Total Power Exchange: In the thick of it

Total Power Exchange: In the thick of it

This post is the sequel of the article I tested for you the total power exchange which I strongly encourage you to read before this one.


I parked the car in his street and stopped the engine. I grabbed my handbag on the passenger seat and took a deep breath before exiting the vehicle. I was feeling very nervous, I did not know what to expect of the upcoming meeting with Rhys. He sent me a text earlier in the afternoon, summoning me to arrive at 7, after work, at his place. The instructions were pretty clear, I had to ring the bell and push the door which would be unlocked.

I checked my watch: it read 6:58, I was not late. I did as instructed and pushed the entrance door at exactly 7, my heart was beating so loud in my chest. The house was very quiet, as it was last time I was there … at least he did not invite anybody else, the meeting was going to be between the two of us, which was reassuring.

-“Sir? It’s Catherine!” I said to announce myself
-“Exactly on time, bravo. I am in the living room, come!” came the answer.

I joined him there. He was, as usual, sat in his comfy armchair. He laid his book on the arm of the chair, smiling at me as I was approaching. He finally rose, walking towards me and stopped a meter from me.

-“I like the way you dress Catherine … but in my home, women go naked. Let me help you to comply with the rule.”

Just like last time, he undressed me, slowly and calmly. He checked on me a few times, looking up at me with his intense stare, gauging my reactions. Standing naked in front of him, I tried to stay quiet and not to show too much of my emotions, but I was boiling inside, my skin was covered in goose bumps and my tits were as hard as rock.

-“This is the last time you come with clothes on in my place, is that clear Catherine?”
-“Y…yes Sir” I replied trying to figure out how on Earth I was going to do that.
-“So next time, unless I specifically tell you otherwise, you will just wear heels and a long coat that you will put on the hanger in the entryway. No excuses, whoever is here, whatever the temperature is, you will do that. Did I make myself clear Catherine?”
-“V…very clear Sir” I replied looking at my feet.
-“Very good!” He said with a smile.

He turned silent and extended his hands until I could feel them, warm on my skin. He caressed both my hips, his eyes focused on every inch of my body. I closed my eyes as his hands motioned forward in their exploration, I could feel them on my thighs, my buttocks, my tummy, it was a delicious moment. I guessed I was not expected to talk so I kept silent during his little “inspection”. Silent until his right hand ventured down my crotch when I could not prevent a faint gasp.

-“Yes Catherine?”
-“Huh, sorry nothing Sir, I am alright.”
-“Very good, you have a natural talent Catherine.” Having said that he made his finger follow my slit, passing two or three times. I could not prevent a moan to come out which made him smile. He removed his finger and looked at his wet fingertip then at me.
-“You’re wet Catherine, why is that?”
-“Ahem …because … because you’re making me incredibly horny Sir.”
-“Is it even more arousing to admit it Catherine?” He asked.

I nodded.

-“Don’t be shy Catherine, say it! Say it loud! It’s only you and me … this time” he said with his charming smile.
-“I … I feel … I feel even more aroused now.” I said in a discreet voice.
-“See? That was not so hard, right? Now tell me, what do you think is making you wet? Is it because you are submitting to me or because I caressed you?” He raised his eyebrows expecting an answer.
-“I … I don’t know, both I guess.”
-“Let me help you a little” he said. “Do you remember being wet before I started caressing you? Be honest Catherine, I am an excellent reader of characters you know.”

I blushed and finally nodded.

-“It was … it was before actually. I have been horny since … since I received that text from you actually.”
-“Great!” He said. “So it means that this “Total Power Exchange” makes you horny then … I like that Catherine, I like that a lot.” He paused and looked at my red face. “Don’t be ashamed, it’s a normal feeling and a good sign that our experience is going to lead us to a success.”
-“Ahem, good then!” I said trying to reassure myself more than anything else.
-“But … to make it really successful you have to understand it is not all about you and your pleasure. It is also and mainly about me. You have to be focused at pleasing me, at satisfying me in all manners, not only sexually. Always remember I come first, and you, come second, your pleasure will come of this. So … don’t be selfish and give yourself over.”
-“I think … I think I understand.” I simply said trying to process his speech.
-“Excellent, excellent! No doubt you will do a nice submissive.”

He went through his pockets and fetched a small cubic box, the kind of box a jeweller would have to wrap … a ring? He opened the tiny box and watched my surprised expression when I saw it was actually a golden ring.

-“This is not a usual ring Catherine, that’s a submission one. You will wear it and show the world you are involved in someone. Be happy that I did not choose something more … obvious.”
-“Thank… thank you Sir!” I said to show my gratefulness for receiving a gift. I looked at the luxurious ring he just passed on my finger with an amazed smile. He took my hand, leading me to the large sofa nearby.
-“Have a sit dear, we are going to have a chat.”

