The intern – Chapter 8: The drill

The intern – Chapter 8: The drill

The intern – Chapter 8: The drill

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Three months after my breakup with Christian, I was still working at CMNF corp. My internship was about to reach its end. I was focused at writing my internship report and Yann was kind enough to let me some significant time to work on this important task. Christian had actually been transferred to an affiliate and I rarely saw him in the headquarters premises. We had polite smiles and nods when we happened to bump into each other, but that was it. I had, during these months, forgotten him and actually replaced him by a few lovers of my age. On his side I learnt that he rented his maid-room to a new girl, he probably replaced me too.

On one evening I was summoned in Yann’s office. It was pretty late and I was a bit upset as I planned to leave and go out with some friends. The company was like this, they paid well, even their interns, but they were very demanding in return. I sighed and went upstairs. I knocked at Yann’s office door.
-“Come in!”

I pushed the door and closed it behind me. Yann was there, smiling and apparently relaxed.
-“So how is this internship report progressing Cathy?”
-“Well, it’s nearly done, well … the first draft version at least.” I replied. “I should be able to send it to you in a few days actually.”
-“Good, very good Cathy. You did a great job here, we gonna miss you.”
-“I’m going to miss you too … I learnt some interesting stuff here!”
-“I’m glad!” He smiled to me. “Would you consider a job with us? I definitely think you can be an asset here!”
-“Oh! Thanks Yann… I would love that very much! Thanks for the opportunity… I … I dunno what to say… it’s fantastic!” I was so thrilled.
-“Of course you will continue to study at university … and the company could take care of the scholarship fees. What do you say?”
-“I … I find it very difficult to refuse… I….” I giggled completely overwhelmed by the news.
-“Then I will bring the case to our CEO … We will of course expect more … commitment from your side.”

I looked at him in silence for a moment: “Commitment” had a very particular meaning at CMNF Corp. Some companies would call it the “Casting Couch”. It did not involve always sex, but as far as I was concerned, I had to comply with some rules to make sure my “commitment” was rewarded with a good bonus. I had to strip naked at the office a few times but even if Yann appreciated the view he never went further, he never touched me, he used to call that “my training in commitment”. It was for me the price to pay to get an incredible salary and to get the most interesting internship of the whole university.

-“More commitment?” I asked him
-“Yes, more commitment!” He repeated. “You will have to follow instructions to the letter. No questions, just pure commitment. Can you do that Cathy?”

I definitely felt it was involving sleeping my way to the top this time. Was I ready to do that? I was not sure, even if the beginning of my internship was actually exactly that with Christian when I found a way to convince me to take me as an intern.

I stared at him and slowly nodded.
-“I think I can!” As I felt he needed some convincing, I started to unbutton my blouse. He stopped me with a simple gesture.
-“Not now Cathy! Tomorrow! Tomorrow we will have a fire alarm drill, you will find a way to hide, you will not evacuate the building until I let you do. Is that clear?”

I looked at him while computing the information. The request was definitely very surprising … but he said no questions, pure commitment. I simply nodded.
-“Yes… huh ok!”
-“Good! You can leave now, we will talk tomorrow.”

I joined my friends later that evening but I was not really with them. My mind was drifting around, I was really wondering what that fire alarm drill stuff was about. I went back home and went to bed straight after. I did not sleep well and arrived pretty late at work the next morning. I was actually anxious starting the day. I tried to focus on my report but I was at the same time trying to find a spot where to hide.

Finally at 11:00 AM the fire alarm triggered. It was time to follow the instructions to the letter. I hid under my desk, pulling the chair against my desk to make sure I could not be seen. The fire wardens were patrolling the floor, inspecting each cubicle, including mine. The inspection was not very thorough and they walked away without seeing me. I passed the first test it seemed. I stayed hidden wondering if it was what I had to do. He did not give more instructions than that.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming.
-“Cathy?” It was his voice.
-“Yes?” I replied coming out of under my desk.
-“There you are! You followed my instructions then, I am proud of you.”

I smiled. He stepped in my cubicle and walked towards me until he was so near I could feel his warmth emanating from his body. He had his stare in mine.
-“So you’re ready to commit more?”

I took my time to answer and still looking at him straight in the eyes I replied.
-“I am Yann!”
-“Good girl!” He smiled and as I was still staring at him I heard the typical sound of a zipper being opened. He took me in his arms and hugged me tight before he approached his lips on mine to kiss me with passion. I gave him passion back, feeling a hard thing pulsing on my stomach.

He finally put his large hands on my shoulders and gently pushed down. I knew of course where this was leading, I knew there was no coming-back and I did it, I knelt in front of him and took his erected penis in my hand. Sex was definitely going to change the nature of our relationship forever and the way I was going to work with him and with others. It was certain Yann would tell or brag about it and that at some points others would ask the same of me. Was I becoming a whore? Maybe but I had the choice here and I decided to go for it, I decided to use my “girl power” to make my way… after all I had an advantage, why should I not use it? Believe it or not, imagining the possibles aroused me.

