Mischief at work – Chapter 1: Deal with the consequences

Mischief at work – Chapter 1: Deal with the consequences

My Dear Readers,

this is with a great pleasure that I am launching officially the sequel of the Tennis Story. In this second season you will find our two main characters Ambre and Cathy, and we have decided, to make it a new experience, to involve more actors. Having more characters allows to create more interesting stories but unfortunately it creates a lot of complexity when it comes to gather the characters together to take the pictures. This first chapter has been written a long time ago but it is only now that I am finally ready with the visual aspect of the story. It took me and Ambre a lot of time to build the set, prepare the poses and finally find the right people to play the roles.

I am happy to announce the cast of the first chapter:
Ambre Singh : Ambre
Larry Vinaver : Larry our HR Director
Zigs Zags : Zigs our CEO
Cathy Palen  : Cathy

I would like to thank particularly Segoukoura and the Fetish Sisters for allowing us to host the sets for the story. My thanks go as well to Ambre, Larry and Zigs who accepted to pose for long hours instead of enjoying their Second Life.

I wish you a happy reading and a nice viewing. Your comments, feedback and cheering are always very welcome!


Mischief at work – Chapter 1: Deal with the consequences

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The first days and weeks after this memorable tennis match were very strange to say the least. I was not able to forget what happened, I constantly had flashes reviving our first kiss, or when I felt her hand on me for the first time, or, when we fled naked hand in hand … we were so lucky not being arrested that day. I could remember every second of this incredible day, from the moment we left the office to drive to the tennis club, to the moment I fell asleep in Ambre’s bed. Who would have believed I could enjoy an experience with another girl, who would have thought I would renew my past errors of having an affair with a colleague. I did not understand how it happened, but it definitely happened and I had, we had actually, to deal with the consequences.



First of them, we needed to make sure our little adventure was not going to back-fire on us. During our flight, Ambre unfortunately let go her bag behind us. That would not have been a big issue if she did not have her IDs and credit cards into it. I could not blame her, this was so scary having this crazy tennis attendant running after us. Ambre of course blocked her cards and asked for the renewal of her ID and driving license but our main concern was that the tennis club would complain to our company about what happened. There were not a lot of things we could do about this, just hope that the bad news would never come. Ambre during that period socialized a lot with our sexy HR director, Larry. When I say socialized, I mean flirted … with men, a short skirt and a deep cleavage can achieve a lot. Ambre was certain that if the bad news were on its way, she would at least learn of it from him, before it would hit her, or us. To be honest I grew a bit jealous of Larry, but I knew it was a necessary measure, and I knew she was not serious about him.



After three weeks of an unbearable wait, we did not hear of anything and we were starting to seriously consider the alert was over. We relaxed finally and were able to focus on the second consequence of our tennis match: us. This steamy adventure completely changed our relationship. That we wanted to accept it or not was not the point, it was a fact. Being colleagues made the thing even more complex, and I knew it too well having been exposed to this kind of relationship before. I remembered I promised myself then, to never fall again for a colleague. I fell though, hard. I was craving for her attention, her presence, her touch even more. Never had I been so dependent on someone before, it was not me. I was seriously into her. Happily for me, Ambre was sharing the feeling. We were trying to keep a very professional behavior, concealing our relationship from our colleagues, but the mutual attraction was so strong that we could not prevent, when privacy allowed, some gestures of affection. It was a soft caress on the cheek here, a stolen kiss in the ladies, a hand laying on each other thigh when working on the same computer … any opportunity we could catch we took it. The tennis however was not something we could do anymore, we basically banned ourselves from the club, the risk of being recognized was simply too high.



We, most of the time, tried to leave work at separate times, as we did not want to raise the attention on us. However we usually met up again at least a few evenings a week. It was either in a restaurant, or at the movie or directly at her place or mine. I remember our endless discussions about everything. We were all for each other, colleagues, best friends and often enough lovers. It happened often, during those private encounters, that we actually worked, tackling an issue or another. I think I have never been so committed and efficient at work than during that period with Ambre.



Often we were building strategies to help Ambre make Larry understand that she was not interested in him. The poor man was so infatuated in her that he was completely blind at her tentative to make him understand that there was no future. It was sometimes funny, but most of the times, we felt sorry for him. Ambre felt guilty for putting him in that situation and so we were hardly trying to find soft ways. Each new tentative was a major failure and we were out of options… she would soon have to tell him directly and frankly. She however postponed the moment the more she could. I could understand the poor Larry, being with Ambre was such a blessing, she was a fantastic individual, smart, enjoyable … oh yes that as well, enjoyable: when it came to make love she was definitely a master of bliss. Never did I feel such feelings in my whole life. She would turn a nun into a lesbian, there was not a doubt about it.

