Nothing better than a beach

Nothing better than a beach

In my early times in SecondLife, I used to spend a lot of time on beaches or around nice swimming pools. I had quite a lot of landmarks all around the grid where I went with friends, sometimes alone. Definitely better with friends!

Last time I was with Alma, we went to Bare Sun, a place I already visited one time (see Bare Sun post). The place is definitely nice and well designed, the only main default is that it is not open to males. Well, for a girly chat session it was actually the perfect spot. The place is however a bit laggy, so better to come with a high performance profile or to reduce your graphic settings before landing.

Once I had everything loaded, in a calm spot of the sim, I and Alma were able to have a long and enjoyable chat about our Second Lives. The kind of chat you men would probably hate, so after all having a girl-only beach is not a bad idea after all. * giggles *


After the event, I checked my different landmarks of nice beaches, all of them have vanished, a clear sign that SecondLife is a world moving fast, maybe a sign as well that it is closing very fast. Do you guys know some nice beach spots? Please let me know I would really like to enjoy more of my time on white sand beaches! Want to come along?



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  1. I have been visiting a place called Jamaica Beach.
    A high testosterone, highly sexual spot with all sorts of sexy activities available. I am sure you’d enjoy yourself very much there. Caution though: it can be more than a bit laggy due to high rate of visitors… If we get the chance, I’ll take you there 😉

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