The best of Secondlife is your friends

The best of Secondlife is your friends

I think the best of SecondLife is friends. My best memories in the second world are the fantastic evenings I spent with one or another good friend of mine, doing nothing special actually, just having a good time together.

I remember dancing with Jelena, chatting through the night with Thierry, skydiving with Becky, spending hours laying on the beach with Alex, being part of the show when Didi organized one … All of them friends of my early times in SecondLife, some of them gone, some of them still around. But what made these moments so nice: it was just because I was feeling good with them and I enjoyed deeply every seconds. We truly talked, being ourselves, we went through the barrier of the digital avatar, we were together for real!

It happened again nowadays that I have such wonderful evenings. Recently it was with one of my best friend Kod … if you are a regular reader, you probably remember him, otherwise you can read Kod’s interview, a sexy cuban partythe striptease of the cuban singer or invite at Del’s place. Yes we see each other quite often!

Kod invited me to his new house, to introduce to me his girlfriend Jehann (I hope I did not misspell her first name).  I enjoyed talking with both of them, installed in front of their house, a very beautiful one, by the way. Jehann is just like Kod, easy to talk to, charming, gentle and funny. They are a good fit if you want my feeling about them. I am looking forward visiting them again, pretty soon hopefully.


This short post is just to say that I feel it is important to make good friends in SecondLife, this is what makes the best of the virtual world. Be true to them, listen to them and never forget they are like you and me, humans with true lives, made of joy and pain. It is good to have real life good friends right? It is just as good in SecondLife!!




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  1. Such moments are precious. When you notice that there a people genuinely caring about you and what you are doing, you have found the true meaning of SL.
    Many people used to call SL a game and still do. But this is just wrong thinking. There are games in SL but SL itself is none. Behind those pixels real lifes, real wishes and troubles and cery own stories exsist. And sharing that with people and building a common base on that can lead to friendships no different from “real” ones.

    • Moment agréable, discussion pleine d’humour que j’ai eu la chance de partager avec toi Cathy grâce à Kod. L’amitié ancienne devient un partage comme dit cette citation de Sénèque : ” Non seulement la pratique d’une amitié ancienne et sûre apporte un grand plaisir, mais aussi le début et la préparation d’une nouvelle.”
      Et pour faire moins intello :)) je te dis bravo pour ton blog je l’ai parcouru avec beaucoup de plaisir. A bientôt pour suivre tes nouvelles aventures Cathy.

      • A very long time I did not read anything from Seneque … Thanks Jehan, it was really pleasant to meet you. I hope we will have opportunities to meet again soon.