I tested for you – Hiring a gigolo

I tested for you – Hiring a gigolo

One good thing travelling for the company was that they most of the time booked the best hotels in town. It was already 10PM when the taxi finally dropped me there. I entered into the luxuary hall, and made my way to the check-ins.
-“How can I help you Madam?” asked the receptionist in his most polite tone.
-“Miss Palen, my company booked a room.”

He typed on his keyboard and finally nodded.
-“Yes Miss Palen, for two days is that correct?”
-“Yes absolutely.”
-“May I see your ID please?”

I fetched my passport from within my handbag and gave it to him. He gave a brief look, smiled and handed it back.
-“We can upgrade you to a premium bungalow. They are located in the park of the hotel. Unless you prefer to stay in the main building?”
-“I will take the upgrade, thank you” I said with a large smile.
-“Certainly Madam.”

Once the paperwork was done, I was handed over an electronic key and escorted by a porter up to my bungalow. I let a tip and discovered my room for two days, I liked it instantly. It was set in the middle of the park, nearby one of the gigantic pools. I could see from my window the pool shining in the dark. I would certainly go for a swim in the morning. I quickly unpacked and went into a warm shower, trying to erase the tiredness of the journey.

Wrapped into one of the thick towels of the hotel, I was considering my options for what was remaining of my evening. I was definitely not feeling sleepy as I unfortunately indulged in a short nap in the plane. I finally dressed and wandered in the hotel park, enjoying the warm night. Without much thinking I entered the main building and made my way to the bar. It was nearly empty exception of the small group which was making a lot of noise in one of the corners. Not an option for me and I returned in the hotel park.

There was a little bar there too, set on the edge of the swimming pool. It was probably offering beverages directly in the pool during the day, but tonight it was more a standard hotel bar with its terrace and its small discreet crowd. Not even a crowd actually, there was only two flirting couples. I ordered a vodka with tonic and spied on them for a few minutes: one of the table was occupied with a couple in their thirties. I would bet they were here on holidays, away from the kids for a week or two, they definitely seemed to enjoy each other company. The other couple was different, they were professionally dressed … all indicated they were more colleagues than a genuine legal couple. It made me smile.

I envied them, I would have loved to have company tonight. I knew relationships at work were complicated but what? Sex did not need to happen every time right? What if I just wanted a chat all night long, that was not forbidden by those damned company policies was it? I was actually lying to myself, because I was definitely craving company for a lot more than a chat…

I looked around and unfortunately there was no sexy men staring at me, it was only myself and those two couples … and the barman. I looked at him again discreetly, he was actually looking pretty sexy. A black skin and a strong build was definitely my taste, it was just then that I noticed the ring at his finger. I sighed, I was not a marriage wrecker … So what now? I could return to my bungalow and enjoy my own company or … I had another idea that I could not believe I was contemplating. Would I dare to?
Would I enjoy that?

For half an hour I thought of it unable to make it. Maybe my beverage helped but I finally wiggled the barman, I was about to ask him but I chickened out at the last second. He poured me a second vodka tonic and I was back with that tantalizing idea circling again and again. I wiggled him again, he smiled and grabbed the vodka bottle again. I made a sign with my hand to signify this is not what I wanted.
-“I am done with the drinks for tonight” I said with a smile.
-“Oh sure, anything else to help you?” he said starring at me with his beautiful eyes.
-“I… hmmm… I….” It was now or never I knew it. I finally wiggled him to make him bend over so that I can whisper to his ear.

-“I … was wondering if by chance … you would know how I could … ahem … buy some … special services” I really did not know how to phrase it.

He looked at me a bit puzzled.
-“You … mean?”

I wiggled at him again and whispered in his ear:
-“I mean sex”

He stared at me for two seconds and smiles. He did not say a word and went in what was probably the storage or the break room at the rear of the room. He was back a few seconds later and discreetly passed me a piece of paper.
-“Call him and tell him Nestor gave you that number.”

I nodded and whispered a thank you. He smiled and winked.
-“Enjoy your night.” He said with a bright smile.

I waved and left, walking back to my bungalow. I was giggling like a school girl, I asked, I really asked. Was I going to do it or not was another question… but just asking made me … well I was now in the mood, very much in the mood. It was not something I already experimented and contemplating this was … very exciting to say the least.

