Jailed! – Chapter 5: Finally free

This is the fifth and last chapter of the series “Jailed!“. I would advise that you read the previous chapters before you read this one.


I felt a presence near me and instantly awoke and sat on my bunk bed. For some reasons they isolated me for my last night and I had unfortunately not the time to ask Jenny if it was a normal procedure or not … I assumed it was but I was a bit surprised that none of the girls told me about this before. Standing in front of me, arms crossed, was the judge Davis.
-“What…what are you doing here?” I asked semi-conscious in the croaked voice of someone who just woke up. She smirked.
-“You did not forget we are setting you free today.” she asked. I shook my head fearing a trick to extend my sentence. As if she was able to read my mind, she continued. “No worries Palen, there are no changes in the plan. Now hurry up, I could change my mind anytime” she threatened.

In seconds I was on my feet. She secured me in cuffs and escorted me to the admittance room, the same room I was led when I entered this wicked prison. Everything was silent, the whole prison was still sleeping, the sun was barely starting to show. I looked around, still shocked at what happened in this very room and I knew all of the girls had to go through the same horrendous and humiliating process during their admission. I suddenly felt the cuffs get loose, the judge just unlocked them and put them on the nearby table.

-“Strip! I am going to fetch your box in the mean time.” she said to me as if I was a little girl with no conscience of modesty.

I concealed a sigh and started to undress and was naked by the time she went back with the exact same box I let my clothes in. I was happy at the sight of this box, it was indeed happening, I was freed. She looked at me with a stern stare, detailing every square inch of my skin, I felt ill at ease immediately and now that I rethink of it, I am pretty sure she did it on purpose, to lower my guard. Then she lectured me.

-“I hope your learnt your lesson Miss exhibitionist!” she said with I imagined at that instant was half a smile. Her expressions were changing so quickly that it was very hard to catch her mood. I simply nodded. “I beg your pardon? I did not hear anything” she continued.
-“Y.. yes, lesson learnt Your Honor” I finally replied in a broken voice.
-“Good! Someone is waiting for you outside.” she said.
-“Oh, yes … I think my friend Kod is there.”
-“That was not a question dear” she continued. “… and about your friend Kod, hmm? I am not sure he is of good influence for you so we did not send him the notification that you would be out today.”
-“What? Are you kidding me?” I said furious.
-“Mind your tone Palen!” she snapped. “We are taking great care of our ex-con re-integration so now your going to listen to me is that understood?” Still naked in front of her like a poor little girl I was terrified. The only thing I had in mind was to leave this place and I was ready to do everything to have that door leading outside opened. So I simply nodded. “Good!” she said in appreciation to my willingness. “You probably noticed your sentence has been very light right?”
-“Yes … I am definitely very grateful of your underst…”
-“Silence! I don’t want to hear your thanks. There is a reason to this leniency Palen.” she kept silent for long seconds before continuing. “Mussar promised he will take care of you when you will be out and he has all my trust! He is waiting for you outside and you are going to follow him, did I make myself clear?” she asked.
-“Ye … yes very … very clear Your Honor” I said.

She handed me the box with a smile.
-“Perfect! Now dress!” she ordered.

I quickly slipped my clothes on and realized I was now wearing the same outfit that caused my arrest. The judge stared at me from head to toe and frowned.
-“Keep pulling at the hem of your jumper, you don’t want to get arrested again, do you?” she smirked.
-“No … no I don’t” I said in a toneless voice.

She nodded and walked towards the exit door. For some reason I was like paralyzed, afraid of doing a mistake that would prevent me to leave that damned place. The judge arched her eyebrows looking at me:
-“So what? You enjoyed your stay with us and want to stay?” she said sarcastically.

I shook my head and joined her near the door. She chuckled and finally unlocked the door opening it slowly. It was still early morning and the air had a very particular scent … the scent of freedom. I made a few steps outside, still fearing that something or someone would deny my freedom at the last minute, but it did not happen. The judge said from behind me:
-“Enjoy your freedom Palen! I hope to never see you again!” Having said that she slammed the door shut which made a sinister metallic noise. I shivered.