I sat on the tip of my buttocks, crossing my legs, actually afraid to make a mess of the sofa with my … ahem … condition. He sat next to me and wait for a moment. After a minute or so of the two of us looking at each other, he finally shook his head.

-“Look at you Catherine, being selfish again!”
-“Sorry Sir?” I asked a bit surprised.
-“Your legs … crossed … hiding from me what I should be allowed to see.”

Understanding the remark I adjusted my position offering him a good view between my legs.

-“Wider! Spread them wider!” He ordered. “Forget your good girl manners! Focus on me, please me!”

As I did he started to nod and smile again.

-“It’s not easy right?” he said. “How do you feel?”
-“Well it’s a bit awkward I have to confess… it’s not the way I have been taught to sit” I giggled.
-“I guess not.” He chuckled. “You will have to learn or re-learn a lot of things, in a way we are going to reprogram you. That might be disturbing, I prefer to warn you.”

I was nodding to him, when I felt his hand on my knee. He was shaking his head again looking at my legs position. I was so focused into what he was saying that I closed my thighs without even noticing it.

-“Sorry!” I apologised readjusting.
-“It’s ok Catherine. It’s just not a natural position yet and your body tend to return to normal each time you do not focus on it. Nothing weird, we are going to try to fix that and help your body remember it.”

He suddenly slapped my inner thigh real hard, letting the red mark of his hand on it. I cried in pain, looking at him unable to understand why he did that. He was smiling and wait a few seconds to let the pain pass before explaining himself.

-“Nothing personal Catherine. That’s a little trick to actually help you. Your body will remind the pain, and after a few times, you will not have to think to keep your knees apart anymore.”
-“I… I see” I said with an un-assured voice.
-“That’s another rule you will have to observe in my presence: I do not want to see your legs crossed anymore and your knees have to be at all times at least 8 inches apart. This applies here of course, but also when we are in public, whatever you will wear or not, you have to strictly comply with the rule. I also encourage you to do that when I am not around, it will help you to build a natural behaviour quicker.”
-“I will try, I will try hard I promise” I replied.
-“I know you will, no doubt. You will fail a few times, that’s another certitude. We will just punish you and you will learn it for good.” He smiled having at the same time that serious stare on me.

I nodded not too much convinced by the punishment part as I was still feeling the bite of his previous slap on my thigh.

-“When did you pleasure yourself for the last time?” He suddenly asked.

The question came out completely out of context, that took me by surprise and I found myself unable to answer, like frozen out of shock.

-“Catherine, it pleases me to know the details of your private life, do not be selfish again.”
-“I … huh …well. Last time was yesterday actually” I finally managed to answer feeling my face turning red.
-“How often do you caress yourself?” He continued.
-“Ahem … huh … well it really depends… but … well … roughly once a week.” I was so ashamed and I knew he was doing this on purpose.

He then looks sequentially at my face, my right hand and between my legs and again one time.

-“Make yourself at home” he simply said.

I stood aghast not really sure I understood well what he meant by that. Did he really mean that I should … He smiled and nodded to me.

-“Yes Catherine, you have well understood: I am asking you to caress your pussy, not for your pleasure but for mine. I want you to bring yourself to the edge but you will not climax. I do not allow you. You will choose your rhythm and caress to keep you at the higher state or arousal you can manage without cumming. Is it clear?”

I stared at him and nodded.

-“Good … go on then!”

I looked at the ceiling to find the courage to start this task. It was humiliating but so arousing at the same time. My pussy was craving for a touch but still I was unable to move, paralyzed. I closed my eyes a second and took a deep breath and finally my right hand landed on my already wet sex. A sigh escaped my lips as my cold fingers started to brush the warn skin of my labia, I could feel his stare on me the whole time. I finally looked up to him and stared at his beautiful eyes, he smiled in answer.

-“Very good Catherine, just remember you are doing it for me, not for you! That’s the reason why I do not want you to climax.”

-“Yes … Sir…” I replied in a voice already croaked by the pleasure I was giving myself.
-“Good … there is still a point I would like to discuss with you while you are at that. You can still discuss Catherine, can’t you?”

I nodded with a smile.

-“I guess I can … “I said while I was feeling more and more “high”. My cheeks were burning, I was probably displaying that red face my lovers like.

-“Excellent! So if I am correct you used to be an escort, didn’t you?”

I briefly closed my eyes to control a few spasms of pleasure which were waving more and more frequently through my body. My brain processed the question slowly starting to anticipate where that conversation was actually leading.

