Summer is over, time to return to the gym

Summer is over, time to return to the gym

After the summer break is always a good time to make good resolutions. Last year I made the resolution not to make any resolutions, and guess what, I achieved it for a change. This year, I decided to be more challenging with myself: I made the resolution to go regularly to the gym, at least once a week. Yes this is challenging but I do not want to grow fat, I like my figure and I am decided to fight to keep it.

One good way I know to build motivation to do sport is to get a new outfit for it. So I spent significant time to pick up a good outfit, well, I actually do like shopping and so it was an enjoyable time to browse my favorite brands shops. After all, walking around is a physical activity in itself so it counts for a gym session doesn’t it? Well, maybe I am cheating a little, but I make the rules ok? Don’t lecture me! * winks *

I chose Alpha Gym club for my regular workouts: the club is nicely built and looks realistic. It is not overcrowded and is frequented by some nice and cute men. Well yes I checkout at guys when doing my workout sessions, they are doing the same so why not? I already wrote something about the club, if you are a reader of the blog for a long time you probably read “Summer is coming, let’s go to the gym“. If not, it’s not too late you know.

One of the last session I went, the club was nearly empty, I went into the changing room which was deserted as well. The wet floor indicated the last occupants left not so long ago. After I changed, I moved to the treadmills where already two runners were working out. I took the one just between them. On my left there was a young woman, and on my right a very cute man.

I started slow, warming up at the rear at the treadmill which gave the opportunity to observe my two gym neighbours. They were both fit and probably are the kind to spend some time in the gym. The man had a cute … a cute ass, let’s say it! I am a fan of men’s bottoms in general but this one was tantalising. I loved the way his muscles were moving under his skin while he was running! Absolutely irresistible. I finally started the machine and ran on the treadmill, accelerating progressively. Both of them were full speed and I risked a sight at the man. He caught my stare and smiled, then he gave me an encouraging nod. I smiled back and pushed the speed of the treadmill higher.

I tried to concentrate on my rhythm but I was distracted and often checked at the man. Sometimes our stares crossed and we smiled to each other, and I caught him checking on me a few times too. I started to imagine things… was he in the same mood?

The woman put her treadmill to a stop and after she did a few stretching exercises, she made her way to the changing room. As far as I knew, it was only I and him in the club now. I was out of breath and had to reduce the speed of the treadmill progressively until I reached the stop. I stepped out of the treadmill and actually he did the same. I was stretching and drying myself with my towel when he approached me
-“Hey, I am Nicholas” he said extending a hand.
-“Nice to meet you! I am Catherine”
-“Nice to meet you too! Nice run!” he said appreciatively.
-“Oh, thanks. Well … I am out of shape, it’s been a long time I have not trained seriously” I admitted
-“That does not show” he replied with a charming smile. “Would you be my partner for some mat exercises?” he asked gently.
-“Well sure… but as I said I am out of shape and …”
-“I am sure you will do very well, come!” he said leading the way to the corner of the gym room where the gym mats were set.

We worked out with dedication for twenty minutes and this is when I started to feel an embarrassing arousal building up. This happened to me sometimes in the past. Probably the cute Nicholas presence had something to do with it but definitely I could not fight it. I had to pretend to be exhausted to stop the exercises, and it was high time, my erected nipples were poking out through the fabric of my gym top. Nicholas noticed, I am sure.

The next thing, I still do not understand how I managed it, but when I tried to raise from the training mat, well I lost my balance and stumbled, falling hard on his lap.
-“I … I am really sorry!” I said very embarrassed. He burst out laughing.
-“That’s ok Catherine!” he said, “I nearly felt nothing.” He grinned.

We stared at each other, something was happening. He slowly approached his face from mine, I did not move at first, then I approached my face too until our lips met. We kissed very romantically at first but it soon became a lot more passionate. Soon I felt his hands on my nipples, it was amazing, I did not even resist when he helped me out of my top to feel my breasts directly. We were in a relatively hidden corner of the gym, but still we could get caught anytime… it was all the more exciting.