For the next ten minutes I sat on the edge of my bed, my phone in one hand and the piece of paper Nestor gave me in the other. I slowly dialed the number and after a few seconds of hesitation I finally pressed the red button. After only two tones, someone picked up the phone and answered my call.
-“Driss speaking” said a male voice with a strong accent. My heartbeat became instantly more loud.
-“I was given your number by Nestor, the barman of my hotel.”

There was a long silence, I started to fear I dialed a wrong number.
-“What can I do for you?” he finally asked
-“I … well I am looking for company tonight. Am I talking to the right person?”
-“You are, you are absolutely!”
-“And … huh, what are your … rates?” I inquired.
-“500 for one hour for a standard service. If you need something special we can discuss the price.”
-“I … I will have a standard one” I giggled nervously
-“What’s your room number?”
-“Bungalow 17” I replied.
-“Good I can be there in 20 minutes is this ok?”
-“Huh… yes perfect!” I said.
-“Alright, then see you in a few minutes.” He hanged up.

That was a short call … did I just do a big mistake? I did not know what to think of my behavior? Was it the alcohol that allowed me to have such a low morale. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror, I was not looking too bad. I liked that dress, it was enhancing my figure in my opinion, well exception that it was a bit too tight at the waist making the horrendous panties lines visible. I smiled to myself and just remove the panties and checked again … much better no? Yes, adopted I told myself.

Minutes later I heard a soft knock on the door. Was it him? My heart rate increased again. I went to the door and crack opened it … there was a bare chest man there, a black skin and a nice face all smiling to me.
-“I am Driss” he simply said with a nice smile.

I nodded and let him in.
-“I am … I am Emily…” I lied… I did not even know why I chose that first name that reminded me very mixed feelings but I did.
-“Nice to meet you Emily” he said.
-“I… it’s the first time … I hire someone like you …” I admitted hesitantly.
-“No worries Emily, I am here for the fun, everything will go well you will see” he said reassuringly. “But first if we could … just make the transaction, then it will be behind us. ok?”
-“Oh…sure. How stupid I am!” I went to my purse and fetched the amount in notes that I handed to him. He put the cash in the pocket of his jean and smiled again. “Ok that’s ticked… no let’s have fun.”

He went to the bedside table and played with the radio controlled clock. He finally found the channel he was looking for. Salsa music filled the room and he walked back towards me.
-“Would you like to dance Emily?”
-“I don’t know how to dance this…”
-“I’ll teach you, it’s included no worries” he said handing me a red rose.

We both laughed and he took my hand, grabbed my waist and led the dance. In his arms I even had the feeling that I was not such a bad dancer after all.

We were having a lot of fun dancing actually. It became even more when I felt his hand on my back looking for the zipper of my dress. He started to pull and noticed I went tensed.
-“Is it ok Emily?” he asked, his hand froze.
-“Yes… yes it’s just …”
-“No worries it will be fun!” he said resuming his unzipping of my dress which finally fell at my feet.

He looked at me in surprise with a smile as I was stepping over my dress. I crouched and grabbed it on the floor and finally stood and threw it over my bed. I stared at him.
-“No panties?” he teased me.
-“I tried to warn you” I said. I giggled starring at him pretending to be ashamed. “They were making horrible marks so…”

He chuckled and smiled.
-“No harm done at all, no worries.” He extended his arms: “Come, let’s resume our dance miss butt-naked”.
-“With pleasure Mr bare-chest” I replied.

I laughed and we resumed our dance moves. It was indeed a lot of fun, even more fun bottomless! I was starting to become more touchy-feely and bolder than before, not missing a single opportunity to press myself against him or to touch and caress his torso and back. During one of our moves he expertedly managed to unhook my bra and remove it on the next move. I giggled and smiled, dancing like crazy around him. I could feel each time I was against him that he did not seem to be indifferent to my naked body on display.

At some point I decided it was time for him to show more… I used one of the moves to grab him by the belt, unbuckled it, then unbuttoned the jeans before I finally pulled it revealing a part of his anatomy that I did not expect to see at that stage. I giggled.
-“No briefs?”

