could see it in his eyes.

His hands moved in my hair and I understood it was the signal for a different caress. I bent over, overhanging the head of his cock with my lips, still holding his shaft firmly in my left hand, and I slowly introduced him in my mouth, letting the hard member sliding along my tongue. He pushed my head gently but surely, making me to take him deep. I resisted when I was at my limit and started to alternate pumps and up and down with my head. He was groaning in pleasure, but I stopped this treatment before he became too aroused.

Instead I climbed on the bed and stayed on all fours. I looked behind me and smiled to him.
-“I guess you know what to do from here?” I provoked him. He chuckled.

He knelt on the bed behind me and I felt his finger sliding along my slit, testing where I was in my arousal.
-“Catherine… you are already as wet as the tropical forest”
-“It must be the rosé” I said.

He did not answer but instead I felt the tip of his cock pressing and searching my dripping slit. I helped him and positioned him on the right spot. He slowly pushed and I could feel his turgescent and warm member made his way in me, spreading the walls of my vagina as it progressed. It sent shivers and waves of pleasures in my whole body, I was shaking already in anticipation. He put himself in up to the hilt and froze there.
-“Ready for some action?” He asked
-“Oh yes!” I said this and squeezed his cock by contracting my inners.

He let out a serious groan and entered in motion, grabbing firmly my hips in his powerful hands. Slowly first, then more and more rapidly and strongly. His swinging balls were slapping my pubis at each stroke, which was driving me even more crazy. It became more intense, I was on the verge of another orgasm, he grabbed my shoulders and pushed even more savagely as I arched my back. I came hard again, moaning in ecstasy. I collapsed flat on my tummy as the wave of pleasure went through me. Yann did not let go through, he was still in me, he was not done yet but after a few more powerful thrusts, he finally came. He removed himself and ejaculated his semen on my back and the sheets before collapsing by my side.

Once we recovered we shared a shower … I was finally glad to get rid of the salt, the sand and his semen. Glad to feel clean again. We returned to bed of course and did it more tenderly two times before he fell asleep and me shortly after him.


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