Hire me

Hire me

Are you feeling bored or lonely today? Are you looking for some company?

I am here for you and very happy to spend some time with you. Whatever your plans are, I am in: from a romantic dinner on the beach, through a professional event or a dinner with friends where I will play your girlfriend, to your deepest and secret fantasies. All you have to do is to contact me, define a place to meet, and let me know what you would like to do or play. I can dress the way you like, change my look, my make-up, my hair color, I can look like older or younger. Nothing is more enjoyable for me than making you very happy.

I am cheerful, easy-going, charming, very open-minded and of course quite skilled in the art of making love. I am an experienced professional, so please do not be shy with me and feel free to open yourself and let me know what you really want or like. Do not worry, what will happen between us, will stay between us, confidentiality guaranteed, your girlfriend will never know about it.

I offer a high quality service, in english or in french, for a very reasonable price, see below my rates:
– 600 L$ for 30 minutes
– 1,000 L$ for 1 hour
– 1,500 L$ for 2 hours
– 3,000 L$ unlimited time (valid for 1 week)

The good news is that you get a 20% discount, if you whisper in my ear the secret passcode “secret diary“, when you book me. This is a privilege for the readers of my blog.

How to contact me:
– IM in world : Catherine Palen (cathy.palen)
– Email: cathy.palen@gmail.com
– Meet me directly at Street Whores where I offer my services at even cheaper rates, and you can ask for the discount of course.

This service is limited to Second Life only.

I hope to meet you soon in-world love!

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