He chuckled.
-“No … it lets some horrible marks” he said quoting my own words. “You mind?”
-“Not at all!” I said. “Should we resume dancing.

He grabbed my hand, put his arm around my waist and there we went dancing again fully naked. It was a totally different experience having my male partner naked … I touched his member by mistake a few times, but it was more and more intentional that my hands touched him. He laughed each time, his erected penis was tantalizing me. I could not resist anymore, I finally pressed myself hard against him, feeling his hard tool between us, I whispered in his ear…
-“It’s time for new games”
-“Your wish is my order my lady!” He said with a smile.

I pulled him to my bed and made him lay on his back. He was splendid and the fact that I was paying me was making all the situation even more erotic to me. I laid by his side and grabbed his penis in my hand, I playfully squeezed it and started to stroke. I felt with satisfaction his tool reacting, growing even more in my palm … I stared at him and he seemed to appreciate, passing his hand in my hair.
-“May I suck it?” I asked looking up at him.
-“Be my guest … but first … choose your flavor” he told me handing over a set of condoms he had previously put on the bedside table.

I picked one and put it on his tool.
-“You’re skilled” he said winking at me.
-“You might be surprised but it’s not the first one I set.” I giggled.

I did not loose any more time and licked him eagerly. His penis was huge both in length and thickness, it was going to be something. I used all my will and skills to attempt to make him harder and bigger. I think I succeeded in that aspect, he was becoming something, I was dripping in expectation.

I did not know if it was because I was pushing him to the edge or because he did want to make sure I got some pleasure too, but he suddenly rolled over and made me fall on my back. He rushed between my legs and put his very agile tongue to work.
-“Awww Driss…” I moaned lost in a building pleasure.

He chuckled and resumed immediately. As a professional he had hours of practice and the experience down there was … absolutely amazing … as if he knew where and when to put his tongue and fingers, my body was exploring new limits. I came for the first time so strong and so loud, I surprised myself. Was it because I was paying him that I was so horny? That was maybe an explanation.

Not satisfied he returned to work and led me quickly to a second powerful orgasm, not more than maybe ten minutes later. I was shaking in ecstasy. He sat on the edge of the bed, his hand on his penis, stroking himself to put himself back in condition. I jumped by the side of the bed and offered my mouth and tongue to help him achieving his goal.

After a few minutes of a good and intense treatment, we were both satisfied by the return of his hardness… I looked at it with envy, tickles building back in my tummy.
-“How do you like sex Emily?” He asked.

I stared at him and gave him a devilish smile.
-“I want it rough… Take me hard!” I simply said.

He gauged me and smiled.
-“As I said, your wish are my orders Emily!”

He grabbed me by the waist and threw me (softly) on the bed, the next second he was on me. I helped him in and could feel his giant cock already pushing and spreading my vagina.
-“Ready?” he asked one last time.
-“More than ever!” I replied with an assured and excited tone.

He started to pump, slowly first, probably testing how rough I was prepare to receive. As I was positively reacting he started to pound me harder and harder. It was so crazy and savage, I was nothing else than pure pleasure. The more vocal I was the more he was fucking hard.

He made me roll and took me doggy, grabbing my shoulders for a good control. I was in paradise and eventually climaxed very hard.

He was smiling and laid on his back, his hands between his head, watching me as I was trying to catch my breath. The thing is that he was still very hard and I could not let him like that … even a pro. I rode him and slid his penis in me again and looked at him straight in the eyes.
-“You’re a skilled lover, very skilled” I said. “But I feel offended that you did not cum yet” I winked.

He chuckled and let me ride him… he was so big that was amazing. I smiled at him and squeezed his shaft with my inner muscles a few times.
-“I’ll make you cum!”

He chuckled and let me do my things. He was apparently very much in control … at least at the beginning but I soon saw that he was struggling, I was winning … he finally came making me come myself as I could hardly resist a jerking cock in me.

He removed himself from me and took me in his arms and whispered in my ear
-“You’re an incredible customer.”

I giggled and smiled back. He finally took a shower and dressed back. I was allowed to get a farewell kiss before he vanished in the darkness of the night.

I was not sure I would do that again, after all I liked a lot seducing and playing the game the right way but this was definitely and adventure that was worth living.


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