Pictures Postcards from SecondLife #14

Pictures Postcards from SecondLife #14


Comfortably sat in the bar we used to go when we were kids, I was writing the lines for the card. I suddenly heard a silent giggling from Silky. I looked at her and saw how she gave me a wicked look:
-“You are so sexy when you are lying.”

Displaying a faked shocked face I replied:
-“Awww come on, I am not lying, I am just omitting a few facts. He doesn’t need to know everything, does he?”

-“No I guess not, but he knows the shop owner, and after he almost threw us out, for you starting the cat-fight at the dressing rooms, I guess he will know soon anyways.” Silky put down her cup in front of her leaning back contently. “Which I think is well deserved after your little perving on me some weeks ago.”

I crossed my arms and looked at Silky suspiciously, wondering if she actually knew or if she bluffed to get the truth out of me.
-“What exactly do you mean dear?” I asked as innocently as I could manage.

Silky produced a half amused smile looking at me over the rims of her glasses:

-“Oh don’t play that one with me. I have been severely drunk after our reunion party but not that unconscious to not hear the sound of your phone camera when you took that picture of me in my bed … which you sent to Ann by the way.”
-“Well … ok, ok, I did that!” I finally admitted uncomfortable. “Ann told you? What a snitch! I will have my revenge…. Still I did not deserve what you did Silky, that was very, very embarrassing!”
-“Of course” she told me. “Ann couldn’t hold her little mouth and complimented me on my tits, so I grilled her until she confessed it to me.” Silky had a stern look now “And that your picture took the wrong turn was pretty much your doing. Without that little display of your wrestling skills, it would be on Velvet’s phone now.”
-“Are you kidding me? Did you actually say this is my fault now?” I said pretty annoyed now. “You cannot be serious!” Calming my temper I added: “Well …. I recognize I was the one who started this. I guess I must apologize for the topless shot, so please pardon me…. ”
-“Well I have to admit being serious is quite difficult with such a hilarious situation at hand …” Silky let the sentence float in mid air for a moment “… but I guess you are lucky, that your photo won’t be bragged about … well except by me. I got a call an hour ago. I have to return to Bay City tomorrow to meet with a client. Not my idea of leaving the place, but I cannot postpone it. Do you want to meet at the beach this evening? Just like the old times?”

I smiled to her pretending to give it a thought whereas I knew the answer already.
-“Well that would be an idea. Old times means we will be skinny dipping? No phones allowed then!!” I winked at her, letting her know that our dispute was over from my point of view.

Silky switched off her phone in a grand gesture and let it slip into a pocket
-“It would be disturbing anyways. Since it is the last night here I want to enjoy it completely. Thankfully it’s warm enough already. I will get us some treats for tonight.”

Mimicking her theatrical gesture, I switched off my phone too and put it in my purse.
-“Nonviolence treaty then!” I said with a smile. I took my glass and staring at her “Cheers?”

Silky got up smiled and brought her mouth close to my ear
-“Well see you tonight then.” She left the cafe giving me her usual amused look over shoulder, before she turned around the corner.

I left the little bar a few minutes later the time for me to finish writing my card to dad:

“I hope you are doing well on your side and send you a big kiss from this place I know you love at least as much as me.
Kiss kiss,
your loving daughter

I took my way to my hotel. When I arrived, I let the postcard at the reception and went under a warm shower. Tonight would probably be another good memory at Kat’s beach to add to my collection of souvenirs.

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