I settled in l’aZiLe

I settled in l’aZiLe

My dear readers,

First of all, I hope you are all doing well and are safe in this nasty crisis we are going through. My deepest thoughts are going with you and your family. I hope we will soon look back and see it is a nightmare of the past.

As we are heavily confined in the real world, I wanted to feel as much as possible de-confined in the second world. Thanks to my very good friend Kod, I have discovered a quite recent sim called l’aZiLe (it can be translated the Asylum, well kind of). The sim is mainly french (for a change) and full of interesting characters. A few events are organised within the week which is an interesting way to meet the locals.

I would advise you to pay a visit to the sim which is beautiful, and while you are there, pay me a visit, I am living in the north part in a kind of double-shack house. Do not be shy, come and say hello.

Here is the taxi.



PS: Stay at Home and Be Safe!

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