I tested for you: the total power exchange

I tested for you: the total power exchange

First thing first, what is the total power exchange? The Total Power Exchange (TPE) is one of the many forms of Dominant/submissive relationship. Actually I do not have a very deep experience but my submissive nature always felt appealed by this kind of relation. Luckily for me, I have a friend who is experienced and who accepted to give me a try.

Rhys Beaumont, was in a the sex business when I first met him and we had often discussions around that submission topic. I never went further though, apart from a few Clothed Males Naked Females (CMNF) games. When we met again at his place after a long break, the subject resurfaced.

Rhys was even more handsome that I remembered, maybe ageing made him good actually, not that he was not ugly before, quite the contrary honestly. He was as I always remembered him sitting in a comfy chair, his home decorated with taste, quite empty yet but nice.
-“Come stand closer Cath” he said wiggling at me.

There was always something thrilling when he was giving that kind of orders. I smiled and walked up to his chair, standing and looking down at him with an amused smile.
-“Is that close enough?” I asked jokingly.

He did not reply, just smiled back. He detailed me with a very serious face as if I was an object, without saying a word. He then extended his hands towards me and started to unbutton my vest and helped me out. Then came my blouse, my skirt, my lingerie…. finally satisfied he paused staring at my nakedness.
-“Much better! You can keep the heels, it makes your legs look so perfect” he said taking his chin between two fingers.
-“You … did not loose that habit of undressing your visitors I see” I said giggling.
-“Only the women…” he said with his charming smile.
-“Yes … yes … of course. You should warn the newcomers … some might be …. surprised”

He paused and put a hand on my hip.
-“But you aren’t a newcomer, and I know you’re a CMNF girl.”

I shivered at the gentle touch of his warm palm.
-“Yes… well…. this I am definitely!” I giggled.
-“So how come nobody ended up making you their sub or at least their regular sextoy huh?”
-“Well… I am too much a strong head I guess!” I winked.

He chuckled.
-“Nobody able to grab the leash and keep it on you huh?”
-“That must be it.” I smiled. “What about you? How is it that you don’t have a full harem of ladies in your house?”
-“Well I used to have three, but they basically vanished. And I have some other playthings but one or two of them are off, working hard on their backs, because that is part of how they are owned. There was one who would usually be here now, but she’s off seeing friends.”

I nodded.
-“So … actually you have a harem…” I smiled. “I am not surprised actually…. What do you do now that your club is closed?”
-“Chatting, hanging with some friends, spending time here and other places. What have you been doing yourself Cath?”
-“Roaming the grid to find new ideas for my stories and I have started to learn photography here to make better pictures.”

He listened to me and nodded keeping his hand on my hip. It was as if I was not naked, we were having a nearly normal conversation.
-“And no long term partners…?” he asked.
-“Actually no……. I must frighten them with all my fantasies and stories” I said with a devilish smile.

He laughed and then froze
-“Like what fantasies?” he asked suddenly very serious again, his stare piercing me.
-“My fantasies you know me …… exhibition, submission, fun at work and so on”
-“Oh here I was worried they’d be very dark and kinky…” he said rather seriously.
-“Are they not?” I giggled.

He chuckled.
-“Well, you don’t seem to want to be under TPE, financially exploited, and sent to work as a whore all around SL…”

He paused looking at me, he knew he was triggering my curiosity.
-“What is a TPE by the way?”
-“A Total Power Exchange.” He declared.
-“That’s submission isn’t it?”

And he started to teach me:
-“An extreme form of it. Think of it like this… There is ‘bedroom submissive who likes being pushed around in bed’ at one end and ‘every last detail of my life is controlled by someone else, I have given away power over everything including hair, body, money, and more’”
-“Wow I see … so basically the Master controls all aspects of the submissive life?”

He nodded.
-“And in SL with the right devices that includes $, inventory, IM ability, TP ability, sitting, and more.”
-“Wow … a lot of freedom removed, do you … do that?” I asked.

He smiled.
-“I have a girl who cannot buy anything on her own, because I take what she earns. Every TP she makes I know about. I can restrict her TPs as much as I like. She has to say key phrases to chat locally, or IM, or TP.”
-“Interesting concept … extreme but interesting” I said.

He continued.
-“I’ve known others who wanted elements of that but with hypnosis style, brainwashing on top, rather than a kind of key phrase brainwashing.”
-“Ah hypnosis … yes it sounds more common. I am thinking … it could be an interesting thing to write about for the blog. Do you think I could live a TPE experience and write about it?”

He nodded.
-“You could…”
-“Would you accept to be the person who gives me that experience?” I asked feeling goosebumps on my skin.
-“Are you willing to be enslaved with a MoDesigns device, be a TPE slave, and even be an escort and financially dominated for the time or longer if you choose not to leave?”

Without knowing exactly what I was committing to, but too curious to decline I said:
-“Yes … I would like to have that experience and make the readers to discover what it is… from the inside.”

He smiled and nodded.
-“Good! You can dress back now and go back home. We will discuss your future next time.”

A few minutes later I was leaving his place, at the same time excited and worried by the overwhelming experience to come… And yes I will post here what will happen and my feelings about it.

Stay tuned!

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