I tested for you – 3DXChat Multiplayer 3D sex game

I tested for you – 3DXChat Multiplayer 3D sex game

It is a long time I have promoted the game on the site, it was only normal that I would give it a try myself and I finally did it. Not that I did not want to, but just I was afraid to get lost. True, I am easily frightened, you got me here. ๐Ÿ™‚

So basically what is 3DXChat: the name says pretty much all of it, it is a 3D game, it is X-rated and you can chat with other players. Ok you can chat and have fun, by fun I mean sexual fun of course. Why would I try a game where we can only chat … well you would be surprise, I like a lot chatting. But you got it, this is not what 3DXChat is about it is very sexually oriented.

So how did I overcome my initial fear you probably wonder … well as usual I will answer: I asked a friend to help me through it. She’s not only a friend, but also my old partner in business at SLA Media, you will all have recognized Caroline of course. She actually is now an experienced player of this new platform and wrote an interesting review of 3DXChat and its competitor that you should actually read if you are interested in such games.

So I went through the account creation process, which is super easy and downloaded the application. I logged on and was automatically directed to the avatar customisation. Again this is very easy, the only drawback is that it offers a lot less customisation that you would find in SecondLife. It is however not so bad, and I guess you can succeed in making yourself unique in a way… I will still have to work on my look but well, for a first test I was not unhappy of the result.

Caroline and I met at one of the public club… she said it was a good place to start with. This is where she told me the basics of how the application basically works. It is very similar to SecondLife actually, the only disturbing thing to me is that you use the mouse and not the arrow keys to move. You basically clicks where you want to go and your avatar goes. Not a big change really and I was quickly into it, even able to dance with the folks there after only ten minutes.

When I got more fluent we went to the personal place of one of the player. To be honest I don’t know who it was, but the place was pretty good, set on a beach with a giant villa nearby. The crowd was more important here. I quickly lost Caroline, she … well she got busy with someone :-). It took me some time to retrieve her but … well I recognized her voice, or maybe should I say her moans and guess what … they did not bother closing the door. I watched them and they did not seem to have a problem with this. Did I get hot? You bet! I somehow followed an invitation of Caroline and got more… involved.

Unfortunately our man was probably tired by all Caroline did to him and he … well he left us in the middle of the foreplay. Hmm … I felt a bit frustrated, ok I admit it not a bit, very frustrated. A blue hair guy game to the rescue but we declined… he was not to our taste.

-“Ok Cath, I am going to set a party at home… you will be more at ease” finally said Caroline.

And so she did, because this is that simple in 3DXChat. We took our clothes, dressed back and went to her place. Soon after people started to arrive. I did not loose time and flirted with a guy I was finding attractive. He was talkative and rather shy … I find that cute in a man actually. Caroline in the mean time was already …well very much engaged with another guy on the other side of her living room.

I convinced my shy man to … well to find a quiet place and ended up in Caroline’s bathroom where we learnt about each others. Nothing like a jacuzzi to create an intimate experience.

We parted friends and promised each other to meet again for a chat, or more, depending of our mutual mood. I found that experience of 3DXChat very interesting and arousing. The world has amazing graphics and offers a good way of interacting with the other players. The sex scenes are amazing and do not take anything to get adjusted, you can just focus on the scene and the roleplay which is for me a real bonus … turn-on ok.

Will I quit SL for this new game? Definitely not, SL is more rich and offers a wider world and capabilities. I however found a new way of having a nice fun… Leave me a message if you plan to visit 3DXChat, of if you are already there, I would love to meet you there.


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  1. Hello Cathy. I hope you remember me! I am also in 3DXCHAT. Look for MisterLucky, that will be me. I hope to find you there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for another great review, Cath! I met a group of friends who had just come to SL from 3DXChat and they love SL now . . . but they still go back. After reading your review, I’m definitely going to try 3DXChat!

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