A sad day – Aaron, a very close friend, left SecondLife

A sad day – Aaron, a very close friend, left SecondLife

The email

I received an email from Aaron, one of my closest friend in SecondLife, where he explained to me the reasons he decided to leave the second world. Actually, this is the second time that he decides to leave, but I think this time he really intends to stay away.  Despite the fact that I respect his choice, I cannot prevent myself of feeling sad.

I met Aaron in 2015, I just started the blog at this time and he is actually one of the character of one of my first post, when he took me with him at the CFNM mansion, where he used to dance. He has always been a very good companion, a true friend and an accomplice in some of my adventures. I remember with a certain emotion the moment we enjoyed a swimming pool together, it was his first time doing this and we actually enjoyed ourselves a lot.

He knew me well, he actually still knows me well I think, he is still alive, no more in our little world unfortunately. He was always in to help me go further in my fantasies. Did you know he was the one proposing the scenario of the Dare #3 in which he made dance in the nude in the middle of a disco? He also joined me when I stroll naked in the streets of Bay City, probably one of my most exciting and challenging dare.

When I started my career as a prostitute, he was one of my best clients (see the “whore report” and “the grumpy whores“). I knew he did not need to pay to have sex with any girls of the grid, he was just doing this because he knew it was a fantasy for me. We had some very hot moments in our transactional relationship, I loved those moments so much!

I think he was bringing something unique to the second world. He was very skilled at tuning his avatar, he was one of the cutest male of the second world, at least to my standards. He spent hours tuning it, using the last technologies to look perfect, he was a sort of a perfectionist in the matter, something that is not very frequently seen among male avatars. He used the same skills at setting his home, it was looking so real and nice… just like his avatar, it was realistic and touching. I think this is the reason I liked to be with him so much: a real guy in a virtual world!

I had two others nice adventures with Aaron before he left though, quite recently actually. I feel this is the right time to tell the stories. Be warned, these are hot stories so … if you are easily offended by content of sexual nature, you should stop reading this post here. I feel however you will continue, am I correct?

A surprising invitation

It was a pretty and calm day, nothing tremendous until I got a call from my friend Joy. I did not hear from her since the last time we were together for an amazing dare in a night club. I asked for news, she asked for some and well … we were having a normal conversation, but the more we were speaking the more I felt she was a bit strange. Her voice was unsteady, she paused for long periods, something was wrong definitely.

-“Are you ok Joy? You sound … unwell!” I said. She burst out laughing.

-“Nah I am good” she replied. “I am just getting fucked!” I heard her saying. I was not sure I caught it properly, did she really say what I heard?

-“Sorry? You’re what?”

-“I am getting fucked! Are you deaf?” she answered with an amused tone followed second later by a long moan. I had no more doubts about her activity.

-“Gosh! You’re calling me while ….” she did not let me finish my sentence

-“Yes… while getting rammed by a very hard cock. Do I shock you?” she asked moaning again. I laughed.

-“No, no absolutely not” I said. You just surprised me that’s all.

-“Good, good!” she said. “Would you like to join the party?” I paused here trying to wonder if she was kidding me or not… all of this could be a prank.

-“Are you proposing me a threesome?”

-“Yes I do!” she giggled. “Are you going to turn me down? I dare you!”

-“I am in!” I said. “Where are you?”

She sent me a text sharing her location and reading “the front door will be open, come!” and she hung up before I had the time to react. The address displayed was the one of Aaron. Amazing! I called a cab which dropped me there and entered the home of Aaron. I had been here already so I knew the bedroom was upstairs. I stripped to my lingerie and tiptoed upstairs, I could hear two voices, definitely Joy and Aaron. I knocked at the door and both answered at the same time:

-“Come in!”

I opened the door and entered in the bedroom. They were both laying on the bed, chit-chatting like two lovers who just fucked which I knew was actually the case. Joy taped on the bed.

-“Come here dear!” Joy said “We are not going to eat you!” she added then giggled “Actually maybe we are going to” she concluded.

-“Welcome Cathy!” said Aaron with a bright smile. He bent over me and kissed me deeply, while Joy helped me out of my bra and panties.

We were, the three of us, sitting on his bed, as naked as the day we were born. Aaron was between Joy and I and smiling.

-“Why is it I am so lucky?” he asked.

-“Why is it I am so lucky?” I replied and we laughed, I could feel we were all nervous. We all knew each others but this was the first time we were going to engage in such an intimate moment altogether.

It was Joy who made the first move. She laid on her back, inviting Aaron between her legs. I faced him, my crotch overhanging Joy’s face, and catching Aaron in my arms as he was pounding Joy…. We instantly switched from good friends to passionate lovers and the moved has been a lot more easy than I anticipated. It was an intense moment of pleasure when we all tried to make the others to get the best of it… I think we succeeded.

Joy had to leave us soon after, she jumped in the shower and left us with Aaron. The gentleman prepared me a nice breakfast before leaving at his turn to work …. I enjoyed a long bath thinking of what just happened, caressing myself to pleasure again.

This is a typical story of the things that could occur when Aaron was your friend. Let me tell you a second untold story.

The brothel

Aaron had a thing to find beautiful sims, so when he invited me to visit his new favorite club, I did not hesitate one second and caught a taxi to there, as fast as I could manage. Aaron welcome me at the entrance of the building wearing a hat and smoking a pipe. This guy had a lot of style, none of those who knew him in-world can deny that.

