A friend with benefits

A friend with benefits

Some time ago I met Markus Steiner, Mark for his friends, a photographer of SecondLife. Those who know me for some time are aware that I work for SLA Media as a journalist: I interview photographers, models and producers in the porn industry. Mark is one of my interviewees, you can read the story here: Markus Steiner, the seducer.

Mark is actually a seducer in his inner self, I was able to feel that very quickly during the interview. We naturally convened afterwards, to meet again to do a shooting, just the two of us. Given what I knew of his work I was indeed really excited to pose for one of his erotic pictures, I started to imagine both our bodies, bare, in some hot postures.

The D-day arrived quickly and I was for the second time in my life, standing on the deck of his nice swimming pool, the cute Mark, all smile, next to me. He led the way inside the villa where he intended to do the shoot, on a couch nearby the window.

He imagined a pose where he was laying on his elbows and fore-arms looking at me, on my knees, his legs passing between my thighs, I was laying a hand on his muscled torso, while my other hand was taking care of his erected member. I knew it was a professional shooting but I could not prevent myself of getting aroused. Most of the models have big habits of this kind of situation, but definitely not me, and up to now I have been unable to prevent my body to react. I am pretty sure it showed but he did not say a word, he was such a gentleman.

We tried different outfits for me: in lingerie, topless or bottomless but he finally chose, or maybe I chose, I cannot remember, to go for the bare shoot. Then there was that long silence when he worked on the light and the angle of the picture in preparation. I was trying not to think too much that I was naked, overhanging a very sexy man whose sex I hold in my hands. Oh yes I had some very unprofessional thoughts then … I definitely need to work on myself.

Finally he smiled and said:
-“It’s done, I think I have a few good pictures.”

I smiled back and carefully broke from my position to take a more “conservative” one, sat on the couch next to his feet. He did the same, smiling to me, his cock still semi-erected.
-“The weather is good, we should go back outside.”

I looked through the glass of the sliding doors and nodded.
-“Yes, definitely.”

We left the living room and I felt the warm caress of the sun on my skin. He set himself on a deckchair and invited me with a smile and an extended hand to join him. How could I have resisted to such a charming invitation? What happened next was not my fault I think, or was it?

I was still so “high” while we were chatting together, naked under the sun. Did he feel it? Or maybe he was from the beginning in the same mood than me, just pretending to be a nudist. Well, his mood started to show and I suddenly felt on my bare bottom a little “poke” while both his hands were perfectly visible to me. I giggled.
-“What was that?” I asked in a mocked shocked tone.
-“Huh … sorry Cathy … it’s something demanding attention, just ignore it” he said. I laughed.
-“On the contrary, I think I would like very much to pay it attention.”
-“Oh! Really?” he asked. I was not sure he was playing a role here or if he was genuinely surprised.
-“Really!” I said with a devilish smile.

I sat on the edge of the deckchair and he was next to me the second after, exhibiting proudly a fully erected penis. My whole body reacted to this amazingly erotic vision. I looked at him in his eyes and slowly bent, my hand reaching between his thighs to hold his balls in my palm. My lips finally reached the tip of his sex and I deposed a small kiss. His sex responded by a little throbbing swing in front of my eyes.

-“Come on Cathy, I am sure you can do better than that” he said jokingly.
-“Sure I can!” I said, this time opening a wide mouth and swallowing his glans whole, then pressing my lips along his shaft as I was sliding him deeper in my mouth.
-“Hmm … much better!” he said in a voice tainted by the pleasure he started to feel.

I enjoyed the feel of his hard sex sliding on my tongue, but I had to move in a more comfortable position. I put a hand on his flat and muscled stomach and slowly pushed to make him on his back. I was taught not to speak with my mouth full but I always found a way to make myself understood with soft gestures. I set myself on my stomach, between his athletic thighs and there I was in heaven. I was able to fully enjoy his cock with my mouth and I delivered one of my best blowjob ever, or so I felt. The man was cute, the sun was shining high in the sky and the soft caress of the wind was driving me crazy.

He, as well, had some skills in non-verbal communication. I saw that when he finally made me move in a 69. The feel of his tongue was definitely more intense than the caress of the wind and I was on the verge a few minutes later. I parted my vagina from his warm mouth but he did not let me go and devoured me until I came hardly…

I giggled and resumed my sucking of his manhood, he also deserved a good relief. He grabbed me and put me on my back very gently and stared at me.
-“I would like to ease myself into you Cathy now…” he arched his eyebrows and displayed an irresistible smile.

I looked at him a second and smiled. I knew I could not refuse him anything now but I was a bit worried by my birth control and I had to ask.
-“Do you … have condoms? I know, sorry, not very romantic!” I apologised.
-“No worries darling.” He stood and came back shortly after with a little box of condoms. He quickly unwrapped one and put it in place.
-“Thank you!” I said with a smile, preparing myself to the penetration.

I was on my back, he smiled reassuringly while he put his now protected penis in front of my slit. I nodded to encourage him and he pushed in, parting my inners, which made me shiver in a renewed pleasure. He slowly pushed himself all along, I tightened my pelvic floor, feeling him all the more as he invaded my body with his manhood. I looked up at him and he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. He winked when catching my stare which made me laugh. It was a happy sex session, like having an intimate moment with a very old friend.

The things became from this point a lot more wild and we started to loose complete control of the situation, which I enjoyed very much. He was ramming into me, I was panting at the intensity of our encounter. No words could actually describe the feeling, it was simply love and lust with a very high level of complicity. I finally came for the second time in his arms…

He wait for me to recover patiently and whispered:
-“I want to feel you truly… I am gonna remove the condom, is that … ok?”

I knew it was pretty risky, there was a high chance that I was fertile… though I heard me saying those incredible words:
-“Ok … but you pull out before … before it’s too late!”

He fucked me bare like an animal, he seemed to enjoy that so much! When finally came the time for him of his relief, he remembered his promise and pulled out before exploding in my womb. I kissed him deeply as his hot cum erupted in the air, landing on me and the poor mattress of the deck chair.

We stayed a long time in the arms of each others. My goose bumps did not go before long, I had quite an experience with Mark. I loved every bit of it and … well, this was with big regrets that I said good bye.

We promised each other to meet again and … why not, enjoy ourselves a few more times.

Lusty kisses,

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