The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Friday

The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Friday

The intern – Chapter 9: A week-end away, Friday

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Yann was driving safely on the highway. The traffic was not too dense on this friday afternoon, it allowed me to hope we will arrive sooner than I anticipated. I actually could not wait for the week-end to start, it had been a rough week and I deserved a good and relaxing break. This whole week travelling to see clients drained all my energy. I was looking at the scenery of the countryside along the road. The trees had started to take their autumn colors but the temperature did not show we were approaching end of september. Time passed so quickly, it will be soon time to return to college and study. I wondered how the year would be, I was going to be part-time a student and part-time an employee. It was probably going to be hectic at some point in the year, but hopefully I will survive.
-“You’re very silent Cathy” said Yann. He smiled, his stare focused on the road.
-“Yes sorry Yann, I was lost in my thoughts I guess.”

He chuckled and nodded.
-“Tough week wasn’t it?”
-“Very!” I confirmed rolling my eyes.
-“So… what do you think of Brett?” he finally asked straight to the point as he used to.

Brett was the last customer on our agenda this week. The man was a skilled negotiator and even Yann had a lot of troubles, or at least seemed to have.
-“Handsome!” I replied. Yann chuckled shaking his head amused.
-“That was not my question!”
-“No? Oh sorry!” I said faking my surprise. “He’s definitely very good at his job. It is probably better to have him on our side than against us.” I said.
-“True! He used to work for us, he has been well trained!” Yann said
-“Oooh ok. I see, so you know each other. Did you work together?”
-“No, we were in different divisions … but still, we got the same trainings” he added.
-“What do you think of Alicia?” I asked him with a smile.
-“Alicia? Oh his executive secretary… well very cute!” He said mimicking my response to his question.

I laughed.
-“Ok ok that was well deserved I guess” I said.
-“Indeed it was!” Yann said. “Well, no she is in my opinion very smart on top of being very cute” he laughed again.
-“Did you notice?” I asked.
-“Notice what?”
– “Did you notice?” I asked again arching eyebrows
-“That she was not wearing anything under her dress? Of course I did! But so as you … unless you disobeyed my instructions” he said taking his teacher tone.
-“At least I was crossing my legs” I said to defend myself.
-“You should not have…” he said “… I would have got us a better deal” he added with a big wink.
-“Oooooh, how dare you?” I said boxing his shoulder with my two fists.

We were both laughing like kids. The week had indeed been very rough and we needed to decompress a little.
-“Hey hey Cath, calm down, we are going to have an accident”

I stopped boxing him, pouting as a good measure.
-“May I see if you comply with the rule I gave you?” he asked

I turned my head towards him.
-“Certainly not, we are going to have an accident if I do. Safety first!”

He laughed again
-“Ok ok fair enough, you might be right” he said focusing on the road again. “Any plans for the week-end?” he asked changing the subject.

I shook my head.
-“No, not really. I will definitely aim at resting to be refreshed and ready on Monday. What about you? Anything interesting planned?” I asked.
-“Well, the weather is forecasted to be pretty good, so I will probably drive to the coast. I own a pretty villa there” he said simply.
-“Oh nice!”
-“Would you like to join me?”

I stared at him very surprised. In all these months this was the first time he made this kind of proposal. We had been lovers of course but it always happened in a professional environment. This was really new that he proposed that we crossed that line of personal life… Did I want to cross it? It was not an order this time, more a proposal so I guessed I could choose whether or not to go.
-“Are you sure it is a good idea Yann? I mean, I already mixed work and personal life one time and it … did not end very well.”

Yann nodded, he was perfectly aware of what happened with my previous landlord and internship supervisor.
-“I understand your reluctance. Let me put it that way: the weekend will be a professional event, we will work in the mornings and enjoy free time during the afternoons and evenings. You see? No mixing of your professional and personal lives, it will be a work weekend” he concluded with a smile.
-“Yes… well work again?” I asked arching eyebrows displaying a pitiful face.
-“Don’t worry, we will keep it easy. We are just going to review the results of the week and roughly schedule next week action plan. How does it sound?”
-“Ok, it should probably be done quickly”
-“Yes exactly! Is that a yes?” He inquired.
-“Well … ok” I finally said.
-“Great! I will drop you at your place. You’ll have two hours to pack, I guess it should be enough”
-“Hmmm … barely!” I joked.

He chuckled.
-“Well ready or not, I will catch you at your place”
-“Deal!” I said.

The rest of the drive was uneventful. As he promised, he dropped me at my place. I had just enough time to get a shower, pack my things and collect what was stuffed in my mailbox. Yann was back, changed and fresh. He helped me put my luggage in his trunk and we were soon on our way to the coast. We arrived around 9PM, the sun had already set. Yann pressed a few buttons, the gate opened automatically and he drove directly in the garage.
-“There we are!” He finally said with a sigh.
-“Thanks for the drive … your car is very comfortable.” I said.
-“Thank you Cathy. We should better hurry, I booked a table in one of the best restaurant on the beach. It would be a shame to arrive too late.”
-“Oooh ok, huh excellent… thank you”
-“We will unpack after we come back… it is a 5 minutes walk from here” he said grabbing my hand.

