Pictures Postcards from SecondLife #7

Pictures Postcards from SecondLife #7

I waked with a start, my phone was buzzing, a ray of sun was hitting my face and I blinked trying to figure out where I was … Then I remembered all, the night out with Silky, the rum, we coming back to her place, in a taxi whose driver was definitely unhappy driving back drunk ladies, fearing that we could make a mess of his car. I giggled softly trying not to wake up Silky who was still sleeping peacefully by my side … what a night it has been!

Strangely enough I had no headache, I was starting to get a grip on that Cuban rum! I grabbed my phone and read a text from Ann… Shit! I really forgot my dear cousin, I felt absolutely awful looking at the alarm clock on the bedside table: I was very late. As quietly as I could manage I stood and grabbed my clothes neatly folded on the bed end. I looked back at Silky before leaving her room and could not resist taking a picture of her with my phone. I smiled to myself and went to the bathroom while typing an answer to Ann.

Fifteen minutes later I was pulling close the door of Silky’s place, wearing a top and a pair of jeans that I borrowed to her. She was asleep so I had an excuse for not asking before stealing her favorite top! I smiled to myself while walking in the streets looking for a cab. I will call her later I promised myself. Knowing Silky, it is better to let her take her full night.

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