The intern – Chapter 3 : An internship position comes at a price

The intern – Chapter 3 : An internship position comes at a price

Chapter 3 : An internship position comes at a price

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It was already a month since my landlord took me to a sex shop in the rough area of the town. I could not get off my mind the memories of the night that followed that unforgettable evening. It was the strongest love experience of my life then. Unfortunately, it was with a married man cheating on his wife while she was gone on holiday with the rest of the family. It was hard for me to endorse the role of the treacherous mistress but I was desperately in love with that man, I had no considerations for consequences.

Once his family went back for the start of the new school year, it became impossible or too risky to meet at his place and we were forced to setup our dates in public places where nothing much than a bit of flirt was possible. I often used the sextoy he offered me at the shop and a few times sent him sexy selfies to spice up our hibernating sex life. I was craving to feel his skin against mine again, to enjoy his warm hands caressing my breasts, but we had to pause for a moment. It was all the more needed than his wife behavior’s towards me started to change: she became more distant and cold and I started to think she suspected something. We definitely had to be very cautious and we were.

We were … until that afternoon. University classes for me resumed and I was expected to find an internship for later in the year. I definitely thought Mr Vincent could recommend me for a position in the company he worked in. All it took was for me to convince him to do so and I had an idea on how. I patiently wait for the right moment and finally it happened that Saturday afternoon.

The weather was still pretty warm for the season and I was studying in my maid room. As often, I was naked, taking advantage of the balmy temperatures while they lasted. I heard the voices of the wife and the daughter on the landing below. I stood and put my ear against my door to listen what was happening … they were out for an afternoon of shopping and I heard him to wish them a pleasant afternoon. So he was going to be alone, that was my chance!

I tidied up my room in a hurry, put on some make-up and returned to sit at my desk, pretending to work. I was certain he would come upstairs to get some fun and I was going to make him a surprise by opening the door in the nude. My heart was beating fast and I was imagining our lovemaking to come. I could surely bring the subject of my internship and he would be in a good mood to listen to me. The only thing I did not plan was that he would not come.

I wait for him for half an hour but still no sign of him. We were wasting precious time, so I had to make the first move. I could have gone to his door step in my Eve outfit but a past experience made me rule against it. I passed on a miniskirt, a bra and a black tank top and grabbed the shoes I bought the week-end before. Yes, I closed the door of my room being commando: I read somewhere that a vagina emanated pheromones that, according to the article, could arouse men remotely. I was not sure it was serious or not but it could not do any harm.

I pressed the doorbell button and wait for one minute before he opened the door. He opened wide eyes as he saw me.

-“What are you doing here?” he whispered grabbing my arm and pulling me inside.
-“I … I wanted to see you.” I said put off by his icy welcome which I did not expect.

He closed the door behind me and seemed very nervous.
-“My wife is getting very suspicious Cathy. We … we cannot see each other here anymore, you know it! I suspect a neighbor spies on us and reports to her.”
-“But … I … I miss you,” I replied my voice broken in emotion.

He looked at me and displayed that comforting smile I liked so much. I felt my eyes wetting, I was crumbling.
-“You … you don’t love me, do you?” I asked with a tint of anger in my voice.
-“Of course I do darling” he said, taking me in his arms, his palm on my head, my cheek against his strong chest. “It’s just … you have to understand my situation. I …can’t really afford a divorce right now.”

I burst into tears and he did his best to console me. I eventually calmed down and he pushed me apart of his comforting body, both his hands on my shoulders, he stared at me:
-“It would be better if you return to your room. I am not superman and I am not sure I can resist your charm too long.”

I chuckled at his gentle comment and nodded.
-“I … I understand”. I was about to leave when I remembered my internship matter. “Actually I wanted to ask a favor.”
-“A favor? Tell me” he said. “If I can do it, I will”.
-“Could you … recommend me for an internship … in your company?”
-“Cathy! You know I can’t do this. If my wife learns about it, she will kill me. She clearly asked me to stay away from you, I just can’t ignore her.”