There, in the chilly and slightly foggy morning, he was standing displaying a half-smile. I shyly walked towards him until I was two meters from him.
-“Glad to see you out!” he said in a warm tone.
-“Thanks!” I said without any emotion or at least trying to conceal any.

I was in such a strange mood. I felt I wanted to smile and cry at the same time. I did not know if it was a normal feeling but I knew it was something I did not want to experiment anymore. It was like my feelings were torn apart in my poor and damaged soul. I was denied to express any of them by the presence of this stranger, I did not want to show him any weakness even if I was craving to talk to him, to let my feelings out.

Mussar simply nodded noticing my outfit:
-“This is what get you arrested right?”
-“Yes!” I said in a cold tone, pulling on the hem of my jumper.
-“Do not worry Catherine… I am not here to judge you, but to help you. We are going to work together on these inadequate behaviors. All this will be soon bad memories, you will never forget of course, but it will be only memories. Come now, we are going to put you in a safe place.” he added gesturing towards his limo.

As soon as I approached the luxurious car, the chauffeur went out and opened me the door … Never in my life did I experience this luxury. I hop in the car and Mussar behind me. The chauffeur closed the car door behind us and soon the limo was in motion to … I did not know to where.
-“Where … are we going?” I asked with a tight throat.
-“To a haven of peace Catherine.” he mysteriously answered.

I looked by the window to hide to him that I was crying. The landscape was moving quickly, we were on the highway and I finally connected the dots … we were heading to the airport. I was not going to stay in the neighborhood. He probably noticed my anxiety and my sadness.
-“Relax Catherine!” he said. “You have nothing to fear as long as you stay with me.” Having said that, he opened the minibar and he served me a glass of water. I made the mistake to accept it … five minutes later I felt into a very deep sleep.

When I woke up, I was laying on a king size bed in a very luxurious bedroom, naked. I feared the worst happened, but as far as I could tell, I felt OK. A large ceiling fan was spinning above my head, I took a few minutes to observe its slow motion and finally stood. I found my clothes folded neatly on a nearby armchair and quickly dressed: it was time for me to figure out where I was.

I was now wandering the corridors of a huge house, everywhere I laid eyes was luxury, it was just amazing. I felt I was Scheherazade lost in the “Tales of the Arabian Nights” palace. I was exploring for fifteen minutes when passing in a corridor I heard a strong voice which made me jump.
-“Nice to see you are awake” said a voice I recognized, Mussar’s voice.

I froze and having recovered from my surprise I walked to where I thought the voice went from. I passed through a large opening leading to a large living room, it was more the size of a ballroom actually. Mussar was actually there, comfortably sat in an armchair. He was staring and smiling at me, having the attitude and calm of a man in power. I stood a few meters from him.
-“Where …. where am I?” I asked trying to conceal my anger.
-“In my modest home sweet home!” he replied confidently. “Do you like the place?”
-“That’s …. that’s not the question! You … you drugged me!” I said pointing a finger at him.

He stared at me and chuckled which made me even more furious.
-“Awww Catherine … you needed some good sleep! I just helped!” he said without an ounce of regret in his tone. “Calm down and have a sit” he said gesturing to a nearby armchair. As I sat down he continued, “I hoped you slept well, how do you feel today?”
-“I … I am ok, thank you” I replied coldly. “Seriously Mussar where are we?”
-“You don’t need to know where we are … not yet. The only thing you need to know is that you are under my protection. As I told you yesterday, you have nothing to fear, so relax and enjoy your time with us.”
-“Us? You’re not living alone here?” I asked a bit relieved to know that there were other people around.
-“Yes us. You and me, my three wives and our servants” he marked a pause and smiled. “My wives took care of you when you arrived yesterday but you probably do not remember you were so … deeply asleep.”
-“So you … you did not … you did not touch me?” I asked anxious.
-“Awww you hold me in very low esteem” he said. “No I did not. My wives put you to bed and actually they reported you are of a great and rare beauty” he added staring at me.

I instantly blushed unable to contain my embarrassment. He chuckled.
-“You’re even more beautiful when you blush actually. Now come, I will show you your new home.”
-“My new … home? To be honest I don’t understand anything Mussar” I said in a desperate tone.