I looked up at his face, he was smiling at me, waiting for me to provide him pleasure. I smiled back and started to stroke his sex. I felt the soft penis growing in my palm while its owner was groaning in content of my treatment. I teased him until I had him hard and rigid and paused to contemplate what I had done. I felt he was now fully charged in sexual energy, it was time to build up: I grabbed both his hands and landed them on the top of my head.
-“Oh yes!” He said anticipating what was going to happen.

I gripped my hands on his firm buttocks and after a few preparation licks on his sex, I shoved it in my mouth, feeling the warm penis sliding along my tongue, he groaned even more. I knew I was doing well and gave him a very “committed” blowjob. I felt I was about to make him explode but he did not allow it to happen and suddenly removed himself from my welcoming mouth.
-“We have not much time before our fellow colleagues come back” he started, “but I think we will manage” he said before raising me back on my feet. His hurried hands pulled down the zipper of my skirt which fell on my feet and without further warning he carried me and landed me on the top of the cabinet in my cubicle.

I was definitely wanting it to happen and I gasped when he finally pushed aside the front of my panties and slid his penis into me. It was so warm and hard and doing it at the office was an extra thrill that my exhibitionistic tendencies could not ignore, I was dripping.
-“Hmmm… Cathy, you’re so fucking wet… enjoying it then?” He asked as he started to fuck me slowly.
-“What do you think?” I chuckled. I tenderly took his face in my hands and stared at him “Fuck me Yann, make me come in the office!”
-“Don’t worry for that, you will!” He rammed into me with more power and strength, I felt my body starting to react very positively, gasping and shivering as he was building my pleasure.

I was totally into it and I felt it was the same for him, his face was focused and tensed, it was probably very enjoyable for him as well. He suddenly paused and removed his penis. He pulled my panties down my legs and I stepped out of them. He pressed himself against me, I was bottomless at the office, feeling the hard cock of my supervisor against my stomach, it was thrilling!

He made me turn around and took me hard from behind. His hand groping my breast and the other finding its way on my exposed clitoris. He became even more powerful and savage, banging into me like crazy. I was in heaven and I finally came, gasping for air as a powerful orgasm claimed my body for long seconds.

It was at that exact moment that we heard the synthetic voice of the alarm system saying that the alarm was over and that staff was allowed to re-enter the building. I looked at Yann a bit panicked but he dragged me on the floor.
-“I am not done with you yet!” He said.
-“But… they’re probably on their way back” I complained.

He did not listen to anything and put me in a doggy position. He grabbed my hair and fucked me hard. I could not believe it but I was getting into it again, I wanted to come again. On his side he was ramming again very convincingly, I could feel his heavy balls slapping at my sex each time his hips bumped into my buttocks. He was groaning and he finally took my hips firmly in his hands and crazily banged me. Ten seconds like this and he reached his climax, his penis wavering and spitting its semen, bringing me to a second orgasm. I crashed on the floor unable to sustain the weight of Yann over me.

We had no time to recover. We were just done that I felt the floor vibrating under the footsteps of the crowd coming back.
-“Quick!” He said jumping on his feet and putting back his tool in his briefs and pants.

I grabbed my skirt in a hurry and had just enough time to zip it when the first persons reached the floor. My panties were nowhere to see, I was about to ask Yann about it when Sandra, my cubicle neighbor, arrived, she waved at me and Yann.
-“Hey guys you were fast, I thought I was the first one in the elevator.”
-“Yes very fast indeed” replied Yann with a relaxed smile.

I laughed a bit nervously, afraid that she would understand what really happened. Sandra went to sit at her desk and I was discreetly redoing my hair. Yann winked to me and smiled.
-“Ok, off to my office Cathy. Talk you soon, bring me your internship report by the end of the week please” He said leaving.

I still could not find my panties and I was in a very dripping situation after Yann released himself into me. I was sure it was Yann who stole them. I opened my instant messaging application, he was online.

“Yann you there?”

“Yes. What’s up?”

“Are you alone behind your screen?”


“Do you have my panties?”

“I do. They are confiscated ;-)”

“Please … I beg you. You let me in a … complicated situation”

“You won’t get them. Deal with the problem”

I could not even reply as he switched to “busy” mode. I realized my life was going to be complicated if he were to play the game like this. Maybe he wanted to make a point, that he was in control and not me. Anyway, I had to discreetly clean myself with a tissue before I could move to the toilets. “Damned Yann” I thought. It made me smile at the end, it was a raunchy and very enjoyable moment and I hoped there would be more like this. And actually there were a lot, but that a story for another time.


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