NIP Dare #18: Nude in the library

NIP Dare #18: Nude in the library

Posted by: Alan

Context: It has become quite a classic dare nowadays: sneak along the college library alleys in the nude. I would like you to do this for us.

Location: A college library.

Clothing: None at all. You can wear a student outfit at the beginning of the dare but it has to go at one stage.

Information for my readers:

This dare takes place at Hentai High, one of the most famous RP college of Secondlife. The sim is very interesting and nicely designed, but more important, it has also an active RP community. You can find more details about the college on their dedicated website: I have actually started to browse the forum and I am considering starting a RP line based into this universe. We will see…


The story:

The day had finally come: I was to fulfill this excellent dare submitted by Alan, and to be honest I was very excited about it.  I had a very short night, troubled by the perspective of the task to come, the risk involved of being caught … I do not complain though, this is what I am looking for, I feel more alive when living those experiences.

The first thing to do was to choose the appropriate outfit, so I opted for a short denim miniskirt and a loose tank top, and well for what I had in mind, I could definitely go commando and so I did. I thought I would go unnoticed among the crowd of the students dressed like this.

When I entered the hall of the university building, I had this delicious feeling again … you know the one you have when after hours or days being flirty with a nice man, you finally accepted his invitation to his place for a last drink. You enter his flat, and it looks neat and clean, and then you know it will happen, because you want it, and obviously him as well, otherwise you would not have this invitation in the first time. So yes, I felt that way, tickling in my tummy, my face red in expectations and slightly shaking.

I scouted the place beforehand so I knew exactly where to head to find the little library. The building was unusually quite calm, but definitely some people were around which added to my nervousness and actually arousal … a dare without anybody around is not as interesting as a one with a high risk of being caught. I passed in front of the cafeteria, a place where usually you can find quite a crowd, but this time only two students were discussing together.

I finally reached the library. It is a bit particular as it is not a closed room but on the contrary, completely opened to the longing corridor. Technically, anybody walking in the corridor and passing the library has a full view on the working tables installed in an open area with the shelves full of book, on the sides. The only place where to hide, is actually between the shelves, so definitely this is the little hideout I would have to use if I hear someone coming my way.

I made a first tour, checking each of the inter-shelves space, I was actually alone. Even the librarian was, for some reasons, out. I had the place for myself and I displayed an amused half-smile. “Perfect timing” I whispered for myself. I tried to calm down and sat at one of the table, trying to get familiar with my environment, checking the noises, whether or not I could detect footsteps. After ten minutes of such a game, I knew it was time to do it, and I felt a surge of adrenaline going through my veins as soon as I stood, goose bumps appearing on my skin.


I walked around, trying to reach the courage I needed to make the first step towards my nudity in this very unexpected place. I finally sat in the librarian chair, something that I think was forbidden, but there, I was hidden behind the high desk, in a manner, I found some privacy. I guessed that only my head was visible from the corridor, and this is where I finally put the things in motion and peeled from my black tank top, which I folder and put at my feet. Done, from this point I knew it would be quite difficult to explain to any on-comers why I was in my bra. I might have enough time to put my tank top back though, so I still had this “reassuring” option.

This is why I decided to add more risks and moved between two shelves, now I had no ways to get my top back unnoticed. I smiled feeling the risk building and my arousal with it. This is when I heard footsteps coming my way. I stood still, literally holding my breath to avoid making any noise … and the footsteps slowly vanished: someone passed the corridor but did not spot me. If he or she were to pass a few minutes earlier they would have caught me behind the librarian desk. I let out a sigh of relief and put my hand on my chest: my heart was pounding so hard. I let out a nervous laugh. “That was near”.


It made me realise that if I wanted to make the dare in full, I had better to hurry. The more I wait, the higher the chance of being caught was! I quickly stuck my head out of the cover of the shelf, the coast was clear. I took a deep breath and unhooked my bra which I let fall down on the floor. I grabbed my boobs as if I wanted to check I was actually topless … no doubt I was !! I felt a long shiver down my spin pushing me to take more and more risks.


From my hideout between the shelves, I ran to the other side of the open space where the tables are. There I sat on one of the comfortable chair which back was against the corridor. Like this nobody could see me unless they actually entered the library. But in the mean time I was sitting topless in the open area, it definitely drove me completely crazy, I wanted more. With a devilish smile I unzipped my skirt, slid it to my feet and finally sent it with an artistic kick in the middle of the room.

Done! I have done it, what my reader Alan asked me to do, to strip nude in a public library was done. You cannot imagine how horny I was at this moment, the wetness between my legs were definitely not lying. My brain was not functioning any more in a rational way, I was enjoying all this too much to stop now … I was craving for a relief and I could not wait for my return safe at home.

I crouched and returned between the shelves and … I did it, I caressed myself until I reached my climax … which was simply amazing … powerful … and maybe a bit noisy too. Once feeling better finally, I collected all my clothes, dressed back between my shelves and quit the building tiptoeing, unnoticed, well at least I hope I was.

Alan, you’re the best !!!



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    • Hi Silky, actually I plan to RP there but I am a bit lost at their character creation procedure … which is from my point of view, very hard to understand. Maybe you could help me?

  1. Great article! I visit that sim sometimes and it is a very active and welcoming community, look forward to running into you on my next trip to the library.

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