Kod’s theater … a little chat and a lot of fun

Kod’s theater … a little chat and a lot of fun

Kod, my dearest friend, is running an adult theater in SecondLife. Those who know him well and for long will not be surprised by the news, I have not been personally. I must admit I never went to witness a show, but we sometimes meet with Kod after hours, either at the theater or at his home which is nearby. He has often some guests and we can talk for hours of our adventures in SecondLife.

This time, when I went there unannounced, there was nobody exception of Kod, busy enhancing his theater with some additions of his invention. What is nice with friends is that you can arrive anytime, they always smile and give you a warm welcome. This was no exception! He interrupted his work and offered me a drink at the bar and as usual we started to chat. The matter however was very sexual this time (believe it or not, this is not always the case), and we talked about our own fantasies and turn-ons, something I definitely feel confident to do with him: I know him for so long and he has always listened to me respectfully, never judging me for my little perversions.

Of course talking of that subject is not neutral. As far as I am concerned it aroused me quite a lot. I could not say for sure for Kod, but I felt his trousers were showing more of a bulge than when I arrived. To be sure, I put a hand on his crotch. He slightly jumped and smiled.
-“Hey! What are you doing Cath?” He said with a fake outraged tone.
-“Just checking you are in the same mood than I” I answered with a seductive smile.

He chuckled and stared at me.
-“Hey! I am not an easy lay you know?”
-“No?” I asked with a bright smile.

I stared at him and sat on the bar counter facing him. Still looking right in his eyes I slowly opened my legs until I reached a very indecent position. He resisted well… 15 seconds … and he finally did not look at me in the eyes but a lot lower! And yes it happened we had a very good fuck at the bar that night.

Since that time I always have a smile when we share a drink here with his friends. Kod seems to have that event in mind too as he usually winks at me.

My dear readers, do you have good friends of yours doing this with you? Dare to share your story?


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  1. You know you forgot to add something right? Or was that on purpose to keep the place all for yourself? HMMMM? Be honest!

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