2016 Retrospective

2016 Retrospective

The end of one year and the beginning of another is often an opportunity to look back at what has been achieved, what has been successful and what has been a failure. This is a period when we can put our lives on pause and take a step back. Finally we usually take a few good resolutions to hopefully have a better life in the year to come. That time has come again, so let us look back.

Intense role-playing

This is one of my favorite activity when I connect on SecondLife. So 2016 was not an exception, and I had very good times playing with some of you, and some complete strangers. The diversity of the grid offers so many possibilities, I think I will never get bored of these games. We are only limited by our imagination, so better to say, we are not limited at all!

I have to admit I did not write about all of them by lack of time or simply because I wanted to keep those instants for myself. Among those I made public there are:
– The final chapter of Emily’s nightmare series
– The encounters with Mario and Javo (Black surprises, A few more black surprises and Wild night at the theater)
– And many various hot sessions (Rough is good, Dating a friend, Skinny dipping in the hotel’s pool, Grotto visit)

I am late in writing some of the interesting scenarios I lived, so you might expect to read some more of them in the course of 2017.

The mesh transformation

I went under the knife in the course of last year with the help and inspiration of Silky, my companion in mischief in this Second Life, and the financing of a secret friend. I cannot tell you two, how grateful I am for your help all along this (painful) transformation. I would have never imagined it was so complicated to perform the switch to the mesh appearance, nor so expensive actually.

My body has fully changed and I am very happy about the result. If you want to read more about it see The Mesh body nightmare, Plastic surgery, Head hunting.

I will probably perform extra changes in 2017, because I like changes and surprises … I would need a few ideas, but I know I have good friends I can count on to inspire me.

Amazing dares

2016 has also been a year for the dares… I would like to thank very deeply all those who participated in the polls and/or proposed new fantastic NIP (Nude In Public) dares to perform on the grid. Your ideas are fantastic and I enjoyed playing them … I enjoyed it very much indeed. If you want to read more in details what happened, here are the links:
Flash in the streets
Naked nap in the marina
Roller skates and nothing else
Nude in the library
See-through pantyhose walk

The two last ones have an interesting sequel I did not write yet, but I really intend to do it. I am curious to read your comments about those.

I do not forget the fun initiative we launched Silky and I to allow all of you to enjoy the thrill of performing a dare yourself. The principle is extremely simple:

  1. we choose a deserted and well designed sim to gather,
  2. we pickup a theme in relation with the sim,
  3. we play nice music and dance,
  4. and we, bit by bit, loose as many clothes as we dare to (quite often all of them)

It has been a real success and we will resume in 2017. I know for certain that Silky has new ideas and plenty of funny locations in store. Read more at Dare Party # 1, Dare Party # 2,and Dare Party # 3. If you are interested to be notified of the next one, drop me a comment or an email and I will add you to the SL group.


Yes I have been hitting the streets the whole year and will continue over the next year. This is definitely for me a fun way to finance my Second Life, and believe me the mesh transformation cost me a lot. This is also one of my deepest fantasy. Finally, sometimes it can lead to very interesting or surprising encounters with the citizen of SecondLife … I have always been a very social person you know!

So, if you are feeling lonely, feel free to hire me.

The pictures postcards inter-blog story

I am not sure this is an initiative you really liked, and I say so because I have really no idea … maybe you did maybe not. The only thing I can say is that I enjoyed this experience a lot: it is definitely an original format of story involving at the moment two writers, two blogs and the complicity of a few readers. It has been a lot of fun on my side and I know Silky as well. And yes, we will continue this as well: the story is not finished yet, and I hate unfinished business!

Visiting the grid

I also traveled but I have to admit a lot less than what I used to. This is pretty sad actually, Second Life has so much nice sims to discover and they are vanishing so rapidly. I definitely have to be more active in 2017. In the mean time here is my travelogue selection: Mysterium Masked Mansion, CMNF Lounge, Bare Sun, Gentleman’s retreat, Frank’s Jazz Club and Country Side.

Happy travelling!!


Even if Caroline and I have met very sporadically this year, it has always been nice, sometimes naughty, moments, definitely moments which counted or gave me new ideas or directions, definitely inspiration! We had a first very pleasant meeting, she introduced me to her friend Del, she invited me to sail with Joy, I got the opportunity to witness one of her famous lessons, I met her new character Charleen … and finally we decided to launch together our own porn business, see a new project. Not so bad, what do you think?

What’s in for next year

I have so many projects I wonder how I will be able to cope with them all. I will find a way, that is for sure. My very first priority is to make Caroline and I’s project to succeed: I will invest a lot of time meeting studios, producers and stars of the porn business and report any findings. Check regularly our new site: SLA Machinima. Off course, feel free to contact us if you have any interest or are yourself already in the business.

I have also to resume my posts on the slut mag, but at the moment its CEO has vanished mysteriously … maybe a good investigation to perform for the nosy journalist I am. Will I find where he is hiding?

Definitely the dares will continue and I am eagerly waiting for your suggestions. Do not be shy and send me your ideas. If you want to do it more privately here is my contact card.

Finally there will be roleplaying as usual, I hope it will be as fun as last year and I will make some nice encounters and live very nice scenarios,

I conclude this post wishing you a very happy new year! My best wishes for 2017!!!



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