What really happened when I went to interview Ambre

What really happened when I went to interview Ambre

My professional life in Second Life, if we can call it this way, mainly consists in discovering new talents in the virtual porn industry and meet them to allow you, my dear readers, to get to know them, to discover the amazing work they do (read all interviews at porn.second-life-adventures.com) .

During the interviews, despite the appearance sometimes, I am very focused, and I try as much as I can to keep a professional behavior at all times. In this industry, believe me, it is not always that easy! Sometimes things go out of control, it never appears in the interview because I carve out those moments to keep the focus on what matters: the person I have interviewed.

However this restriction does not apply to my personal blog, yes the one you are currently reading :-). So if I fancy it, I can relate what happened behind the scene during an interview, and this is exactly what I am going to do here, because that day I lived something unique and fantastic that still makes me shiver, and more, when I think of it.

That day I had a meeting with Ambre, a very creative photographer (read her interview). I have been introduced to Ambre by Silky: you probably remember her, we used to write the interblog stories together. Silky is one of my best friend in the virtual world but also one of the most creative person I know … just as Ambre is… “Birds of a feather flock together” as the proverb says. Anyway, I had seen the work of Ambre on Flickr and I was very excited to conduct that interview.

So that day I arrived at her home, I should say their home, as Ambre is the co-owner of the estate with Silky and Mia. Usually when you see Ambre or Mia around, Silky is not far away. I tend to think of them as the feminine version of the three musketeers “all for one and one for all!” They have different battles than the Alexandre Dumas characters, still they are as much enjoyable. Actually they call themselves the “Cosmic Sisters”, I did not discover why yet though.

Let’s come back to the interview. Ambre chose to get it done in the sauna … in the nude. That was new! Usually people choose their studio and dress to impress, not Ambre. This is what happens when you are around creative people, you get surprised all the time. Now that I know her better, I understand that she is rather free around nudity, it is a kind of natural state. Of course what can be more natural than our birthday suit? I am more of the exhibitionist side, comfortable with nudity but it “stimulates” me in a way, if you see what I mean. For Ambre and Mia, that’s a different story, to be honest, they are most of the time naked when I go to the estate, in their natural state.

It was quite something to have Ambre answering my questions, wearing nothing more than her nice smile. I opted out to remove my swimsuit, because as I said, I wanted to stay focused, which did not seem to be a concern for Ambre. We were soon joined by Mia in the sauna. I was at first a bit afraid that it could alter Ambre answers or behavior and I usually prefer being in one to one, but I was wrong: Ambre kept being honest and straight in her answers, it told me a lot about the complicity those two shares.

I enjoyed a lot this sauna-interview session actually. It was more like an afternoon with friends than a work session definitely. I could not prevent myself to admire their beauty, both very different but stunning in their own style: the brunette and the blonde. I felt a bit jealous of their curves and natural charm. I knew from Silky they were lovers and I had to fight not to picture them together … definitely not easy to keep professional in all circumstances.

In my head, pictures of my recent adventure with Alma started to flash. I had difficulties to finish the interview and I was actually relieved when I finally asked my last question. Done without a mishap, I was proud of myself!

The next step of the interview was for me to pose for Ambre. She had in mind her chocolate series that I particularly noticed when visiting her gallery. We went to the studio, actually a very large platform where Ambre has room to let her creativity sparks. I finally stripped from my clothes and took a few poses in front of two naked angels, actually it was a sweet moment and I could not prevent butterflies tickling my tummy.

A few days later, I received the picture she worked on:

However, there was also an un-official picture made, where Mia and Ambre joined me on the picture:

At that moment, the act was faked but I wished then it was not. Did they sense it? Probably because the minutes following the shooting, I entered in a large bedroom, both girls pulling my hands. I looked at both her face and I could see what they were probably reading on mine: lust. Despite the fact I wanted this to happen, I felt panic rising! My little experience on girl’s love was going to miss me terribly.

-“I … never did that girls” I simply said telling the truth. It was not true I had no experience with girls, but certainly not with two at the same time.

-“Don’t worry!” said Ambre. “Let us guide you through it.”

-“Something tells me you will like it” added Mia in echo.

Moments later, I was lying on my back on the very large bed. Both girls crawled over the bed and joined me. I could feel their soft skin touching mine on both sides. You cannot imagine how erotic it was, unless you experimented it with them. They laid their heads on my shoulders, their silk hear tickling me.

Soon Mia bent over me, Ambre joined her and they kissed, not a romantic kiss as far as I could judge, but more a passionate one. Then they turned their face to me, with a wide smile they moved their lips to my cheeks and kissed me at the same time. Mia then moved to my lips and tenderly kiss me, her hand on my stomach while Ambre was whispering sweet words in my ear, softly squeezing my breast. I was shivering, goose bumps covering my skin in expectation of what was to come. It was Ambre’s turn to kiss me, she tasted different but believe me it was a sweet sensation too, even more as Mia’s hand became more daring, making its way between my legs. I was electrified and let’s be honest horny as hell! I gasped as Mia touched my most sensitive spot, both girls giggled.

As one they flipped. I had my hands on their hips as their lips were covering both my thighs with kisses and brief licks. I was in heaven, enjoying the moment but feeling embarrassed that I was not returning the favour. I closed my eyes, I could feel four hands caressing me, fingers getting bold and following my slit for some time until they finally made their way in. I could not prevent moaning.

-“Enjoying it Cathy, aren’t you?” said Mia. I nodded in answer.

-“That’s only the beginning!” completed Ambre.

They moved again. Ambre sat behind me, helping me to sit as well, my back against her. She was kissing my neck while her warm hands were fondling my breasts. Mia laid on her stomach and spread my knees, she crawled between my legs and delivered a fantastic feeling playing with me with her tongue. She knew where to touch and how… that was fantastic! It did not take me long to come hardly!

It was like an electroshock and I started to become an active member of this trio from then, mimicking what they did to me. I probably went not too bad as they seemed to enjoy my caresses and attention. That’s the advantage of lesbianism, we know pretty well how things work and well it’s easier to deliver the good caress at the right time on the right spot.

We had a break at one point, I had already lost count of my orgasms and Mia and Ambre seemed satisfied of their new lover too… I was relieved and delivered to them my first feelings. The most important revelation to me was how easy it has been to jump into this wild encounter, and enjoying it to its best. I definitely think one of the key factor of success here was the extraordinary complicity between my two lovers and the fact they wanted to share and give love. They made me, for those short moments, a true and full member of their relationship… an incredible experience that at that moment I was not sure I would be able to live again.

We chatted for some time, the time when we had to part approached quickly… and we found a good way to conclude our intimate encounter. Yes again but even more intense because this time I started to play immediately!

I will never forget this experience, it has been one of the most erotic moment of my life…. just like my first kiss, or my first sex encounter. I love you girls!










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  1. Well maybe one day I will tell you why we call ourselves “Cosmic Sisters” for a price of course 🙂 I actually envy you three, and I am very sad I couldn’t be there. *smiles*

  2. Oh my sweet Cathy…thank you for helping me relive this beautiful moment we three have shared. Ambre and I have read this together and your words have touched our hearts. I want you to know that your description is exactly how I felt and I know it is the same for my sister Ambre :))

  3. Cathy… I’m touched. I have wet eyes (and … yes, not here) and it’s all your fault. I love it . Thank you.

  4. Cathy… I’m touched. I have wet eyes (and … yes, not here) and it’s all your fault. I love it . Thank you.

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