NIP dare #6: Aroused in a club

NIP dare #6: Aroused in a club

The dare:

Posted by: Jezabelle
For this I would imagine you going in a club. All this dancing, the press of the people around you, gets you aroused and you want release. Find a semi hidden place hitch up your skirt and try to get there. But don’t get caught. Rehide and try again if you do,
a crowded club.
Dressed to party with a short dress or skirt.

General information:

The dare took place at the A & J night club. It is one of the few dares Jezabelle proposed to me. I am not sure where she is now … if you read this Jezabelle, say hello!

The story:

I had a call from Joy the other day and she was in the mood for some adventures. You know me, I am not one to discourage her on that area, definitely not one. She admitted she wanted, for some time, to share one of my naked dares… what a perfect opportunity, I thought then.
I immediately jumped to my list of unfulfilled dares, and we started to discuss about them.

To my surprise, she had a preference for a particularly difficult and challenging one: the disco one. Basically in that dare, I and any participants who accompany me, have to go to a crowded disco, dance a little, and when appropriate, we have to select a hidden spot, not too far from the crowd to … well to caress ourselves until we reach climax. Definitely not an easy one.
I quickly prompted her to join at the office where I now spend the majority of my time online and we changed there … no clients were around so … I guess Carol would be ok with it. So short skirts and daring tops were selected … very short skirt for Joy, one could see the bottom of her buttocks… very daring isn’t it? She would for sure attract a lot of attention. Finally we were ready to go!

The first complication came from finding the right place: it was not during the weekend and crowded and trendy place are not legions. I browsed through the events of the grid, but, sign of the desertification of the grid, any place I popped up was either empty, or only a handful of people were around. We definitely needed a crowd if we wanted to have an opportunity to hide incognito. Finally joy spotted the right spot. Music was not too bad, for my taste at least, and there was a crowd, well balanced in gender too, even more rare!

We were on the side of the dance floor, music was beating, a crowd of people dancing in front of us. I looked at Joy and took her hand.
-“Let’s go dear!” I said with a wide smile.

She nodded and we were soon in the middle of the action, moving like crazy, enjoying our time definitely but our thoughts were already of what was next to come. Joy attracted some attention as expected with her too short skirt and we were all giggling. While dancing, I was glancing around to try to find a proper hidden spot for our affair. I was starting to get nervous and … aroused too definitely. I could see Joy was doing the same.

We gathered at the bar and discussed our options… we finally opted out for one side of the dance floor, behind a large pot in which was planted a large tree. The spot was perfect: it offered a relative hideout (as long as nobody decided to sit at the tables behind us), and more importantly, we were at a few meters from the crowd.
-“Ready? How are you feeling?” I asked Joy.
-“Nervous but ok!” she said blushing. “Let’s go before I chicken out” she added.
-“After you!” I said with a wide smile and my cheeks burning.

She smiled and tucked up her short skirt revealing a sexy black thong underneath. I smirked and finally gave her a wink. This made her laugh, a nervous laugh though. She finally put her thumbs in the waist of her thong and slid the tiny fabric down her thighs. She spread slightly her legs, locking the thong at mid-thigh, revealing a smoothed pussy.

She looked nervously over the tree pot, I did the same: nobody seemed to notice our little game so far, they were too busy flirting with each other’s. I stared back at Joy and tucked up my skirt.
-“I decided to go commando tonight!” I said proudly. She giggled.
-“Why I am not surprised?” she said. “I will not let you alone in this!” She added, and with an artistic move of her legs she managed to let her panties fall down at her ankles. She then crouched and managed to remove them fully passing her heels with a certain class. It was not her first time doing this I thought for myself. I clasped my hands making her to look again over the pot to check if I did attract the attention upon ourselves.

I made a step towards her and while staring at her face, managed to kick her panties which flew over and fell in the middle of the dance floor. She gasped and looked astonished at me.
-“You won’t need it anymore” and I winked. She giggled and looking at me from head to toe.
-“Shall we start?” She asked.
-“I can’t wait anymore dear.” I said.
-“Let’s make it harder” she said, unzipping her micro dress and letting it fall at her feet. She stepped out of it taking care this time to put it out of my reach. I giggled and imitated her. We were now both naked from the waist down. We both checked nervously the dance floor and smirked looking at each other.

She quickly started and I mirrored her. It was absolutely very arousing to look at her while I caressed myself in such a public setting. It did not take time for me to climax, the loud music covering the satisfaction moaning I let out. Shortly after it was Joy’s turn, her face reddened expressing all the good she was doing to herself. We crossed sight and laughed like crazy.

We grabbed our skirt and dressed back. I realised at that moment that Joy’s skirt without panties underneath was showing quite everything. She did not mind and returned on the dance floor dancing like crazy.

No surprise that she quickly got a date and went with him, discreetly waving at him while leaving. I stayed a little and despite being offered a few drinks did not get her luck… well honestly I already had enough emotion for the day!

Thanks to Joy for sharing that wonderful moment with me. It is definitely more fun to do dares with friends and/or accomplices. So if you think you could be interested in doing a dare or assisting me, please, please drop me a message! Don’t be shy for God’s sake, we have only one Second Life! Or do we?

Wet kisses,

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