Time for a new dare in public

My dear readers,

As some of you might know, I asked you some time ago to choose my next “nude in public” dare, and as each time you responded and I would like to thank you for your participation. So here are the results of the poll:

The dare you picked up is from Alan again (more details on the dare #17 on Nude in public dares). A walking outdoor in sheer pantyhose is not technically a “nude in public” one, but still, I will give it a go and I am quite sure it will a lot of fun.

I am currently looking for the right place to do it … or maybe I will went to various places to check how people will react. If you feel you spotted an interesting place for such a funny  and sexy dare to take place, please let me know: you know how to contact me.


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  1. I would suggest looking for RP malls and similar places or event driven locations. Doing that in a “real” mall will most likely not spark real feedback, as people will be thinking “someone forgot to put back on their skirt” and return to their own stuff.
    I think the Morningwood community might be an idea. You could also go to Bay City during an event. The most recent LEA regions could also prove interesting.

      1. You are welcome. LEA is an artist program run by Linden Lab. Virtual Artists in SL can apply to get a sim for a certain, to make their installations in and the public can visit them. When a new one comes up by certain artists, they tend to be well visited.

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