Nude in public dares

Nude in public dares

My dear readers,

I would like to resume my little exhibitionist dares: it has been a long time I have not done one. Once again I am coming to you to fetch some exciting ideas I could try to play on the grid.

You can propose a dare or more (if you feel creative) by commenting this post (anonymously if you are shy) or by sending me an email at

A few pieces of advice: give me some elements of context, a description of the place or kind of place you would like it to happen and an outfit that I will have to wear at the beginning. If you are a daring person yourself, we can do it together too.

I hope to read you very soon.

Wet kisses,


2 responses to “Nude in public dares”

  1. Hi Cathy

    I dare you:

    What about in the middle of the dance floor in Franks Jazz Club. Start wearing a gown, then strip naked whilst dancing with somebody. Oh, and emote in open chat that you are taking off your cloth.


    • Hi Carol,
      very daring indeed! I think we already discussed that dare in the past… it will probably be my last time there, I will be banned quickly. I will need a photographer to help me, any volunteers? 🙂

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