Summer is coming … let’s go to the gym

Summer is coming … let’s go to the gym

Dear Readers,

I have discovered some time ago that we can actually train in a gym club in SecondLife. I have visited a few, but my favorite one is “Alpha Gym” one (you will find a SLURL at the end of this post) if you want to visit it and give it a try: come on, we all set very nice avatars, we have to spend some time at the gym if we want to deserve such a perfect figure.

Actually I got an idea to add some realism into the game: adding 10 points of “Fat” per week I am not going to the gym, it can keep me motivated to practice or I will quickly end up looking like a fat cow. Well I did not put that rule into motion yet, but I am considering it … we will see.

Ok, let’s come back to the topic: Alpha Gym club. It is actually very well equipped: first thing you can expect in a gym club is a proper locker room and showers. There are actually two locker rooms at Alpha Gym, one for males and one for females, classical but not that frequent in SecondLife, Both of them are equipped with a single shower with nice animations.

Then there are the traditional treadmills with different speed available. I like to use them, they are very efficient to get a good sweat rapidly … moreover, the treadmills are in the middle of the room and I can enjoy a very good view sometimes if you see what I mean.

There are also various training mats built to make suffer your arms and abs …. and get your body a nice shape too, so it is not that bad.

One of the stuff I particularly like is the parallel bars …. I really feel like a gymnast, even if this is normally reserved to men, I feel it can be very artistic. And one thing that is fantastic in SecondLife too, is that you become a skilled gymnast in a few seconds. Isn’t it fantastic ?

When you start to feel sore, you can either go to the yoga room or you can have a drink at the bar. The second option is often my choice ….

The other day, I was having a drink at the bar when Kelly contacted me. I guess you remember him from my previous adventure:
Kelly the sexy fireman

Kelly met me at the bar. He had a hard day and was not in the mood for exercising. Instead he proposed me to go to the sauna. The club has a very good sauna, it is a bit secluded from the rest of the rooms and very nice actually. Well I don’t think I can actually say no to Kelly so I smiled and nodded and we set ourselves in the tiny space of the sauna.

We spent sometime discussing and sweating, a very nice moment indeed. But between Kelly and me, it very often becomes more physical: this encounter was no exception …. not my fault he is so attractive. So yes, we did it … I was quite nervous at the beginning that we could get caught in the act, but apparently the club was completely desert and we were able to have a wild moment and some privacy (we switched off the light).

Well, we succeeded to make our senses to cool down … after some time. We enjoyed some soft cuddles, skin against skin. We did not exchange many words, just enjoying the sauna and the mutual presence of a good friend…. nakedness make friends sometimes even better.

Finally I decided it was high time to go. Kelly confessed he had to go as well …. And he did this crazy proposal:
-“Care to share a shower with me ?” I looked at him amused while he continued ….”…. in the males locker room ?”

I chuckled.
-“Is it a dare ?”
-“I dare you !” he replied with a broad smile. “and I dare you to join the locker room in the nude !”
-“Only if you do so as well !” I told him
-“Deal !” he said

I giggled … We actually did it …. sneaking out of the sauna and rushing to the locker room …. Happily both the club and the locker room were empty. We were laughing like kids.

Kelly invited me under the shower once he had set the temperature properly …. and yes …. again …. we did it. Only this time we were caucght by a man who entered the room to change. I was so taken into it that I did not care anymore. He eventually left after some raunchy comment … but it did not stop us to achieve what we started.

We dried ourselves and I returned to my locker room. We met again at the entrance of the club, once fully dressed, exchanged a last kiss and parted …. We were both exhausted and I personally fell asleep as soon as I lay on my bed. I should go to the gym more often.

Any volunteer to come with me ?
The taxi to go there: Alpha Gym


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