Skinny-dipping in the hotel pool

Skinny-dipping in the hotel pool

What I like to do during my holidays is to spend one week at the hotel. It is, most of the time, paradise on earth and most importantly I have nothing to worry about: no lunch to prepare, my only concern is to rest and work on my tan. All the rest is pure extra! Note that I have nothing against extras!

During one of these weeks, I was enjoying a warm evening by the hotel pool. The place was very calm: there was a kind of show organised by the hotel somewhere else in the buildings and it seems all guests went to assist. It let me alone at the pool, even The bar was closed. The idea crossed my mind to go skinny dipping in the swimming pool, it sounded pretty exciting and risky: all the kind of things that really turns me on actually.

It was without counting with a guy I met earlier that same day and with whom I admit I flirted a little. He saw me alone in the distance and came my way, ruining my earlier plan. Well that would be for another time, let’s put that in perspective. After all, I could replace that by a fun night with a cute man … not so bad after all. So I was all smile when he finally arrived at my side. We resumed our flirt where we let it earlier. The guy was indeed charming and I think he shared the feeling towards me … well at least when he invited me to join him on his deckchair, I was convinced.


We became more and more touchy-feely and I was definitely aroused … was it the man, or the nearby pool, or the holidays, or maybe the two glasses of rum I drank earlier? I definitely do not know, all I know is that I badly wanted him and eventually we had a long and passionate kiss while he started to have wandering hands – not that would complain about it -.

This is when I remember what Caroline used to say about the swimming pools of SecondLife: see What pools are for in SecondLife? I had myself quite a few experiences in SecondLife pools, one of the most exciting from my point of view was an encounter with Aaron. Back to our story: I realised I could still have my skinny dipping session tonight. I smiled to my lover-to-be.

-“What about skinny-dipping in that pool” I said arching eye-brows and smiling. He looked at me a bit amazed, probably not very aware of what I am capable of doing.

-“Here? You sure?” he asked a bit worried. “We could get caught” he argued.

-“Well, they are all at the show … or in their bedrooms. So … it’s pretty safe” I said in my temptress role. “Moreover there is no pleasure if there is no risk!”

He chuckled and looked at me.

-“Ok, you have a point here … I would say why not?”

He helped me on my feet and stood and we stripped naked before sliding in the refreshing water. I started to splash him as he was slow to enter in the water but I stopped when I saw his worried face. We were making too much noise and he definitely did not want to attract any attention. I giggled and started to swim in the pool … ho gosh, this is so sweet to swim in the nude, the caress of the water is just amazing. Finally he joined me and swam with me… well actually behind me – such a pervert – but I guessed he was not able to see much in the darkness.


He started to relax finally, he realised it was very unlikely that someone would come our way … or at least we would have time to reach our towels and keep some modesty. He was now ceasing any opportunity to touch my naked body while we swam and what I expected would happen… happened. He hugged me tightly and we had another passionate kiss, but this time, we were skin against skin and … how could I put that … well I had no more doubts on his arousal, he was as hard as wood.

He finally took me in his arms and brought me to the side of the pool where he delivered a very nice cunnilingus (more and more men are becoming good at it)… and when he and I were in perfect conditions, we did it… another good use of a SecondLife’s pool in the standard of Caroline … Caroline if you read this, I hope you are proud of me, of us.

And you, dear readers, what do you do in SecondLife pools: swim really? Tan maybe? Or is it more naughty? I cannot wait for your comments.


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