He smiled warmly.
-“Well … that’s your new home until I feel you are … ready to come back to the world you are used to. Clearly your behavior … has been unacceptable and judge Davis gave me the mission to … fix you if I can say this that way. So until I say it is over you are my guest.”

And this is when I understood I was actually still in prison. A different prison, more comfortable but still a prison.
-“So … if I tell you I am gonna leave now?” I asked very provocative.

He chuckled.
-“You can leave of course … all the doors are opened, you can go anywhere. But let me tell you that outside of this palace I cannot protect you … and without your passport you won’t go far” he concluded arching eyebrows.
-“I see” I said resigned.
-“Now come! I will show you around. But first you are going to put that on.” and he handed me over a headscarf. In my house, no women go without a headscarf, it’s indecent and inappropriate.”

He helped me to set it properly on my head and finally took a step back, looking at me.
-“Much better! You nearly got decent now … well nearly only, we will fix your inappropriate clothing a bit later.”

We spent one full hour where he showed me everything of what he called his palace. Actually the place was immense but surprisingly we did not meet at any moments one single soul.

I started to wonder if those supposed inhabitants were a lie when he said.
-“I am going to introduce you to my second spouse … Halima. I am sure the two of you will fit well together.”

We entered into a different quarter of the palace through a small door that I did not notice before. I understood that the part of the palace I had visited so far were his private quarters only. I followed him through a maze of corridors and we finally arrived in front of a nicely carved wooden door. He knocked on it.
-“Come in” came the answer from a feminine voice.

He pushed the door and a veiled woman, wearing black from head to toe, was standing there. She walked towards him and knelt at his feet, hugging tight his legs.
-“Sahib” she simply said.
-“Halima” he replied. “Good to see you. You may raise.”

I looked aghast at the scene. I could feel his stare on me as Halima stood and went to face me. She bowed and I did the same in return.
-“Catherine this is Halima. Halima you remember Catherine?”
-“Of course!” She said. “You are welcome in this house Catherine” she added gently.
-“Did you prepare some clothes for Catherine as I asked you?” he enquired
-“Yes Sahib, it’s here”. She pointed at a small pile of clothes, actually a skirt and a shirt. “We are going to let her some privacy to change, aren’t we Sahib?”
-“Very good Halima” he complimented her. Then turning to me he said “Yes we are. We will be in the living room at the end of the corridor. You cannot miss it.”

He opened the door for Halima and they both left closing the door behind them. I stripped and passed on the conservative shirt and long skirt, unfortunately Halima did not let panties for me. Something however was bizarre with the skirt. I checked the lining and I found an envelope pinned to the lining with a safety pin … it read one single word “Catherine”.

With my shaking hands I opened the envelope: it contained my passport, a lighter and a letter.

“Dear Catherine,

You are in danger but I am going to save you. I do not want you to face the same fate than I. Mussar is what they call here a trader. Make no mistake he is not in finance. His business is in human trafficking. He bought you and now you are going to be trained as a slave. He will sell you back for a higher price, or if you are lucky enough he will force you into marriage. This is a very profitable business as you can judge by the house we are living in. There is a secret pocket inside the skirt, behind the lining, hide your passport in it. You will flee today after lunch but before I have to give you something and then I will lead you outside where a friend will drive you to the airport. Until then, keep low profile and play his games. This is the only way we can save you.
Use the lighter to destroy this letter once you have read it.


I was in shock … was it a trap? Or on the contrary was it my last chance to escape this place. Who was I to rely on … Halima or Mussar? I had no time to think but I started to connect the dots: the judge Davis sold me to Mussar, this is why my sentence has been so clement. The judge is part of the scheme and provides girls to Mussar. I took my decision and decided to take a chance with Halima … I hid my passport in the secret pocket and burnt the letter cautiously.

My heart beating hard I made my way down the corridor up to the living room where they were waiting for me. It was not only the two of them actually. Halima and Mussar were sat on a comfy armchair, three large cushions were disposed in front of the armchair, at their feet. One of the cushion was occupied by a woman, a completely naked woman.

