Caroline’s mansion reopened

Caroline’s mansion reopened

Caroline’s mansion … those of you, who have read my blog for a long time, know that I spent some wild adventures there (read more) and that it was a special place to my heart. It was a long time ago, during the summer 2015, nearly three years ago! The mansion used to be a swinger place, quite crowded and successful actually, with a good balance between males and females which is often an issue in that kind of places … too many men or too many women and all the fun can be ruined.

Caroline, my business partner in SLA Media, decided to re-open the place but this time to explore a new concept: AFK sex! What on earth is that? AFK means Away From Keyboard … and sex means sex, yes you get it. When I started in SecondLife, there were many AFK camping places: places where you would let your avatar “camping” on a sim, in exchange for a few lindens. The more time you spent, the more money you made, but believe me, it was not much. It was a mean for the land owners to build-up the traffic and show nice statistics on how well they were attracting a crowd. It was actually very boring and did not worth it, the concept finally died.

There is apparently a new trend in SecondLife: the same AFK concept is actually reused, but this time, instead of letting your avatar simply camping on the sim, you “sit” it on a sex pose-ball (on a bed or any adult furniture) and you go attend your RL business, or secretly wait in front of your screen. What could happen? You are not stupid and guessed it: visitors who want to have a quick sex intercourse will sit on the pose-ball next to you and use your sexy avatar to satisfy their lusty desires. What is new here is that the land-owner does not pay you a cent: that is actually the visitors who will pay you a little tip to express their gratitude to have let them at disposal your sexy and cherished avatar.

Does it pay well? I have definitely no idea whether or not there is a real market here. From what I read so far on a few blogs, such as Caroline’s blog or the new raising star blogger Jessica … it seems they manage to earn a significant amount of money. It definitely sparked my interest, it is naughty and arousing so yes I am going to try out myself and see what will happen.

If you are interested, here is the taxi to reach the mansion … maybe I will be there waiting for my first “client”. Maybe I will watch my screen at some points so see if something is happening … or maybe I will actually be away from my keyboard. I will keep you posted of what is going to happen. In the mean time, I wish you naughty, sexy and funny adventures in my beloved SecondLife.


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