I returned to the Mysterium Masked Mansion

I returned to the Mysterium Masked Mansion

After a first very positive and exciting experience at the MMM (Mysterious Masked Mansion), I could not resist the urge to return to the place: there were many rooms I did not visit last time, and more importantly I wondered if I could get another intense experience … Have I been lucky last time or is the place always like this? This is a question I wanted to answer.

First thing I wanted to do is to work a little on an appropriate outfit. There is not much to wear, but the dress code allows a cloak and I wanted to wear a more eccentric mask. After some investigations on the marketplace, I finally found what I was looking for (well kind of, I am not fully satisfied with the cloak yet). So I dressed up with my heels, a pair of stockings, a thong and suspenders, and of course the cloak and my brand new feather mask … I was ready.

I arrived at the mansion with the same excitement as the first day I have been there. Actually maybe it was even more intense as I knew what kind of adventures could await for me there. I followed the same alley winding through the woods and arrived in the main court of the castle. I went to check the garage on my left. Last time I have been curious of what that could be. As I guessed it was indeed a garage, a few luxurious cars were parked … nothing very interesting, unless you are a fan of sports car, which I am not. In the middle of the garage there was a flight of stairs leading upstairs. I, of course, went upstairs to check … this was this time nothing to do with a garage, I am not sure how I could put that in words: a kind of bachelor pad with some very specific equipment belonging to the BDSM universe. “Interesting” I thought displaying half a smile while returning downstairs.


I headed to the main entrance this time and entered the same impressive hall I was in a few weeks before. Feeling the atmosphere of that place again made me shiver, do not worry it was not because I was cold, but because of sweet memories re-emerging. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly, smiling. This place is just hot. The hall was empty and I headed to the main living room, empty as well. I was a bit disappointed, but after all, it was a perfect opportunity to visit the place peacefully.

I walked around the main reception room, I like the special atmosphere of it, it is at the same time comfy and welcoming, and also a bit threatening, with those pictures of submissive women pinned on the walls, those cages … I remember having goose-bumps then.


At one end, the room opens to a large library, with shelves covering the walls. Some comfortable sofas were set there too, probably a good way to enjoy a nice book, but most likely a nice spot to enjoy an anonymous partner. Anonymity is what makes this place so special to me, when I say special … I mean arousing.


This is when I noticed this very small door in a corner of the library … I could not resist opening it and see what was actually behind. After a short and narrow corridor I arrived on a large and luxurious balcony overhanging a huge hall. A perfect copy of the settings of the scene of “Eyes Wide Shut”. It was completely empty at that time, but I was able to perfectly picture what could happen there … I admired the hall for some minutes caressing my breasts with distraction. Finally I came round and I returned to the library.


When I arrived there, a lady was lying in a sofa, keeping to the strict dress code of the place. I approached and engaged in a conversation, asking her questions about the way the place runs and so on. She admitted she is a regular here and seemed to confirm that she always finds here a good adventure and this is why she keeps coming again and again. One of the most erotic place of SecondLife according to her. “Erotic” is definitely the best word to qualify this place: it is not about pixel-porn, but definitely more about eroticism, create the conditions of a proper hot human encounter. We were joined by a black lady: I definitely liked her lace lingerie … I probably asked her about the brand but failed to note it (as often), well anyway she was splendid. She was more like me, new to the place, but a lot more shy than me. So, I and the white lady, we gave her a few advice… not sure what they are worth, but she seemed happy to get them.

They finally left me, and I continued my tour. The place was getting more and more crowded, nothing to make the lag unbearable, but enough to create more interactions between the participants. Men and women alike are very keen to talk and flirt, and tend to be very good looking. I am more attentive to the ability to chat properly, but it is never bad to talk with a sexy avatar, isn’t it? So I did exactly that: I spent a lot of time chatting with every person I met, flirting with a few men, being anonymous make it so easy. Moreover being half naked all the time satisfies my exhibitionist fantasy: I enjoyed their stare on my skin a lot! All the time I was thinking about the fact that maybe I have met them before, or maybe I will meet them elsewhere, but I will never know they were here with me. It is such an exciting feeling.

Finally I met a man with a black and white mask, I was definitely in the mood now, and he was probably in the same mood … one does not come here without an intention. We chatted quite a long time, and I liked the smart way he flirted, never direct, always suggesting the things. He took my hand and led me to the swimming pool room … it seems that this room has a lot of success. The place was not empty, two ladies were already there enjoying each other and my mysterious partner was captivated by the scene. I could measure how captivated he was by his bulge. We passed them and went to a sofa nearby from where he could continue to watch the hot scene. I was not jealous of his interest for those girls, that would not make sense in a place like this. On the contrary it made him aroused and hard and I definitely intended to take advantage of this.

We continued to chat but I made it very clear that I wanted more than that … I sat on his lap, touched his face, made him feel me. Nothing is better as foreplay, as far as I am concerned, than the warm hand of a man on my body. Believe me, his hands were feeling absolutely fantastic: large, soft and warm … just as I like the hands. This phase was really fun: we were having foreplays, while the girls, just next to us were reaching the high point of their encounter, becoming more and more “vocal”. We exchanged stares, smiling, not a word said between them and us, but the sight of each others was an extra spice and I definitely liked it a lot.

Things definitely became more serious between us as he took the lead finally. I was aroused like hell and I could feel his groin growing below me. It was just amazing and hot. People were coming back and forth in the room. Some stayed, watching at us from the distance: I did not feel ashamed, I should have but my feeling was definitely different. I actually felt proud and desirable. I could feel lust in the stares of those onlookers, males and females alike. I overplayed a little but I wanted to make my partner happy, and to please the audience as well. Having sex with an audience is very arousing!

It became even more hotter when one of the men approached us, standing in front of us and looking with a large smile at the scene we were offering. He addressed my partner, giving compliments on how hot we looked like. My partner talked to him as well, it was weird hearing him having a nearly casual conversation, while his cock was ramming into my pussy from behind. The man was now just in front of me and caressed my face and hair while talking, and yes you know what we all had in mind: a few looks were exchanged to check we all agreed and I was soon playing with two men at the same time!

The MMM (Mysterious Masked Mansion) is definitely a place which is worth a visit, well if you are not too shy. The funny thing is that I was chatting with one reader in IM at the same time, a reader I have never met: and I will never be sure or not, he was not actually my second man. That is one of the magic of this place (as long as you wear a mask and the little attachment which hides the identities).

Maybe I will see you there soon my dear readers, but I will never know it was you. Actually I will have to return since I learnt there is now a cloak room to change when you arrive … it probably creates an extra spice-up and a good way to immerse in the place.



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