Darnell Carter, the model I could not resist

Darnell Carter, the model I could not resist

As you may know, I am nowadays chasing porn producers, directors, actors and actresses for SLA Media, our new company which promotes quality porn on Second Life. I auditioned Darnell Carter in that process, a very hot black model.

I have a fantastic job, auditioning and interviewing second life artists, and some very sexy men and women, some would probably envy me. Still, there is a major drawback, you have to keep professional at all time: given the nature of my job that is not always easy. Imagine how I feel when taking pictures of a naked Apollo! Most of the models are very attractive and at ease with nudity. It has definitely been the case with Darnell, I felt an attraction quite soon, long before he stripped naked for the shooting honestly, well if you read this blog regularly, you know I have a thing for handsome black men. I did my best to conceal my feelings all along but I knew he was aware by the way he was flirting constantly.

Once we were done with the pictures, to my surprise he did not dress back, we chatted for some time and I complimented him on his perfect figure. He caught me looking at his “package”, it made him smiling and me blushing.

-“I am sure you will get noticed in the business …you are … gifted.” I said arching eyebrows and finally giggling like a little girl.
-“Well thank you Catherine!” he said taking a step closer and grinning.
-“It was a real pleasure looking at you… I can admit it now” I admitted looking up at his face now.
-“Thank you, was a pleasure being looked at by you” he replied amused.
-“You must spend a lot of time at the gym.” I said extending a hand to his six-packs. “Ho sorry I should not have touched!”

He took another step towards me and caught my hand on his abs, pressing his palm against it and my nails against his dark skin.
-“That’s okay.. you’ve been touching me with your eyes the whole time…”
-“That’s very un-professional I know … but I could not resist it!” I said looking up at him.

He nodded with a smile and glided my hand across his ripped stomach downwards. I felt my cheeks blushing at this moment, and tender butterflies started to build in my tummy. He bent and teasingly whispered in my ear:
-“Yeah… you’ve been a very bad girl…”

I looked up at him, then down at my hand about to reach his shaved pubis. I did nothing to resist the move. I raised my eyes over him and smiled devilishly.
-“I have always been a bad girl.” I said putting my free hand on his impressive torso and caressing it slowly.

He smirked at my last remark. He put his hand on my back, gliding it slowly down until his large palm cupped my ass cheek over my business pencil skirt. He squeezed it firmly and whispered.”
-“”Bad girls deserve spanking.”
-“I like a firm hand on my butt” I replied pressing myself against him, now feeling his muscular frame like a brick wall. I caressed his spine with a hand while the other was still trapped, travelling down his body.

He gripped my butt even more firmly, lifting me up against his naked body until I stood on my toes.
-“And i like my hand on a little ass like yours, little girl” he murmured softly, staring down at me. His thick dark penis started to pulse as my hand was getting near it.

I abandoned myself in his strong arms and tenderly kissed his neck.
-“I want you badly” I simply whispered in his ear.
-“I am sure that can be arranged” he replied with a wide smile.

He let go my hand and wrapped me around, both palms feeling my ass cheeks. He finally lifted me up in his arms as I embraced his powerful body with my legs around his waist.
-“Would you dare to carry me downstairs in my office… naked as you are?”

He shifted me up in his embrace and stared at me. His hands were slowly kneading my ass cheeks and he finally moved across the floor and carried me downstairs. letting his actions reply to my question. It was simply so erotic, well at least to me, so exciting to be in the arms of this strong man, naked in the company building, with the risk that Caroline or a client could popup at anytime… ho yes I liked this moment very much.

He put me on my feet eventually, smiling and… semi erected. I was standing near the copier displaying an appalling smile, and finally I dared to touch his “package” … so big, so heavy, I was definitely fully aroused at that point. He leaned against the copy machine, his hands pushing down on my shoulders, gently but powerfully enough to bring me down onto my knees.
-“How about you give it some proper appreciation, little girl?” he murmured softly as he looked down at me.

I grabbed his impressive tool in my hands, squeezing it, caressing it, feeling it growing in my fingers. He propped his palms against the copy machine, his massive dark penis pulsing in my little hand as the blood surged through it, growing in my lustful embrace.
-“Yeah like that, make it hard before your mouth do something else than talking…” he murmured.

From there, everything went wild and rough, but I do not complain, I like it rough … sometimes. Well …often actually!

We finally parted, and I was all smile and a bit sore too. The poor copy machine suffered during the “assaults” and I hope we will not have to call an engineer to fix it, or set it up again. After Darnell’s departure I had to tidy up and clean up the office, it was a real mess … and I finally made my way home, I needed a shower and a good sleep to fully recover.

The day after I confessed everything to Caroline, and she laughed a lot. I guess it was an approval?



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  1. Who could resist a sexy guy like Darnell, and forget to stay professional all the time??? As long as it is fun and enjoyable, have fun… Great set of pics and a nice sweet story. Great work, Cathy

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