-“You sure we … should do this here Nick?” I asked with a grin.
-“Yes!” he said and chuckled afterwards. “Are you afraid?” he asked.
-“Not at all… well … not too much let’s say” and we both laughed.

I helped him out of his sport top and he pushed me lying on the mat. He pressed his muscled torso against me and it felt wonderful… I could feel something big and hard between his legs, something that was full of promise. I moved my palm down his chest and over his shorts until I felt his manhood, in all its glory, under it. I arched eyebrows with a smile.
-“Not your keys right?”

He chuckled.
-“Not at all!” Having said that he removed his shorts and briefs and rolled on his back. I looked aghast at his splendid tool. “Don’t be shy” he whispered in my ear.

It was all I needed to extend my hand to take his erected penis, hard and warm in my palm. I looked at him, he was staring at me with a large smile, I knew what was expected of me… and very slowly I squeezed his manhood in my hand and started to masturbate him. He gently groaned to show his appreciation, and I felt his hard tool growing and pulsing in my palm, I shivered in expectation.

I quickly checked the room right and left and removed my shorts and panties. I put a finger on my lips to make him understand to stay silent and mounted on him. I took his penis, and presented it to my wet vagina, biting my lips in pleasure. I pushed my hips down and felt his large cock-head parting my inners in a thrilling wet slide. I let out a long moan and stared back at his face: he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

At the beginning I was leading, choosing the rhythm and the deepness, I was truly enjoying myself, his cock was amazing at sending shivers all over my body. Soon I drove him crazy, he pushed me, I rolled on my back and he took me hard on the mat. I came hard and loud, he pounded me while I orgasmed and came at his turn.

We stayed still for a long minute before he rolled over to his back by my side. I looked at the ceiling of the room and smiled. Our clothes were spread around the training mat, we were lying naked on the floor, the club still silent apart from the fans.
-“Intense training!” he finally said.
-“Oh yes!” I replied chuckling. “We should get going before we get caught” I said.
-“Yes right!” he said grabbing my hand to help me back on my feet. We grabbed our clothes and he caught my hand leading me to the changing room…. the male changing room. “Let’s share a shower, the club is deserted…”
-“Ahem… well … why not?” I said thrilled by the challenge.

Of course we soaped each other and things went again out of control when I soaped his balls and I noticed his erection was back… I could not let him in that state could I? No of course, so we did it again in the shower and I definitely loved it and came very loud.

This is too late when I realised we had a witness. The muscular black was looking at me with a smirk and an amazing hard-on on display.
-“Wrong change room young lady, not that I am complaining.” He chuckled.

Nick went to his locker and handed me a towel. I grabbed it and rolled it around me. I then grabbed my clothes and dressed back hastily.
-“Better you leave now” he said displaying a sorry smile. “Keep the towel, you will return it next time.”
-“Yeah … ok” I said a bit annoyed and ashamed that we got busted. I made my way to the female change room.
-“You’re leaving? Such a shame…” I heard the black man saying mockingly. Then I heard Nick arguing with him. I hoped he would not get in trouble because of me, of us actually.

I dressed back to my street clothes, wait for fifteen minutes and made my way out to the parking. Nick was standing near the entrance.
-“Everything is ok?” I asked. He smiled at me.
-“Yeah no worries… well we had an argument but it’s all fine … and more importantly he won’t report us to the club management.”
-“Gosh! I did not think of this”
-“It’s ok, he will not do anything…” then he handed me over a piece of paper. “That’s my number, call me any time, training with you is such a pleasure.”

I grabbed the torn piece of paper and smiled.
-“Thanks Nick, pleasure shared!” I said and waved as I walked to my car.

There is a lesson to this: hitting the gym can bring a lot of … satisfaction! Meet you there my dear readers, remember I train regularly now.


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