Country side

Country side

Those among you who participated to the Dare Party #1 knows already about the place as it is where the party took place. I was unfortunately not able to participate and I eagerly wait for Silky’s report.

“Countryside” is actually the name of the sim, and this is the LM to go there. I do not need to give you much details about what the place is about, the name says it all. I have to say this is fantastically realized.


The scenery is fantastic and wherever you look you actually feel you are in the country: woodwinds, fields with horses and cows grazing, a farm, a tractor, a little stream running across the sim … everything is there, maybe exception of a little pond. This is definitely a must-see place, and in terms of quality it reminds me of Lupe’s Magic Forest (I wrote a post on this place last year on SLA, Caroline’s blog).

What is also very original for this kind of place (and exactly like Magic Forest actually) is that the place is nude-friendly. It is not mandatory to be nude, but you can meet a few nudists strolling the sim wearing nothing more than a smile. The signs, at the entrance of the sim, will remind you the rules. Actually this is nothing to frighten me, quite the contrary actually.

This is my favorite sim at the moment and I go there quite often. It is the ideal place to find peace and let your mind drift. Moreover the sim owner had the good idea to position here and there a hammock, a picnic blanket, large and comfy cushions … perfect to have a nap, or relax…




PS: If you know some nice places yourself, share your experience and let us know the LM. Some places are really worth a visit and I do not want to miss a good spot.

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