A grotto visit leading to another

A grotto visit leading to another

I was in the mood, that day, to visit some new locations, with no particular agenda in mind. Some people of bad omen predict a SecondLife apocalypse soon. I admit that I see more and more empty places, friends leaving, but the overall quality of the remaining places is just amazing. I was really focused on finding nice scenery places and I found this place. It is rather difficult to describe it, it is a sort of poetic or magic pond, surrounded by blossoming trees. All I was turning my gaze on in that sim looked beautiful and romantic.


I was lost in my thoughts when someone tapped on my shoulder … surprised, I jumped and looked at the man who was chuckling, definitely enjoying his prank. I joined him in laughing.


We introduced ourselves and I learnt the man was actually a regular of the sim. He proposed me to visit his favorite spot, a little grotto, not far away from where I was standing. The grotto was not easy to access, we had to pass behind a cascade and walk on slippery rocks, but once I was inside I did not regret coming, it was worth it. The light seemed to be filtered through tiny holes in the grotto roof and diffracted through crystal stalactites in incredible colors. If I were not such a Cartesian, I would have thought the grotto was charged with some magic power. The sight was not a one of this world.

I was admiring the reflections of the light rays on the walls when I felt, from behind, his hands on my hips. I cried out in surprise as he pushed me and flipped me to face him. He drove my back against a flat tall stone and stared at me. To my astonishment, he was bare chest, I checked and spotted a pile of clothes near the entrance of the grotto. He probably took advantage of my distraction to remove them.

-“Guess what is my favorite activity in this place?” he asked grinning and still pinning me on the stone.

He took me by surprise, but I have been a dumb not to see that coming. I was not really in a position of strength, and a bit unsure of his intentions so I decided to play it as if I was not impressed or frightened.

-“The visit of my grotto is not a free entrance” I said trying to keep a humorous tone.

He chuckled and I started to relax, he did not seem to be a bad boy, just a man who knew what he wanted. He let my hands go and fetched a roll of bills from his pocket that he put in my hand.

-“I guess that will be enough to cover it?” he asked arching eyebrows.

I nodded and smiled.

-“That is perfect! You have earned the access for the hour to come” I replied peeling from my top and throwing it on the side.

He chuckled and finally not loosing one second of the precious time, he hugged me tight and kissed me with lust. His hands were wandering on my body, and I could feel he was in serious need of a good and hot session. I was not to let him down on that.

We quickly helped each other to strip and our embraces became even more passionate. We moved to a nearby puddle, large enough to bath us both, and we engaged! The water was not especially warm, but believe me I never felt cold.

We had a little break, more a romance moment where we actually spoke and giggled from the situation. We enjoyed finally the scenery and the beauty of the grotto, in the arms of each others.


He seemed to recover at one stage … well I mean down there. He smiled as I noticed it and we laughed.

-“Wanna visit the office?” he asked. I looked at him with a questioning stare. He pointed to an area of the grotto. “There are amenities there. It’s a very surprising grotto!”

-“Ho? Really? ”

-“Let me take you there!” he said with a smile.

And so he did!


If you are interested to live a fantasy of yours with me, you can definitely hire me, I would be very happy to fulfil it with you. Discovering your fantasies, make them mine, is a real turn-on. Do not hesitate.

Big kiss!


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  1. Lol you’re becoming the next Caroline , just fucking around everyday , well I fuck 3-4 each day , if I’d write a blog about it It’d be size of google now lol!
    Nothing special really, just all guy want is to fuck u up and you think its some connection ^^
    just go to any random sex sim and you’lll get free fucks for all day and keep wtinying posts about it lol neverending hehee
    we get it, men want to fuck u loll but they’d just fuck anyone hehe even noobs , so standards , nothing specail , bring smthing original ^^

    • Hi Nat, sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion but doesn’t give you the right to bash Cathy 🙂
      That was a really beautiful experience and I’m so happy you enjoyed your time Cathy! kisses x

      • Thanks Ash … However, anyone is allowed to express his/her opinion on my blog and well, negative feedbacks are good to make progress … So Nat your feedback is noted and I am going to work to find a few original posts … Hopefully it will work.

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