The intern – Chapter 7: The secret date

The intern – Chapter 7: The secret date

The intern – Chapter 7: The secret date

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Finally I reached the week-end. I was waiting for these two little days of break more and more eagerly as the weeks were passing. I liked Saturday mornings in particular, they were the best moments of the week: there was a full week-end to rest and enjoy and the worries of work were behind me and not yet in front of me. The sun was shining that day and I slept late, very late actually. This is when I exited my shower that I noticed the note under my door.

I nervously unfolded the note and started to read it expecting it was from who I thought it was:

Meet me at the Canary tonight at 6. We won’t have much time, don’t be late.

The Canary was a small bar in which we met a few times already. Finally we were going to meet again, it was so long that we did not have a proper conversation and long kisses … and caresses … Meeting at the Canary would not allow much more though but it was better than nothing, even if it had to be quick. I spent the day thinking about our encounter to come, how I would dress, what I would say to explain what was happening at work (Read Embracing the culture)… it was actually not easy to admit that I … flashed my supervisor. Finally it was time and I headed to our rendez-vous.

I was right on time, for a change. Christian was already there and he waved at me when I arrived. We kissed each other passionately, finally able to express tenderness and love with no restrictions. I did not care at all if people were looking at us or not, they did not know us, we were obviously lovers. Only the age difference might shock them but honestly I did not care. He ordered a drink for me and we clinked glasses. I however felt something was wrong, Christian did not seem as happy as he should be, as happy as I was to finally see him and spend this time with him.
-“Is everything ok Christian … you seem a bit distant or worried … what’s wrong?” I finally asked.
-“Don’t get me wrong love, I am happy to see you … but we have to discuss.”
-“Sure it’s been so long, we definitely need to discuss. Actually I …”
-“…You tried to see me at work, yes my PA told me that” he cut me. “What was it about?”

I was caught off guard, our interview was not playing out at all as I was expecting it. He was tense, broaching the topic directly, I had to find a way to distract him and put him in a better mood before I could dare to announce what was happening between me and Yann at work. What could I do? Suddenly I had an idea, a completely foolish idea but it was worth to try.
-“Yes … well … let me go to the ladies while you order another drink for us. I will explain … ” I said raising on my feet and walking towards the bathroom.

I closed the door and locked the latch of the first stall and sat on the toilet. I was still wondering if I should do it or not but I finally made up my mind, that could be some fun after all. I fetched my phone and started to type.

“Meet me in the ladies bathroom … first stall … I am waiting for you … eagerly!”

I hesitated a few seconds rereading my message and I finally pressed the send button. I was suddenly tensed and excited … will he actually join me. He read my message but he did not reply, was he on his way? Did he flee put off by my text? I suddenly heard the door of the ladies opening and footsteps approaching followed by a faint knock on my door.
-“It’s me!” he whispered.

I giggled and unlocked the latch. He pushed the door opened and closed it behind him.
-“Cath? Are you mad?” he whispered with a smile on his lip.
-“What? Don’t you want to … have some fun tonight.”
-“Did I say that?”

I giggled … we exchanged a long stare and I did the first move. I opened his zipper and unbuckled his pants, grabbing his penis which was already hard in expectation.

-“I missed you!” he said as I was stroking his hard cock with a wide smile.
-“I bet you do!” I replied.

We switched position and I made him sat while, on my knees, I sucked him hard, doing all the tricks I knew were driving him crazy … He was groaning the whole time. Suddenly we heard the door of the ladies opening again and we froze … We heard the footsteps moving to the next stall and the lady was starting to do what she was expected to do in such a place. I stared at Christian and resumed my sucking activity, he looked at me amazed, probably having an intense erotic experience. Our stall neighbour finally moved to the sinks where we could hear her wash her hands and do the usual re-arrangements stuff we ladies use to do… We always have to look perfect, not our fault, that is the society pressuring us. Anyway I was certainly not acting as the perfect lady at that moment. I made my blowing even more intense and finally the door of the ladies opened and shut, we were alone again.
-“Cath… you’re mad!”
-“Oh for sure your wife would not do that to you, would she?”

I knew I hit a sensitive point, he opened wide eyes:
-“Oh fuck…. I am cummimg!”

I quickly put his dick back in my mouth and let him cum inside, I did my best to contain all his cum, but some escape along my chin to the floor, happily not on my skirt. I took my time to clean him properly while he was recovering.
-“Oh fuck! That was mad … ”
-“… Yeah it was … Now I think we can talk.” I giggled. He took a dark face and I started to seriously worry about the chat to come.

I unlatched the door and opened it slowly.
-“Nobody around … time for you to escape!” I said.

He quickly left and closed the door behind him. I rearranged my hair and followed shortly after, expecting I had change his mood. I sat at our table and we spent some time silent, just staring at each other.
-“I … I have something to tell you Christian.”

He looked and fetched his phone from his pocket at the same time. He manipulated it and pushed towards me as I can watch the screen.
-“Is it what you want to tell me?” asked Christian.

The phone was displaying a picture of me and Yann … I was naked in the arms of my fully clothed supervisor.
-“What is that? How did you … get that?” I asked in shock, tears starting to wet my eyes.

He chuckled.
-“Our beloved CEO, Mr de Millier, gave it to me … to show me how our new intern was making progress in the company policy adoption … He has cams setup everywhere in the building you know. You signed it in your contract but you probably did not even notice you dumb broad!”
-“What? But Christian … that’s not my fault … I … just tried to make what Yann wanted me to. He said it was the way to work here …”
-“Yes … yes of course poor Cathy, it’s not your fault. You gave him your body and in exchanged you got a bonus, am I correct? To me it has a name Cathy, you’re a whore, a slut! I have known that since I caught you wandering half naked in my building. You’re a slut!”
-“Christian … no!” I burst into tears. “I … I want to fix it, give me a chance … please … I beg you!”
-“Enough! You won’t see me anymore anyway… they transferred to a shit affiliate because they don’t want me to interfere with your … how do they call that? Ah yes your training!”
-“Christian … no I am so sorry” I cried more and more loudly, people were watching our scene now.
-“Go to hell! They have pictures of you, they are going to blackmail you, good luck!” He stood and walked towards the exit door. Before leaving he addressed the barmaid “The bill is for the slut mate!” And he left … letting me alone.

I stayed there I cannot remember how much time, but enough time to have people stop paying attention at me. I finally managed to move to the bar to pay the bill. I could sense the stares on me.
-“How much?” I simply said with a broken voice.
-“No worries, that’s on the house Miss … he is a fucking prick that one. You will be fine without him!”
-“Thanks” I managed to say in a dark tone.

I left the bar and simply walked, without any directions. I finally called Libby, one of the friends I had in town and asked her to spend the night at her flat. She welcome me and I could spend a few days there, where I could mend and tell her my story, not all of it, I did not want her to have all the details, but enough to get her hear and compassion which helped me a lot to heal. I realized that day that it was so easy to go from love to hate. I hated him really now!

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