I sighed resigned but continued to argue.
-“It… could be a way to see each other more often.”
-“Precisely!” He said. “This is why my wife will see it as a treason.”
-“We could play sexy games … ”
-“Cathy please!”
-“I could come to the office pantyless … just like I did today” I heard myself saying.

He froze instantly and I felt his gaze browsing my legs from my ankles up to the hem of my short denim skirt.
-“You’re not wearing panties?” He finally asked displaying an amused smile

I shook my head answering to his smile by a mischievous one.
-“Nope! Nothing!”

He folded his arms still smiling.
-“Prove it!”

Slowly, very slowly I hiked up my skirt until my nakedness was on display. I tried to lock his gaze on mine, but he was looking a lot lower than my eyes. I could nearly feel the caress of his stare on my sensitive spot, I was shivering. I quickly put back my skirt in place to allow him to breathe.
-“An internship huh?” he said finally recovering his voice.
-“Hmm hmm, what do you think?” I asked full of hope now that I could see a serious bulge in his pants
-“Go in the kitchen and prepare me a coffee, we will discuss that in the living room” he said.
-“Preparing a coffee? I am not sure I want to work in such a misogynist company” I joked.

He smiled and accompanied me to the kitchen. I actually made him a coffee and prepared one for me as well. We brought our cups to the living room and put them on the coffee table. I suddenly felt his hand on my inner thigh. He was standing behind me and his hands made his way up to my now wet slit. His finger ran along the soft valley of my lips and finally get swallowed inside my vagina, I gasped.

-“What are you doing?” I asked surprised. “I thought we were not to do this kind of things here.”
-“I am assessing my new intern Cathy!” His finger went deeper and I felt a strong push on my back which made me fall on all fours. I looked back at him with a frown, worried. I tried to speak but he cut me short “You’re asking me to take a huge risk Cathy…you’d better be gentle with me!” Having said that he hiked up my skirt high on my waist, letting me bottomless in the family living room. I could not believe it was happening … that commando thing triggered all this sexual energy?

I heard the tinkle of his belt unfastening and a moment later a warm and hard penis was pressing against my labia.
-“I am going to take you hard Cathy … you might like it maybe, but I will definitely enjoy it” he said. I had not the time to answer that he penetrated me so violently that I lost my balance and my face landed in the carpet. He rushed over me and his hips were slapping my bottom with rage. He finally did a pause, his penis deeply sunk in me. “Enjoying it?” he asked a bit out of breath.

-“Yes …yes” I said actually not knowing if it was true or not. It was however undeniable that my arousal was building.
-“Good!” He seemed satisfied. “Now if you want that internship, you are going to answer by yes to all the upcoming requests … a single no and it is over!” He roughly rammed into me and stopped expressing his first exigence. “During all your internship you are not going to wear any panties, pants or pantyhoses. Do you agree?”
-“Y…yes!” I managed to say before he rammed his hard shaft again in me.
-“No skirt longer than the one you are wearing. Agreed?”
-“Yes…” again he penetrated me hardly. I was starting to feel very aroused.
-“On casual Fridays, no bra will be allowed”
-“Yes!” I continued to answer as he listed his wishes.
-“You will fulfill all my requests during the day”

As I pronounced that last yes he went crazy, flipped me on my back and fucked me like an animal. I eventually climaxed very hard and him after me. I felt his cock throbbing and it made me completely mad of pleasure… and unfortunately we made a mess of the carpet.

He did not seem to complain though as he dressed and fastened his belt again. I went to the bathroom to cleanup my self and went back to the living room. He was sitting in the sofa with a deep smile and simply said.
-“You’re hired, you convinced me” he said, I chuckled.
-“Well … thank you then!” I planted a kiss on his cheek.
-“You’d better run now … and be discreet in the stairs. We have nosy neighbors”.

And so I went a large smile on my face … I had my lover back and an internship!

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  1. Mmmmhhhh…

    My young leaseholder… So often without any panty… And so often, taken in the living room, while my wife is away…
    You can’t know how it’s climaxing to… rent our small flat to such an appetizing skirty young woman…

    Greatings from Vincent Family house… ;o

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