I met Charleen, the newbie not so new

I met Charleen, the newbie not so new

We have all been tempted, at least one time, to get rid of our current avatar and to create a new one, have a fresh start in our SecondLife … it is so easy, so tempting sometimes. I have lost many friends like this, they simply vanished from my world. A few times I have been able to find them again: see Family Reunited and Becky the Aussie … it is actually very rare and it can happen only with true friends.

When I met Charleen, I knew already who she was: an alt of Caroline from Second Life Adventures blog. Caroline, through Charleen, is trying to revive her early days in Second Life, to check how arriving in our world can be as a newbie. It is very refreshing, and I encourage you to read the first posts. The story, in my opinion, is very promising:

I actually had the opportunity to meet her in flesh, well, in pixels. She shares a passion with Caroline: sailing. I know nothing about how to sail, but I always enjoy sailing with some experimented people. It feels safe and exciting crossing the oceans, feeling the salty wind on my face and the warm caress of the sun.

We did not sail for a very long time, we just chatted a little and had a lot of fun together and we moored at the sailing club that I visited with her. Maybe I should buy a boat one day … well it is very expensive but I am considering it.



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  1. Cathy,

    its not that expensive. Three or four good fucks and you have it. Its even easier if you tell the guy what it is for and you take him for sailing with you.

    Trust me, guys are very generous if you give them more then just sex. Introduce him to sailing and how much fun it is and he pais you the boat.


  2. Yes, a new beginning can be very liberating. I have made such a clean cut myself once and I do not regret it, even though I didn’t just create an alt, but deleted the old avatar for good.
    In my case too many bad memories were attached to it and letting go of my old me was symbolic as well as practical consideration (you should have seen the mess of an inventory I had piled up there ;))
    The problem is, that it will not solve the disappearing of people. It happens daily, and people you have shared countless of memorable hours with, just disappear within a split second, and only few remain. SL is fast and intense, making such a loss painful.

    Concerning boats. You do not have to pay a fortune for decent boats. I am not big into sailing and prefer a more relaxed way of travelling, rather then to constantly having to care if I am in the right position to move properly 😉
    This is my little toy 😉 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/50-Off-Sale-E-Tech-Sparrow/2901521
    And I got it for under 1000L$ …. and you can try out all their products in deep on their sim.

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