Hot encounter with Alma

Hot encounter with Alma

I started to work for the porn industry in December last year. I and Caroline launched our own company called SLA Media (SLA stands for Second Life Adventures). We have a dedicated web site, which is progressively filling with videos and interviews of professionals of the porn industry.

It is tough job, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. They are not ordinary people of course in this activity: they tend to be more naughty and open-minded than the average and well I have to admit that I sometimes have an after party once the interview or the shooting is done. I have pushed the boundaries of my sexuality during these past months. I was expecting this, but maybe not to this extent. I cannot say I was particularly prude before I started this adventure with Caroline, however I made some significant progress (if we can call this progress) since I started.

Up to recently I have not been very open to girls. I had a couple of experiences with Caroline (see Revelation at the Mansion and Oops we did it again), but I thought I was attracted by Carol’s personality rather than her gender. I have to admit, I am more and more attracted by girls now and had collected a few more experiences that I would say were very … satisfying.

The first one of them was with Alma, my Italian friend that I interviewed recently for SLA Media (see Alma’s interview). It was a few days after the interview and Alma invited me to come at her place. I had nothing to do that evening, no interviews, nothing in my schedule, it was the perfect opportunity. I noted the address in my phone and get there. I parked the car in a very luxurious suburb. The house was an elegant mansion, Alma seemed to live without money issues. “Happy her!” I thought.

The front door was cracked open. I pushed it and called Alma. “Upstairs!” came the answer. I closed the door behind me and took the stairs to the first floor, the large house was deserted. On the landing, one single door was open. I quickly peeked and called again. “Come in” she said. “I am in the dressing room”. I crossed a large bedroom and finally stepped in a second room, probably the same size, it was a bathroom and in a corner was set a large dressing room. I looked amazed at all the elegant dresses hung there, the numerous pair of shoes. It was Aladdin’s cave from a girl perspective.

Laying on a small mattress was Alma, she smiled at me.
-“Hi Cathy! Welcome!” she said with her sexy Italian accent. She was laying in nothing more than a skimpy set of lingerie. I looked at her figure, a bit jealous of her perfect curves.
-“Hi Alma! How are you?” I asked as if everything was perfectly normal.
-“I am very good Cathy, thank you. Make yourself comfortable!” she said patting the mattress, inviting me to sit next to her, which I did.
-“You have a splendid house” I said.
-“Oh thank you Cathy. I do not complain, it’s quite nice and comfortable.”
-“It is indeed!” I said chuckling.

Alma is a shy person normally. It was the first time I met her in her environment, she was a bit different and definitely more bold.
-“Nice lingerie set!” I complimented. “Do you always receive your guests like this?” I asked with a smile.
-“Thank you… I am glad you like” she said this time blushing. “I am planning to wear it for my next set. See? I am following your advice, I am getting more daring.” She chuckled.
-“You are!” I said with a bright smile, caressing her soft face.

We stared at each other for a moment. It was a bit awkward to be honest but we were attempting to read each other mind. At this very moment I looked at her, no more as a friend but as a lover. I wanted her and I was not fully sure of her intentions, even if I got a few hints already… what if I was misinterpreting her behaviour? I was not certain I wanted to take the risk to loose a friend by acting foolishly. As if she had listen to my thoughts, she took my hand and kissed it.
-“Alma … I …. well I am not usually in girls … and …” I started to say very hesitantly.
-“I know” she simply said before taking my face in both her hands and kissing me with passion. It was one of the most marvellous kiss I ever had, it was tender and passionate at the same time and her lips felt so sweet. When our lips parted, I felt as if I just left heavens. “Come!” she said taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. She helped me to undress to my undies and laid on the bed, pulling me with both her hands to her side.

It was like in a dream where the time looses its power, the time was an abstract concept. Everything happened so slowly that I could remember every details and yet everything was finished so soon. I remember her caresses on my back when she whispered sweet words in my ear. I rolled on my back and move after move, like if we were in slow motion, she crawled over me, delivering caresses and kisses on my naked skin. She was soon over me and I could feel her soft skin against mine. We spent long minutes looking at and caressing each other face, lust slowly but surely building.

Unable to hold it anymore I planted a passionate kiss on her wet lips and we started to let go more and more. Our lips, our tongues our hands were reaching out at each other. In this sweet fight of senses, I took advantage and unhooked her bra, freeing her sweet breasts. She was splendid! I rolled her on her back, she smiled at me. My hand slowly approached until I could feel her breasts under my palm, the delicate tits were popping out and I kissed both of them with passion. Alma moaned deeply, I was on the right path to … please her. From this moment I knew I wanted to bring her to climax… and so I did.

With expert caresses and precise touches I played with her body, like I could play with an instrument. She reacted at each move, each caress. I could see her body reacting, becoming more and more reactive, I could see her becoming more and more aroused, her eyes more bright, her cheeks turning red and her pussy lips opening slowly. She was completely abandoned to me. I finally reached out at her clitoris which was demanding my attention. I plunged two fingers in and used the wetness to massage her clit until I felt she was on the edge.
-“Ready for the big oh?” I asked.
-“Yes!” she said in a croaked voice.

I penetrated her and finger fucked her, halting at some stages to wiggle inside. She opened wide eyes the whole time, moaning and panting more and more until I reached my goal and she collapsed in sweet agony in my arms. It was so sweet to feel her shivering and shaking in deep pleasure by my side. Love with girls is such a different experience.

She eventually recovered and opening her eyes she smiled at me.
-“Cathy… you cannot imagine how many times I imagined this” she said her face still red.
-“I did not imagine we would do this one day, but I wished we did not wait that long.” I giggled.
-“Agreed!” said Alma. “Let me return the favour.”
-“Hmm, that’s sweet Alma but let’s keep this for our next time. I assure you having you climaxing in my arms was a pleasurable enough experience.”

She looked at me to read my mind again and finally smiled. She pressed herself against me and we told each other sweet stories until the night claimed us and we both fell deeply asleep. The next morning I tiptoed out of the room, letting her sleeping. I had much work to do unfortunately.


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  1. Dear Cathy, I can not express the emotion I feel reading your post. It’s second only to what I felt with you that night! I still remember everything with joy and pleasure! Kisses. Your Alma

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