Dancing at Basilique Town

Dancing at Basilique Town

Basilique Town is a wonderful place I recently discovered, thanks to Toni, who invited me there to spend the night. The place features, among many other things, a European city, with a huge basilica, a trendy night club and a sort of roman spa. If you want to know more about this amazing place, which is definitely worth a visit, have a look at Canary’s blog.


Strolling in the streets, before joining Toni at the club, made me fall in love with the city. The designers have probably spent a lot of effort to achieve that, I felt like I was somewhere in a beautiful cities of Italy.

I finally joined Toni, the club was crowded with people dancing, the music was definitely good. For a change, there was a good balance of males and females. People were chic, even the women were not dressed too short or too slutty, which has become very rare nowadays in the SecondLife clubs. To make it short, the atmosphere was very enjoyable, it was a long time I did not spend such a good time dancing.

I had so much fun, I and Toni were the last to leave the club … even the DJ left before we did. Toni told me that usually people gathers in the spa after the parties, but this has not been the case that night. It did not discourage Toni and I to go there and spend some time soaking in the large pool.

I definitely had a fantastic evening in this fantastic well designed place. If you did not went to Basilique Town already, give it a try, this is a stunning place.







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  1. I like the sim as well. They have put a lot of effort into it. Its a pity though that the club looks so generic … it could use some polishing in my eyes, since at the moment it doesn’t fit the concept of the sim general … which is a pity.

    • I must agree with you Silky, the club looks good but there is nothing very original about it. The atmosphere and the dress code during the party I attended were wonderful though.

      • And that makes it even worse in my eyes 😉 It nice to see people following the dresscode, and stuff, but the club somehow appeared to me out of place. Its not fitting the rest of the sim, which is pity, since the rest of the place is so carefully built. The club on the other side had a “oh well we need a club. Let’s throw some prefabs together and be done with it” atmosphere … no love really. And yes I am picky 😉

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