I tested for you: Being a paid fashion model in Second Life

My dear readers,

You all probably know Caroline, the very famous blogger about the sexy stuff in Second Life. If not you should really read her blog, it is full a very interesting information, you will probably get some inspiration.

I got inspired myself by one of her very recent post : How I became a Second Life Fashion Model. Nothing extraordinary in becoming a model in Second Life, the most amazing is that she get paid for doing the job. From all my years in Second Life I never heard of such a non-sense: paying a model in a market where you can thousands of volunteers for free.

It triggered my curiosity … ok my cupidity too I must admit that. I called Caroline and we had a small chat about it. She promised to introduce me to the manager of Chic Studios, which she did. Thanks to her brilliant introduction I had an interview and met Cal Dean, in the Chic Studios premises. The building is pretty impressive and is also the home of the boss and his wife associate.

We had to meet at two different times to accomodate his schedule but at the end … I got hired and paid a signup bonus of 3,000 L$, not bad right?

I will post more when I will have had my first shooting. My career as a model is launched.




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