-“I … I used to indeed. But I … I kind of quitted, I was well … out of business more or less.”

He observed me for some long seconds, I was not sure if he was enjoying the show I was giving him or if he was just assessing my reactions to his question.

-“You’re going to resume for me Catherine. Since you asked for that TPE experience I am going to make you feel how it is to be financially dependent. You are going to work on your back for me as all the girls I own do. As it is an experience we will not make it last forever… so for now, you will turn to me every dollar you make until you reach 1,000. Does it sound achievable Catherine?”

I was at this stage fighting hard against my body which was starting to claim a sexual release which I did not want to give. His speech did not make the situation better: I started hitting the streets years ago following my fantasies to get paid to offer sexual favours … but here he was simply going to be my pimp, something I never experienced before and which was making prostitution, from my perspective, very appealing again.

He got a business card and a pen from his inner picket and quickly scribbled on the back of the card. He put the card by my side on the sofa.

-“You will call that girl I put the name on. She will help you back in the business. She is one of my girl and is very successfully at making a lot of cash on her back… use the resource Catherine, she might even turn some of her clients to you.”

My mind was starting to get blurred by the building pleasure of my hand slowly caressing and stimulating my clitoris. I managed to nod to his order, my eyes half closed. He suddenly took a serious face and rose. I paused my caresses checking on him, he stood just in front of me, staring straight at my pussy.

-“Don’t stop Catherine!” he said plunging his hand between my legs to resume the caresses I stopped.

He unbuckled his belt and pants. He soon had his penis in hand, stroking himself as I resumed my “task”. I could not remove my eyes from his hard member, it was tantalising me. I knew definitely what was coming next and I really wanted it to happen.

The next moment he was kneeling between my thighs, his hands massaging my breasts.

He finally laid over me, grabbing both my thighs firmly open. I could feel his warm breath on the small of my neck as he was whispering this warning in my ear:

-“Remember … no climax!”

I nodded while positioning the head of his hard penis right at the entrance of my dripping vagina.

-“I…I’ll try …” I said breathlessly.

With a frank thrust of the hip, he made his way in me… all the way in, I was able to feel the warmth of his heavy balls on my buttocks when he warned me again.

-“You won’t try young lady, you are not going to climax!”

-“I … yes…. Yes Sir” I said nearly stammering, clueless on how I was going to manage this. I was already on the edge.

He immediately put me to the test, grabbing me by the hips he was heavily and quickly hammering into me. I was biting my own lips trying to dodge an inevitable orgasm, there was no way I would find a way to contain it.

-“Sir … I am gonna…. I am gonna cum …” I said desperately.

-“You won’t! Hold!” He yelled thrusting even faster.

I cried, moaned, scratched myself, thought of sad memories … I more or less tried all my tricks to delay my pleasure but I soon felt I was losing the battle. He probably felt that I was not able to hold anymore and suddenly stopped. He stared right at me and to my surprise, he slapped me very hard on both cheeks. I looked at him aghast.

-“That will help you to hold!”

He was actually right, it helped me… I could feel my face burning, he did not spare me, but my climax was now a long way to reach. He rammed into me even more aggressively. He had an incredible stamina. I felt so fragile, completely in his power. Each time I was moaning too loudly he slapped me hard again… there was no way I could come he knew it. Finally I felt him getting tenser and soon after he came, he poured all his semen in me and when he was done, he wiped his cock on my thighs.

-“You’d better be on birth control Catherine… because I will never ask, I will only take. Be aware of that!” He said that and dressed back. He sat next to me and smiled.

I was happily under the pill so I had nothing to fear about but I took his warning seriously. I promised myself to be very serious about it.

-“May I use the bathroom a minute?” I asked not expecting any contradiction. I was definitely wrong again.
-“No Catherine, you may not … not here at least. You will be able to cleanup when you’re back home.”

As I was looking at him with probably a very surprised face he chuckled and took a serious face again.

-“Yes Catherine?”

I freaked out and simply replied:

-“Nothing Sir, nothing”
-“Good, very good! You can dress back now.”

Which I did actually. He looked at me the whole time.

-“You can go home now Catherine. You will receive your new work outfit at your place soon.”
-“My new work outfit?”
-“Yes Catherine. You cannot hit the streets in a classy outfit like the one you wear today can you? No you will wear something very slutty that I will choose for you.”

I nodded and managed to thank him for his … gentle offer.

I left him, closing the door behind me…. I could feel his stare on me until then. My journey home was uneventful but I was preoccupied and fought to fall asleep… my TPE experience was a lot more intense than what I anticipated. What is good or not? I was at this moment not able to see the answer clearly.


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