Dare Party #2 – What happened?

Dare Party #2 – What happened?

Silky and I were there, and it has been a wonderful party! I can now reveal where it was, if you are tempted to have a look at this very nice place by yourself: the name of the sim is Park Sanssouci and here is the taxi. It features a 18th century castle and its gardens, there are also some shops around where you can purchase a period costume if you want to feel more immersed into your character. It is definitely worth a visit!

We received our guests on the terrace just in front of the main building. From there we had a fantastic view over the garden below us, its fountain and its plantations. I would imagine a full army of gardener would have been needed to tidy up such a huge park in real life, but here in SecondLife, it stays perfect at all times without any care needed, is digital not fantastic?

So our guests arrived, one by one, some of them in costume, which created a very nice immersive experience from my point of view. Silky started her music stream, and we danced on the terrace, happy to be with each others, and also anticipating the fact, that sooner or later, we would have to get rid of our fancy costumes. I was, to be honest, very excited by this perspective, and a bit afraid of what could be the reactions of the regulars of the sim, or the owners themselves. In the past days, I did some probing on the sim, and I knew from them that the place was mostly deserted, but still, the risk was adding definitely to the excitement!

Finally Mia started it and stripped naked, the real party started here.


Each of us daring the others to strip! It was all giggles, laughs and jokes as it was happening. The piles of clothes on the sides were growing bigger and bigger as we threw our clothes on top of them and were showing more and more skin. Finally, we were in full motion, excitement at its peak, we were dancing in the nude in the middle of a sim which was never intended for this kind of things. The feeling was absolutely fantastic!

As I anticipated it, we had very few visits from the regulars of the sim, simply because I think there are not many regulars. For one of them it was really funny, well from my point of view at least. The man arrived downstairs, nearby the fountain, probably attracted by the crowd we were, and the noise we were making. When he realized that we were all naked, he seemed to freeze. I did not know what was on his mind at this moment, and I wondered if, maybe, he was considering joining us. I decided to invite him and went downstairs to meet him. Unfortunately he fled as I said “hello” as he had seen a monster or the devil itself. All the others had a good laugh on my expense when I came back to them. It was funny indeed and I laughed with them, I only hoped I did not shock him.

The incident was quickly over and Fask, one of the guests, set off very nice fireworks over the gardens, making the night even more special. I was so caught up by the atmosphere that I soon forgot I was not wearing any clothes at all.

At the end, the darkness on the gardens was complete and we danced with neon creating some nice effects in the night. I had some very good laughs, and spent a magic evening in SecondLife. The kind of moments that makes you smile for long hours after it happened. I cannot wait for the next one.


I would like to thank in particular Silky (you can find her own report on the party here) for her fantastic choice of songs, and the selection of the place which proved to be very adapted to our little purpose. A big thanks as well to my friends Kod and Ash who joined the party … Kod, if you read this, you were stunning in that costume, and even more without it !!

Big kisses,



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