Dating a friend on the beach by a warm night

Dating a friend on the beach by a warm night

It was one of these warm nights of summer, I was not able to sleep, my room was incredibly hot. I finally gave up and stood … all I needed was a peaceful walk outdoor and maybe I would defeat my insomnia afterwards.

I dressed and headed for the nearby beach where I expected to find some wind. I  actually found some air but it was absolutely not the cool breeze I expected, more a warm and wet wind from the south. I regretted bringing my jacket. I sat on the sand and was looking at the dark sea when I felt my phone buzzing.

“I cannot sleep, too hot in my bedroom. Are you awake?” said the message from Junior. I quickly typed an answer and we agreed that he would join me on the beach. I did not wait long before he arrived. He did not change much, still it has been ages I did not meet with him. We hugged for a long minute before parting.


-“It was a long time!” he said with his usual cheerful tone.

I nodded and smiled.

-“Yes a very long time!” I commented.

-“Ok. let me change in my swimsuit and we will catch-up walking along the beach. How does it sound?” he asked while peeling from his shirt.

-“Well … good … if you put aside the fact that I did not bring my swimsuit” I said arching an eyebrow.

He chuckled staring at me.

-“That usually doesn’t stop you. Moreover the night is warm and the beach desert” he added displaying half a smile.

-“Well … if you promise to behave and to protect me from any bad encounters, I am in” I said giggling.

-“I swear to shield you with my body if need be” he said solemnly before bursting out laughing.

I nodded laughing with him. He goggled at me while I was stripping.I scolded him gently:

-“Hey don’t look at me like this … come on you promised to behave”

-“Sorry I can’t resist” he said winking at me. I giggled and piled my clothes on top of his.


I could have kept my panties and my bra, but the night was too good not to enjoy it fully. We hugged again and I enjoyed the touch of his bare torso against my breasts, of his warm hands on my back.

-“Ok, let’s go now” he said. “Before I cannot do it anymore”, he took my hand and we were on our way, walking at the water edge.

I lost track of time, I enjoyed every seconds of our walk. There was his strong hand in mine, the sweet caress of the air on my naked body, the cool water licking my toes, his furtive stares on my nakedness, all of it was perfect and I felt like I was in a romantic dream. The part of the beach we were was indeed desert and we never met anybody … not that I would have been that ashamed, I actually feel good in the nude, and if people do not like it, they can look elsewhere.

I do not know how much time we walked but it has been enough for us to share the latest news in lives, and we were again as if we had seen each other the day before. Actually Junior is probably one of my oldest friend, he is an alt of another character that I do appreciate a lot for various reasons, the most important one being: he is a true friend.

We were on our way back to our clothes when we noticed a hammock set not far from the water’s edge. I did not pay attention to it on the first leg of our travel, but when we passed it, Junior proposed we had a break there. He expertly sat on the hammock and extending a hand he helped me to sat on his lap. It felt actually good sitting there, the slow swing motion of the hammock while we were listening at each others stories.


He was caressing my arm as we chatted and suddenly I felt … well I felt something hard and growing, something that was definitely not there a few minutes ago. I smiled and stared at him with a faked shocked face:

-“Ahem … what’s that?” I said

-“Oops sorry! I did my best but I could not prevent it any longer” he replied chuckling.

My only answer was to kiss him passionately and he kissed me back with the same passion … this is when, I think, we knew things were out of control. So, yes we did it, right there on the hammock. I think there is nothing more pleasant than having sex in the great outdoors on a warm summer night. Our bodies bathing in the warm air, enjoying, at each move, the soft caress of the breeze, even more exacerbated by the growing wetness of some sensitive spots. If you never tried this, go for it, it is a fantastic feeling (well, at your own risks of course) … in particular with a great lover.

We made love with an exquisite tenderness and finally we decided it was time to go back to our clothes, there was no need to push our luck too far. Like a gentleman he accompanied me up to my place and after a last long kiss, he took his way to his. Did I sleep well after that? Oh yes, just like a baby!

Thank you my lovely Junior!

So my dear readers, time to tell us if you had such an experience outdoor? Did you like it? Let us know.

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  1. MMmmmmm How romantic 🙂 this shows that even the warmest sweetest times can turn into hotness and a good lovely fuck , that was amazing Cathy , as always and you deserve all the loving <3
    kisses xx

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