We were indeed soon in the center of town, walking along the calm street. The road was overhanging the beach on our right, I felt so relaxed breathing the marine air and enjoying the warm temperature of this end of day. Yann was all smile and opened the door of the restaurant for me. We were soon set at the best table, well to be honest the restaurant was not full, it was pretty late. I excused myself for a little break in the ladies. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was still wondering if I made the right choice accepting this invitation. Of course I was flattered, but was it wise? I felt it was definitely not, I have probably been foolish again.

When I returned to our table our order already arrived. There were all sorts of sea food, it was a real feast.
-“I won’t be able to eat all that!”
-“We don’t care Cathy, just eat what you like or can …” he said reassuringly.
-“All right then” I said with a big smile grabbing a few sea shells in my plate.

We spoke a lot, but for a change not about work. He asked a lot of questions about my life, and with the help of the white wine I gave him a lot of details, maybe too much I realized.
-“… and so he found you hiding on the top landing in your undies? Hilarious!” It seems he cannot stop laughing and it was rather contagious.
-“Yeah … the most humiliating moment in my life … at the time.” I smiled. “I’ve done far worst for the company” I continued.

He managed to regain his composure and looked at me with his serious stare.
-“Do you happen to do them again?” He asked his eyes sparkling with curiosity.
-“Do what?”
-“Those dares off course! Do you still fulfill some?”

I shook my head.
-“No, it’s a thing of the past.”
-“Why not? I mean it seems you enjoyed this pretty much, didn’t you?”
-“Well … I cannot deny it, but well … I am seriously laking time to indulge in those … activities” I said with a wink.
-“We might have some free time this week-end” he added with a wry half-smile.

I looked at him perfectly understanding the hidden proposition.
-“Well, I would prefer not…” I said blushing.

He chuckled.
-“We will see!” He winked at me.

The waiter passed and Yann gestured at him to ask for the check. We were soon outdoor again, walking back to his villa chatting on our way.
-“So how was it? Did you like it?”
-“Amazing Yann, thank you very much!” I said. “I am full, but it was indeed excellent!”
-“Good!” He replied as we entered his property.

He made me a quick tour. The villa was decorated simply but it was done with a sure taste. He finally opened the big sliding window leading to a large patio, in the middle of which, sat a nice swimming pool shining in the darkness of the night. It was again simple and luxurious.
-“So? What do you think?” He asked taking a deep breath.
-“That villa is … probably the best I have ever saw. A call to relaxation!” I replied
-“Perfect! This is precisely the goal I was reaching,” he admitted with a satisfied smile.

I crouched on the edge of the pool and plunged a hand in the deep blue water.
-“Hmm, the temperature is perfect”
-“Want to take a dip?”
-“I dunno… would you mind?” I asked.
-“Certainly not” He chuckled. “Feel free.”
-“Nice!” I said gently biting my lower lip. “I’ll grab my bikini in the car and go for it.” I said raising.

Yann looked at me shaking his head.
-“You will not need any bikini here. Save it for the beach.” As I stared at him unable to answer he continued. “Here is the deal: you enjoy some skinny dipping while I go fetch you a towel and put your luggage in your room. How does that sound?”
-“I dunno what to say…” I managed to answer.
-“Well I take it as a yes then.” Having said that he turned around and entered in the house leaving me alone.

I hastily stripped and executed a perfect plunge in the pool before I could change my mind. The night was superb, the stars intensely shining in a dark sky, the moon displaying a thin smile. The pool was strategically positioned in the garden to offer a minimum exposure to the neighbors, moreover, in this obscurity the chance of being seen was nearly null. I swam for a time, enjoying my nudity and the soft caress of the water on my whole body … a bikini, even tiny, would have ruined that feeling … I felt so free. Still it was a bit odd, being naked in the boss pool, I was probably putting myself in a more and more difficult position, but the wine blurred my mind, I was just enjoying the present time.

Yann was back, holding a large towel.
-“How is it?” He asked probably already knowing my answer.

I swam to the edge of the pool where he was standing and pressed my naked frame against the side of the pool.
-“It’s so good, so relaxing!”

He smiled to me and extending a hand toward my face, he caressed my cheek. It was very tender, it was a bit surprising, unbalancing for sure. My heart was pounding hard, what was happening to me? To us?
-“I’m glad!” He said. “I will let your towel on the deck chair. I hope you will pardon me but I am exhausted and I need to sleep Catherine. I’ll see you tomorrow? 8AM for the breakfast?”
-“Oh sure Yann, please go to bed. 8AM is perfect.”
-“Good” he said. “Your stuff is in your room. Enjoy the pool as much you want. See you tomorrow.”
-“See you tomorrow” I said waving him as he went back to the house, his figure swallowed by the darkness.

Ten minutes later I finally resolved to climb the pool ladder and I wrapped myself in the thick towel, shivering despite the warm night. It has been such a pleasant swim. I dropped the towel and went in search of my clothes but they were nowhere to be found. I guessed Yann gently took care of them and brought them to my room. When I arrived there it was the same story, my dress seemed to have vanished.

I shrugged deciding to resolve that mystery on the next day and went into a warm shower. I ran my evening routine before going to bed, at least my toilet bag was there in the bathroom. However the rest of my stuff seemed to have vanished… I opened all the drawers of the room, nothing. Either there was something obvious I did not see or … Yann played a game on me. I was pretty sure it was the second. I smiled to myself and went to bed in the nude, after all the bed seemed comfortable and warm enough.


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