Those blessed weeks passed so fast, too fast. I would have loved this would last forever. It all started to change with great news: one morning Ambre was called by our boss Zigs. One hour later she was back in her cubicle with a big smile. She could not resist to tell me the story before the official announcement was made, the next day, to the entire office. She got promoted, and actually became my supervisor. Her work had been recognized. I was feeling so happy for her but I would lie if I would not mention that I was a bit worried it could change something in our story.



We had a long chat at her place that same evening on this topic and we decided to keep going and see how things would move and adjust when and if needed.
-“Deal!” she said before leaving to the kitchen. She came back a few minutes later with two cocktails. “Time to celebrate isn’t it?”



I giggled.
-“I guess so boss.” I said.
She chuckled and we clinked glasses.
-“To your success!” I said
-“Thanks Cathy! To our story!” She replied.
-“To our story!” I said approaching my lips of hers, she closed the gap and we engaged in one of those passionate kiss we did not know how to stop. We finally parted our lips and smiled to each other.
-“Hmm now as your supervisor, my first order is to ask you to strip.” She said making me laugh like crazy.
-“And why should I comply with such an unprofessional order Miss Supervisor?” I managed to say with a big smile on my face.
-“Because I want to make love to you Cathy.” She simply said with her irresistible smile.
-“I want to make love to you Ambre” I replied starting to peel off.



We sealed our pact of a peaceful transition to her new position in her bed. Believe me, we did not sleep much that night. The next day we were exhausted at work but happily for us, it was a Friday and we were going to have the week end to recover from our missed sleep. The announcement of her new position was made and a lot of coworkers came to congratulate her. It was the custom at the office to go out for a few drinks when a promotion was announced and so we went. A lot of people joined, it was Friday and people needed to relax after the tough week. Larry was there as well of course and continued to flirt with Ambre, she was nice with him but firm as well, he should have understood at this point.



I was craving to go to bed but stayed late with Ambre to offer moral support. At the end it was just Ambre, Larry and I, plus a few others discussing nearby while we were standing at the bar. Larry had too much drinks and started to become pushier. Ambre suddenly lost her temper, and pushed him hardly on the chest, he nearly fell but managed to keep his balance.
-“What the fuck?” he started.
-“Shut up Larry!” she said, the bar suddenly went silent to watch the scene, all the eyes were on us. “You did not want to understand the nice way so here is the truth… I have someone! So you and I have no future! Do you understand?”



I could see Larry was shaken by the news, he was blinking, his open mouth tried to say something but nothing seemed to come.
-“I… I don’t believe you … I … I angered you, I am sorry … but I love you!” His voice was broken by both the alcohol and the emotion.
-“No Larry you don’t understand! I am already in love!” She suddenly grabbed me by the waist, pulled me against her and planted her lips on mine. I had no time to take a decision, it was done and we were kissing in public and in front of some colleagues. It was now public information.



I could see all the emotions passing on Larry’s face. The dominating one being anger, a very very deep anger. He started to yell at us as the bar was filling with cat whistles.
-“Bitches! You’re fucking bitches!”
Ambre took my arm and pulled me out of the bar while our colleagues came to the rescue to prevent Larry from following us and do whatever his anger was about to make him do. Ambre hailed a taxi and we both jumped into it and disappeared in the calm night.



The taxi halted at a traffic light, I looked at Ambre:
-“What did you just do?” I asked concerned by the consequences of what just happened
-“I just did what I should have done a long time ago” she said. “I love you and he deserved to know… he would not have understood another way.”



I stared at her, filled with doubts and fear. She took my chin and planted a kiss on my lips again.
-“Don’t worry, we will manage!” she said.

The taxi finally arrived at her place.
-“Mind if we sleep separately tonight?” she asked. “I am exhausted and I need some time to … think” said Ambre.
-“Of course not!” I said. “Have a good night” I said kissing her cheek. She left the taxi and paid for her leg of the trip. I gave the taxi my address and he dropped me at my place.

I showered and finally went into bed wondering what had just happened. I was worried by the consequences of what we just did.


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  1. Great job, Cath! You have a talent for capturing the subtle meaning of a story and portraying it with Gallic “bonheur” that is a lesson to us all … can’t wait to see the next installment!

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