-“Haaaa you look much better like this: finally a respectable woman” Mussar said as I entered the room. “Have a sit Catherine!” he said. As I stayed frozen staring at the naked woman who was like a statue bowing down and not daring to make a single move or sound. “Forget about Nayla … she is another lost girl like you Catherine. She is with us for one month now, prevented to talk and obviously to dress as well, she needs to learn humility. I would have normally applied the same rule to you but as you are an exhibitionist, you would have probably enjoyed it … so different treatment for you. An idea of my dear Halima.” Halima looked at him and smiled. “Now sit Catherine.”

He was probably expecting me to protest but I did not. I saw surprise on his face as he looked at me as I was sitting at his feet and Halima discreetly nodded. She got the message that I read her letter. My fate was sealed.
-“This outfit fits you perfectly Catherine” Halima said.
-“Thank you Halima.”
-“Yes I agree with Salima… very good choice my dear” he said looking at her. “How do you feel Catherine?” he asked.
-“Good…I am good” I lied.
-“Hmm do you feel a little humbled?” he asked arching eyebrows.
-“To sit at your feet on cushions while you have a proper chair … yes definitely, but well I am a guest so I have to comply with your rules right?”

He looked at me very surprised again. I had to remember not to be too obvious, the last thing I wanted was to raise a doubt in his mind.
-“Very good Catherine … we might be able to make something of you after all. Ok let me introduce a few rules right now. Are you ready to hear them?”
-“Yes Mussar … I am.”
-“All right. First thing, you will address me as Sahib, just like Halima do. Then, you will never sit on any chair before I give you the authorization to do so. Now … sitting on the cushions, you have to adopt the correct position: on your knees and you sit on the back of your legs.” I rectified my position and he nodded. “Very good, knees apart! Yes like this, more, more… yes perfect like this! Hands on your thighs and palms up. There! Perfect Catherine. Are you comfortable?”

-“I … I guess so” I said doubtful looking at the poor naked Nayla in even worst predicament.
-“Perfect. Now listen and do not speak until I tell you so. Halima is going to tell you her story. Halima my dear?”
-“Yes Sahib”

And Halima told us her personal story and how life led her here. She talked for half an hour, taking her time and choosing her word, which made me feel she had an education. I was right, she has been a brilliant student but at some point she threw everything and started to live against all the standards she has been taught. She lived in the street for two years, hitting the streets to survive … she was doomed until “Sahib” as she was calling him found her and taught her the way of the justice and the good. The whole time I stared at her trying to detect if she was lying or not … as far as I could tell most of her story seemed true … exception of the fact that, given her letter, she did not consider Mussar as her savior at all. A long silence followed during which I felt the heavy stare of Mussar on me.
-“So Catherine? What do you think? Do you want me to save you as I did with Halima … as I am doing with Nayla.”

I was taken by surprise. I was not ready to answer such a direct question and I had to be convincing. So I put on my best acting skills and raising my stare to him I said.
-“Given my current situation, I … I do not have anything to loose right?”
-“Good Catherine, you are taking a wise decision.” he said with a large smile. “We will start your training tomorrow.” Then he turned to Nayla. “Nayla you leave now. Go in the kitchen and prepare us the meal.”

The girl stood and vanished in the corridor.
-“Good Catherine. As you are going to become a new person, I have decided to give you a new name. From now on you will be known as Chaima. Is that clear?”
-“Yes Sahib.” I replied. “I am Chaima.”

He looks at me and smiles. I was scoring points apparently, Halima’s advice has been a good one so far. While waiting for the lunch to be ready, Mussar told my story or at least how he found me to Halima who nodded the whole time. We both played our best game not to reveal we were accomplices.

We finally moved to a large dining room where a succulent meal was served by two maids, still completely veiled. I did not ate much, I was way to stressed to be able to eat anything substantial. And of course I did not drink anything, I was drugged once, he could do it again.
-“Let’s show you your quarters Chaima” said Mussar and again he led the way.