He called the place a club, but honestly, it was more a brothel of the 60’s, or at least the idea I have of how such a place was supposed to look. The whole place was very cozy with a lot of small areas for couples (or more participants) to cuddle and enjoy each others in all the possible ways. A few pole dancers were doing their best to attract the attention of the audience, and the crowd was massed around the bar, enjoying the show from the distance.

It was definitely not the first time with Aaron, a lot of the girls said hi as he was offering me a tour of the place. I did not feel jealous at all, I knew Aaron and he knew me as well, that is why he invited me there. The place was definitely worth to explore, there are a lot of secret spots … no I am not going to reveal them: if you want to know you will have to visit the place yourself, here is the taxi to Pino.

We ended up the evening on a sofa nearby the pole dancers where Aaron … well took great care of me in front of everybody. He knew too well that, as an exhibitionist, I like to be watched.

It was so hot!

Aaron my dear friend I will miss you, I wish you all the best in the real world… give news sometimes.


What about you my dear readers? I am sure you have all experienced the departure of a dear friend, a lover or even a spouse or husband … how did you feel? How do you protect yourself from the pain of such a loss?

I love you and hope to read your comments.






9 responses to “A sad day – Aaron, a very close friend, left SecondLife”

  1. Hi Cathy
    It is always sad when a friend decides to leave SL. I have been in SL almost 10 years now, and lost some good friends, some saying goodbye and some just leaving without a word. I always respect their decision, it can be their RL situation changes and demands their attention, or just they get tired of SL and had enough. It is a bit like RL when people leave SL, you have to go on, but carry with you (hopefully) fond memories of happy times, It is not something you can avoid, but we have to deal with, and hope people say goodbye, with or without explanation. And even if we feel sad and/or pain with them leaving SL is still a wonderful place with lot of new beautiful memories to fill the void.

    • Hi Malou,
      thank you for your comment. I think you are definitely right, we stay with a lot of memories when a dear friend leaves. And moreover Aaron said good bye so I feel good knowing that he does this for his own well-being. After all that is the most important, everybody has to find the right balance between RL and SL, and when it becomes unbearable, RL must takes priority, otherwise it can be catastrophic!
      Kiss kiss

  2. For me, the closer the friend is, the easier it is to handle when they leave. Of course, I am sad that they’re not around any more, but that doesn’t last long. There are just too many wonderful memories. The crazy moments, the shocking moments, and the quiet moments. It’s never long before a smile has returned to my face.

    Some times, we keep in touch in RL through email. It may be “just a game” but the friendships are real and strong.

    This post is a great example of why I love your blog Cathy. It has a little bit of everything. Something serious, something crazy, and something exciting. And, as usual, there’s a new place for me to explore.

    • Hi Malaki, thank you for your nice and touching comment. You are the reason I am writing this blog actually: sometimes I just get a nice feedback like yours and it makes my day. Now, to come back to what you are saying, I am not sure the pain will pass quickly with close friends, quite the contrary as far as I am concerned because I tend to grow bonds with people here. What is sure however is that I will always do my best to keep in touch with the friends who left the second world. There are so many ways to communicate nowadays, I would be stupid not to use them.

  3. From what I gather, It’s all in the name Cathy.
    SL is Second Life, and It being a Life you’re living, you have to go through a journey the same way one does in Real life. One thing in sl that has always been true is the bonding between two individuals, whether it being a friendship or a love relationship, the Feelings are always true. The loss of a friend from sl is similar to a rl friend moving out to a new city or a different country, sure you can grab his email chat a few times but the distance will make it harder and soon we just have to let go.
    What can we do anyways, not in our control 🙂
    I lost a very close friend of mine in rl a few days back, he’s in a better world now and I feel your pain hun.
    In Life, the only thing that’s constant is change, and like Malou said, the only thing we can keep to ourselves is the loving memories of beautiful moments that we shared with someone.
    Over the years, I’ve lost many good friends in sl, it is sad, but my dear, life is a beautiful journey, we keep on walking on our path. We keep on cherishing the good things and tearing down on the bad.
    But the most beautiful thing is the moments we share, the memories we make, they’ll never go away from us!
    And that’s what you take away from this world or the real world, the memories, the bonds and the life we shared together.
    We will always have a place in our heart for them.
    Be Amazing, Be Beautiful and Be lovely as you always are. Love you.

    • Hi Ash, thanks for your comment. You are right it is all in the name of the game, it comes second but it is however a life. You very well summarized what I actually feel and think. I am very sorry that you lost a friend, your pain must definitely be a lot worst than mine, Aaron is still alive and enjoying his real life, it makes me feel good for him.
      Love you too dear!

  4. It is always sad seeing a friend leave. Being here long enough I have my own share of good byes of various kinds.
    Often I just accept it as inevitable. People meet and drift apart in no time. Such incidents are surely sad, but it happens.
    But some people are closer then other, and losing them is weighs far more then one might actually be willing to acknowledge. I often read of people referring to SL as a video game, which is a definition I cannot share. SL has its share of various games, but SL itself is surely not one.
    So losing people who I spent time with and shared a common way is always getting past my protective shield. It even becomes worse, to lose people with whom you spent time over several years and above all really care for, and they just disappear with no further notice, which alway leaves me in a state of severe worrying.
    At least you know of his intentions, and of all the good byes, it is probably the least hurting one, as you know he is well.
    People leave a mark in our lifes … some smaller, some bigger, and when the common way is not only bound to SL, but goes beyond it such an end is never just passing by.
    But that is the essence of SL … real people, creative energy, laughter and also sadness.
    Would I do it in another way if I knew … surely not.

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