Pictures Postcards from SecondLife #18 – Marina Mischief

Pictures Postcards from SecondLife #18 – Marina Mischief

The night air was cooling down quickly now, the warmth of the day fading, when we finally came into the area of the Marina. Around us was mostly darkness, the street light few in this area. We passed a few of the fancy house, when suddenly Silky slipped out of her shoes and put down the cider she has been carrying.

Slowly she walked towards one of the houses telling me: “You have to see this.” and sneaked up to the veranda, hiding between some potted plants, getting out her smartphone quickly snapping some pictures.

I slipped out of my own shoes and followed her. She handed me over her phone, her cheeks flushed, smiling like a loon.

“Ho God!” I whispered, trying to suppress a giggle. “It seems we are not the only ones to enjoy the warm evening.” I studied the picture carefully. “Is she naked?” I asked amused.

Silky nodded and blushed hushing me to further lower my voice: “I have been coming here the past week before I left for Kats Beach. She is always there. I think she hasn’t noticed me yet, or had and likes the prospect of a watcher”.

I squinted trying to adjust my vision in the darkness. A car slowly passed in the street behind us, I do not think the driver was able to see us, but for a short moment the scene was illuminated by the headlamps … there was no more doubt possible, the girl there was naked and apparently very occupied caressing herself. I handed back her phone to Silky who was apparently fascinated by the show. “Hey little pervert!” I said “what are you looking at?”

“I am admiring the wooden planks of the patio” Silky rolled her eyes in played annoyance, looking back at the scene she bit her lower lips, and I could that she was pressing her thighs together. She leaned against the wall of the house glancing throught the plants, her breathing becoming deeper “She is beautiful. So sensual.”

The alcohol helping I burst into laugh, Silky was like hypnotized by this girl. I tried to conceal the noise I was making, and Silky was looking at me frowning, visibly annoyed by my lack of discretion. When I looked back in the direction the girl was seconds before, I could not see her anymore. I blinked looking for her. I jumped when a female voice behind me said.
-“What the fuck are you doing here?” She was standing looking down at us, hands on hips and draped in a towel.

Silky darted away from her position without a further word, panting as she ran heading for the rows of boats by the water line. I followed her still giggling madly, the alcohol making my steps unsteady but fast enough to put some distance between us and the person who we had spied on. Over her shoulder Silky grumbled: “Thank you Mrs. Klutz! What sense of discretion you have shown again.” she panted when she stopped leaning heavily against a lamppost, trying to regain her breath “I guess that was my last visit there, as she will most likely be very aware now and tear my head off, once I get near her house!”

I was out of breath myself, I think I have never run that fast. I looked at Silky again and tried to imagine her with her head off. “You would be sensational for Halloween without your head!” I said trying to cheer her up.

Silky made a face as if she had bitten in a lemon: “Oh please spare me that. You pretty know I haven’t shown up on any Halloween party for at least 10 years. It never was my bag of tea.” she straightened herself again and set out for our usual spot. “Well then, lets head for Pier 5 and finish these off.”

We went there arm in arm and sat on the wooden pontoon, it was definitely too dangerous to stand in our current state. I laid my head on Silky’s shoulder, the night was so beautiful and definitely spinning. The water under our feet was dark and shiny under the moon. “Love this place!” I said. “It reminds me so much sweet memories… you remember when we went skinny dipping and got nearly caught?” The question was purely rhetoric, I knew she would of course remember.

“Which of the many times do you mean?” Silky let her feet dangle of the pier helping herself to one of the ciders. “The one time where wanted to jump from the fishingboat, while the fisherman was still in it, or when you had forgotten your towel and made us both dash for it in the nude to fetch, because you didn’t want to take my car keys? I lost count along the track.” she smirked into the bottle, gazing onto the water.

She was right and I could not stop laughing while remembering the fisherman story. I turned to her “You’re right, we are always doing the same things, we should innovate!” With that I gave a firm push in her back. I laughed like crazy. “How is it to swim fully clothed now?” I asked.

She took a long sip from her bottle grinning, her hand firmly around my wrist: “I wouldn’t even think of it, if I were you. You seem to think that I left my brain at the bar. I know you far to long, to not know what you are thinking right now. So if you push me, you are going to go down as well.” She put the bottle down and looked at her watch “I don’t know what you think, but its probably best to get at least half way in the direction of home. Sun is going to rise soon, and I want to get at least some sleep.”

I finished my bottle and raised on my feet helping her to stand as well. “You are right, as always, let’s go now … ho God I will have a terrible headache tomorrow, I can already feel it.”

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