The room was pretty large but I was to share the room with Nayla. There were no actual beds but boards linked to the wall by heavy chains. There were no real mattress either, but instead cushions that will make nights very uncomfortable … and the worst of it was that the room was giving directly access to the garden, with no doors, no privacy and what if the weather would become chilly? It was more a covered courtyard than a real bedroom.
-“This is a modest room Chaima … but as I said you have to learn humility” he concluded. “Now if you would excuse me I have things to attend.”
-“Of course Sahib” Halima said. “I am going to show the garden to Chaima” she added.
-“Excellent idea!” he said leaving us alone.

We kept silent for one long minute after which Halima went following Mussar steps. She went back to me, I was in total stress, my hands shaking and my teeth clacking.
-“OK Catherine, we do not have much time.”
-“Where is he?” I asked afraid.
-“In his bedroom … this bastard is fucking our two maids.”

I opened wide eyes.
-“The good thing is that he is busy for some time… but we have to act before Nayla comes back here. She is doing the dishes at the moment but she can be pretty efficient sometimes.” Having said that she fetched a folder from under her dress and handed it over to me. “Take this and give it to the embassy of my country when you are back home … it can save us all here” she said.
-“You’re not coming with me?”
-“No! Unlike you I do not have my passport. Our only chance is you! Now come!”

She grabbed my hand and ran, me after her, in the impressive garden around the palace until we reached a small door. She pulled the latch and the door opened to the streets behind.
-“Catherine, this is where our path separates. A friend is waiting for you 200 meters on the right from here. Do not stop, run to there.”
-“How will I recognize him or her?”
-“You will know.” she said. “Last thing, you have to hit me hard to keep up appearances.” She handed me over a large stick that she probably stored there on purpose. She turned her back to me. “Hit hard, it has to be credible!” she said.

My hands still shaking, I took the heavy stick and hit her on the head, she felt unconscious. I hoped I did not kill her. I checked on her and her heart was still beating. In panick I passed the door and shut it. I ran as fast as I could, keeping the precious folder against my chest. I crossed a first intersection, nobody noticeable. I continued, I did not know the distance I made … 200 meters already, how could I be sure? Then suddenly the loud noise of the engine of a powerful motorbike behind me. Was I chased already? I was not sure. I turned to check and there on a bike was Kod … Kod my dear friend came to the rescue.
-“Hop in!” he said. “Quick!”

I did my best to ride the motorbike but with a long skirt it was not an easy thing to do. I finally forgot all good manners, hiked it up and rode the motorbike, readjusting the skirt afterwards. I passed my arms around his waist, holding the folder against his torso and he finally sent his powerful machine in motion. It took us less than twenty minutes to reach the airport. Kod parked the bike, my hair were a real mess, but that was a lesser evil. We bought tickets for the first flight and were in the international zone less than an hour after. I have never been that nervous waiting for a plane, which for a change, was on time and we finally boarded the plane. Kod was nervous as well, checking everything, making sure we were not followed but our fears were not founded, we were safe.

It took us five hours before we landed in France finally. We were not able to talk in the confined space of the plane and so it had to wait when we reached Kod’s house finally. I was able to tell him the whole story and he told me how Halima using my phone reached him. He had not been hard to convince, his requests to visit me at the prison were all denied, he knew something was wrong and was actually very worried about my fate. Halima and Kod then setup a plan and synchronized their actions using my phone.

The following day I was at Halima’s embassy to deliver the precious folder containing all the details of Mussar’s ‘operations’ that she recorded carefully. The employee that we met there seemed pretty excited about what we brought him. I was submitted to a sharp and long questioning the whole day by different people from their information services. I was not sure, and I would probably never know but I guessed that Halima, Helen of her true name, was one of their implanted agent.

It took me months to be able to sleep after that, but slowly I recovered. I was checking the news all the time expecting the good news to come. Nine months after the event, it happened: the scandal was making the headlines. The house had been assaulted by the police and the women there freed … Halima was not part of them as far as I could tell, it is as if she never existed and it comforted me thinking that she was a secret agent. Arrests occurred in ten countries and Judge Davis was part of the accused. My life was finally going to take its normal path … and believe it or not, it did not heal my exhibitionist tendencies.


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