The grumpy whores

The grumpy whores

It is some time now that I want to tell you that crazy story … As most of you probably know, I work at Street Whores sim. The name says it all, you would have guessed what the purpose of this place is. I never had any problems with my co-workers until that day.

Actually I was contacted by my very good friend and reader of this blog: Aaron. Aaron is also my most regular customer … so that day he called to hire me. I was not hitting the streets at that moment, so I quickly changed into something more revealing, and agreed to meet him at my usual “workplace”. He arrived before me, I admit I can spend some time changing!

As I would have expected, all my colleagues tried to hook him, this is the game of the streets, you have to seduce faster than the competition if you want to earn money in this jungle. This time was no exception, what I regret is that, most of them, are doing the flirting in “IM” instead of “Local Chat” (despite the rules stating against it) … I can only imagine how disturbing it can be for our customers when they arrive … having many IMs reaching them at the same time from the different whores present. It must feel like a shipwreck victim on a raft, circled by sharks. No surprise that many times our customers flee * sighs *.

I arrived probably five minutes after Aaron, and we moved together to a street lamp. I easily won the prize, off course, Aaron and I setup a rendez-vous, and I think this is what triggered their anger towards us. Aaron knows my kinks and asked me to do it in the middle of the streets: I was more than happy to comply and knelt before him, unzipped his pants and gave him a good blowjob.


My co-workers started to make nasty comments, one of them even camped just besides me and tried to push me. Aaron started to become nervous and argued that there was no rule against us doing this directly in the streets. The girls complained about the fact it was not good for business … Really?

Well, I decided to dodge the fight and we moved to the end of the streets with Aaron where we could resume our activities in the open air as we intended to do.

After Aaron left, I returned to the main place where all the girls are, but they were very grumpy and did not want to talk to me anymore. Isn’t it crazy?

Thanks to Aaron, I had a lot of fun anyway, and I hope he did too.



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  1. If it was me I would have shared your client with pleasure! Aaron don’t you think this could be an option? 😉

    • It’s always an option with me, Alma, if Catherine is amenable to it! And Catherine, of COURSE I had fun, I always do with you. Thank you for another memorable street encounter! Here’s to many more.

  2. I’m glad Aaron was so understanding. I suppose if it was a new client first time on the street he would never come back seeing such a rude behaviour.
    And you’re not the only one who noticed that. I sometimes work that street as well and I had other girls sending me messages asking if a client who’s standing near me is talking to me and showing surprise why the guy chose me from all the other girls….not cool, I know it’s very competitive business but working in many places before I’ve never seen such an open manifestations of envy.

    • Well it is very actually nice to know I am not the only one feeling that way. It was actually the first time I felt the competition so strong, most of the girls are in general quite open and nice … but I arrived probably when the wrong lot was around.
      If you know some good active place I could go to hook, let me know I am very interested (since you mentioned you were in other places before).
      Thank you.

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