NIP Dare #17: See-through pantyhose walk

NIP Dare #17: See-through pantyhose walk

The dare:

Posted by: Alan
For this dare you will wear see-through pantyhoses with nothing underneath. You will walk through a busy town and pretend they are just normal leggings and you do not realize they are sheer and are exposing you completely.
City center of any town
Urban clothes, with see-through pantyhoses to cover you from the waist down.

General information:

This dare is the second from Alan, one of the readers of the blog. I did it last month, but it took me a lot of time to write the story. Sorry for the long wait and I hope you will enjoy it. It took place once again at Castle Rock, a place I like to dare because of the presence of police patrols.

The story:

I looked at my reflection in the mirror and smiled. As Alan requested it, I put on a sheer pantyhose and it was indeed revealing. Pulling down the hem of my jumper barely covered my ass and my most private parts. A shiver ran through my spine, in a few minutes I will wander the streets in that crazy outfit. I grabbed my keys, put my hand on the door knob, and took a deep breath. That is one of my favourite moment when doing a dare: the anticipation feeling just before doing it, all your senses on alert, this is absolutely fantastic!


Seconds later, I shut down the door of my apartment and locked it. I took the stairs down and finally I was on the pavement of my little street. The adventure was about to begin and I giggled, trying to manage my fear. It was early morning, the town was very calm. The weather was bit chilly, it was beginning of autumn and I could feel the sun did not warm my skin the way it used to during the summer, but at least it was there, shining in the middle of a blue sky.

First thing I wanted to do was to get a proper breakfast and I knew the perfect place: a mobile cafe which usually settles at the feet of the high walls of the penitentiary, facing the bus stop, I guess they do more business with the commuters than with the inmates though. I took through the city centre where all shops were still closed at that hour. I crossed a few people but they were on the opposite pavement and did not seem to notice me. I was about to arrive at the cafe when a couple turned at the corner, walking towards me. I had no time to think and happily I was just passing a public telephone so I slid in the booth, pretending to use it, however it let my ass fully exposed. They passed me and I thought that they did not notice, but I heard the girl say “what a slut!” … they saw me.

I resumed my walk, not daring to look back at them and finally arrived at the mobile cafe. I ordered a breakfast to the fat guy in his truck, he had no view below my waist, so I was pretty safe talking to him. I looked nervously back at the bus stop while the guy was preparing my order, but the few people there were busy playing with their phones. I finally sat at one of the table and put my tray on. I savoured a good breakfast while checking at the little crowd which finally vanished, swallowed by the bus. Sat like this with my legs crossed, I was decent, it was a welcome break in my little adventure after the encounter with the couple earlier.


I spotted a guard patrolling up the wall, I shivered at the thought that he would patrol in the streets I could be in serious trouble. That made me even more excited, ho yes I am completely crazy!

I brought back the tray and said good bye to the guy and crossed the road towards where the police cars were parked. I probably offered a good view of my ass to the mobile cafe guy but he did not make any nasty comment, so I guess he was ok with it, as most of the men actually. I could not resist taking a few selfies nearby the cars … it was like a little provocation, or a prank and actually it felt pretty exciting. What if they suddenly ran out of the prison towards their cars for an emergency? Such a thrill really!

Finally I went for a long stroll in various parts of the city, the more the time passed, the more I felt confident as I crossed several inhabitants who did not seem to care or notice. I was starting to wonder if my pantyhose was actually sheer … well it was, believe me! The thing is that people are so busy with their lives that they do not check out their environment … I would have been fully nude, it would have been different, but here, it was just a small detail, apart from that I looked pretty normal.

Strolling in the park was pretty fun, I dodged people by choosing different path, trying to hide behind a tree or a grove of flowers. I was only spotted by one guy who whistled at me. I looked back and winked at him and he nodded with a nod of appreciation … See people actually like half-naked girls!

A bit tired by my walk, I entered in a little kitchen which was actually empty and ordered a coffee, sat at my table. It was good drinking something hot, the waitress had some curious looks but she did not say anything nor called the police… I even managed to caress myself discreetly just before leaving to keep myself in the mood.


Next, I decided to head for the beach, the weather was still good but as most people were at work, it was desert and so I enjoyed a solo walk, with only the sun to watch me. I arrived at the end of the beach where I noticed a strange sculpture in the rocks that I never saw before. I took a few pictures there.

Moving along I spotted the entrance of a tunnel which seemed to wind under the city. I approached the rusty grid and looked past the bars, it seems the gallery was going very far. As I was laying on the grid, the rusty door swung open and I was able to slip in the gallery, ignoring the “No Trespassing” sign. I was already transgressing the law so … a bit more, what would be the difference.

I progressed inside the corridor, there was water running between the two banks of the narrow passage. I was a bit scared of meeting a colony of rats but nothing like that happened. I actually reached the dead-end: the tunnel was going deeper and was submerged by the water … so I would have to let my curiosity to calm down and come explore another day with more equipment.

I was about to go when my left foot slipped and I fell in the water. I had no issue to swim back and stand on the bank again as the flow was not intense. My clothes were all wet and my jumper completely ruined, I had now no other choice than coming back home to change … and I was a bit afraid that I could potentially bring more attention.

This when coming out of the blue I heard a female voice shouting:

-“Raise your hands! Don’t move! You’re under arrest Miss!”

For the first time of the day, I realised how foolish I had been.


TO BE CONTINUED (in a new RP series coming soon)



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  1. Nice blog!

    I’m a SL resident also and enjoying your adventures. I’ll be back in world once I get my new gaming PC. Keep up the great work!

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