Circus Erotica

Circus Erotica

Circus Erotica is not a place in SecondLife, it would not be a bad idea though if you want my personal opinion. Actually it is the last movie from Mitzy Broadway in which … I have been offered a role! Amazing isn’t it?

A second role with her I could not believe I was that lucky and so I went and played in the movie very willingly and enjoyed the amazing set they prepared and playing the scene with so many good professionals, all in good humour of course as always with Mitzy and Rachel.

The story? Oh yes the story I did not tell anything about it … well …. the main actress Mitzy got a special ticket for “Circus Erotica” …a very special circus with even more special circus acts. I am myself having a very funny act as the target of a knife thrower. Well he is not actually throwing knives but you will see by yourself. So many naughty and funny acts, you will like the show a lot I am sure.

Again an amazing cast, probably the biggest one Mitzy has ever deployed for one of her movies: Mitzy herself of course, Terrin Rembrandt, Laren Silverfall, Larry Vinaver (the canon-ball man), Sasha Johansen (the partner of the canon-ball man), Katina Cazalet (the black tiger kitty), Kioke Mio (the white tiger kitty), Anyka Aiseiri (the yellow tiger kitty), Rachel Avro (the rope walker), Heather Ashford, Cameron, Enki, Jadelyn McAuley, Partee Mytili, Vixxen Clowes, Sil (the mouse), Kara Hawk, Daxie (the rope walker partner in crime), Kandie Kox, Zane Liener, Vicki Concertina and myself!!! Playing as the audience of the circus are Alexandria Topaz, Kathrine Wohlfeld, Johnny Whadd, Charles Parker, Tour Diddy and Sonji Prevost. Quite a crowd right?

All pictures below and the post head picture have been taken by Mitzy

Here is the link to the movie:

Happy watching!!

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