Dare Party #5 – What happened

The Dare Party #5 has been a bit atypical: we usually invade a desert sim, we dance and at some point loose our clothes there, but this time it has been different. Silky has been the DJ of a well-known libertine club of Second Life: The Club Apotheosis.

Silky, as for each dare, cautiously selected a fantastic list of nice songs and made the whole club to dance. It was some of the usual crowd of the dares and of course the regular of the club themselves, so the club was actually well packed. It was a problem for me, as the lag was too intense to take proper shots. Happily for me, a lot of the people there were able to take pictures that I have been able to collect to present to you today.

I forgot to mention that Silky came with a surprise theme in the middle of the event: CFNM which stands for Clothed Females and Naked Males … yes all men had to strip and they actually played the game with good spirit. HH, who owns the club with his charming wife Kathy, tried to transform the theme to NFNM (I let you do the math here), but it did not work … It has been a very pleasant evening, so now here are the pictures, I count on you to send nice comments and likes to the photographers.

A small video has been built by Ambre as well:

Silky Hours at the Club Apotheosis

I hope to see you soon at the upcoming dare parties.



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