The CMNF Lounge

The CMNF Lounge

CMNF stands for Clothed Males Naked Females … So yes you guessed it, the CMNF Lounge is exactly the kind of place for me and all the exhibitionist ladies with the same kink than me.

There are a few places in Second Life, even some places where men show their goods to clothed females (see Becky the Aussie). I definitely think the CMNF Lounge is the best of them. The club is actually quite a standard place, nothing extraordinary about it definitely, the design and furniture are rather good though. Actually the real value of the club is the people who gather here.

First of all, it is well frequented, but not too much, I mean the lag is perfectly acceptable and when you go there you are quite assured to find a few party-goers around. Next very good point is that the balance between males and females is excellent. And finally, everybody play by the rules and apply the dress code: elegant men in suits and women as naked as they dare, with the men trying to politely invite them to undress more, and the women, flirting and gently resisting. It is really fun to go there actually, no harassment here, just a playful game of seduction in a particular place.


I used to go party quite often, it is more rare nowadays but I spent a very nice evening the other day. I had a flirty conversation with an old guy (very rare to meet aged avatar in Second Life by the way), I improvised a show with another lady for the crowd and finally had a few dances with a very nice guy …

snapshot_064_26570275555_o snapshot_070_26477846942_o snapshot_071_26570273145_o

All this made me … in the mood, and so I could not resist ending up in his bed for a tender and hot session of sex.


Give it a try, you will adopt the place.



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  1. Thanks Cathy for showing this new place! Very interesting. I have been in the opposite kind of place CFNM, but I should try also this way for sure!!!! Kisses. Alma

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