What will be the next dare?

What will be the next dare?

My dear readers,

I have been recently submitted three new “Nude In Public” dares by one of you, thank you Alan! All three are pretty interesting and exciting. Caroline, the famous blogger of Second Life Adventures, has proposed a poll to let her readers choose what they want to be her next adventures. This inspired me definitely, and I want you to pick up for me, which ones of the numerous dares I still have to do you would like me to do first.

Find the poll at the bottom of this page, thank you all in advance for your contribution.

Dare #6: Aroused in a club
Posted by: Jezabelle
Context: For this I would imagine you going in a club. All this dancing, the press of the people around you, gets you aroused and you want release. Find a semi hidden place hitch up your skirt and try to get there. But don’t get caught. Rehide and try again if you do.
Location: a crowded club.
Clothing: Dressed to party with a short dress or skirt.

Dare #12: Scandal at Frank’s Jazz club (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Caroline
Context: I have a seriously hard one for you: I dare you to flash in the middle of Frank’s Jazz Club (not the VIP one) right at the bar! After this everything else will look like child’s play! Oh and I want to see it live.
Location: Frank’s Jazz Club
Clothing: Absolutely nothing

Dare #14: World naked bike ride (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Anonymous
Context: Mimic the world naked bike ride event and bike downtown in your birthday suit.
Location: City center of any town
Clothing: Apart from shoes and the bike nothing. Some bodypaints are very welcome.

Dare #16: Bottomless motor-bike ride (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Alan
Context: Cathy, I am a fan of your dare #1 and it would be fantastic if you could do this again. This time, you will ride a motor-bike as the back passenger, without a stich on from waist down. Boots are allowed, I do not want you to get burnt. You will need an accomplice to drive you through a crowded town and shock the crowd by your boldness.
Location: City center of any town
Clothing: Nothing from waist down exception of boots. Top can be anything a biker would likely wear, a leather jacket and a tshirt for instance.

Dare #17: See-through pantyhoses walk (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Alan
Context: For this dare you will wear see-through pantyhoses with nothing underneath. You will walk through a busy town and pretend they are just normal leggings and you do not realize they are sheer and are exposing you completely.
Location: City center of any town
Clothing: Urban clothes, with see-through pantyhoses to cover you from the waist down.

Dare #18: The classical “in the library in the nude” (ACCEPTED)
Posted by: Alan
Context: It has become quite a classic dare nowadays: sneak along the college library alleys in the nude. I would like you to do this for us.
Location: A college library
Clothing: None at all. You can wear a student outfit at the beginning of the dare but it has to go at one stage.

Poll is closed and the winner is …. Dare #18 : The classical “in the library in the nude”

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