NIP Dare #13: Naked nap in the marina

NIP Dare #13: Naked nap in the marina

The dare:

Posted by: Alex
Context: I want you to go to a popular marina and sneak into a nice boat. Choose a nice big one where you can get comfortable. When you’re aboard I want you to take off your clothes and either take a sit and start sunbathing or take a nap if there’s a bed there. Just relax and see what happens and if someone catches you.
Location: A popular marina
Clothing: Absolutely nothing

General information:

This dare has been sent to me by Alex, one of my readers, directly on this blog. I visited a few marina before deciding on which to perform the dare. Actually I had to perform on two different sims due to an “event” on the first one (check the story below to understand what I mean).

The story:

I arrived at the Blue Lagoon Marina and checked on the radar if the sim had some traffic: it was me and two others. Not many, but I thought and hoped it might change and so I finally decided it was the place for the dare. The marina was exactly what I imagined, many luxurious boats moored and a very nice little harbor, well designed. The drawback is that it was a bit heavy for my poor computer and I had to reduce my graphic settings to be able to get back some fluidity in my moves.

I started by making a tour, trying to figure out which boat to target. I was looking for a large boat which is more likely to have a couch or a sleeping berth. Unfortunately for me, most of these boats were locked, preventing me to enter or sit anywhere on them. Finally I spotted a nice sailing boat, not very large actually but this one was not locked and I could board it.

I was there and started to feel the excitement of the anticipation. The sea was beautiful and I walked to the front deck where I sat to take some sun. The breeze was very light, just enough to cool my skin. I closed my eyes, focusing on my feelings, shivering not because of the wind, but in expectations of what was about to happen. I put my hands on the hem of my tied shirt, about to peel it off, when I heard a female voice calling me from the rear of the boat:

-“Miss! Excuse me Miss?”

I opened my eyes and looked behind me. There was actually a lady on the quay calling after me. I stood and walked towards her.

-“Hey, hello there! How are you?” I said with a smile.

-“I am sorry but you cannot stay here. This boat is a private property” she said in quiet stern tone.

I tried to argue with her for a few minutes without any success. She was stubborn and did not want me to board any boat without an official invitation from one of the owner. Well, I definitely feel it is a bit a pity, but I could not fight it, it was a fact: on this sim it seems people are really not happy to have visitors on their boat. So I bent to the rule. There was no point staying here, she had a thorough look onto me all the time I stayed … so I left for another marina.

The next marina I arrived in (The Gull’s wing sailing club), was definitely less pretty, but also less laggy which I definitely appreciated. As in the previous one, I toured the little harbour to spot a nice boat. It was mostly sailing boat there, so I boarded one and it was opened so I could set myself at the front deck. Finally enjoying the sun and the breeze again.

It was the place and time. I untied my top and started the dare. I immediately felt the surge of excitation building in my tummy, my heart was pounding harder. After all, up to now I did not do anything bad, I was just in my swimsuit top and a skirt … but I knew, the more the time would pass the less I would wear.

Soon the skirt was gone and I was in my swimsuit on the deck. I looked around, but the little harbor was very peaceful. Probably the skippers were sleeping in their boats or enjoying a fresh drink in one of the pubs nearby. I giggled.

I took some sun and went inside the cabin to enjoy some freshness and a glass of water. The sun was really burning hard that day. So I had that little break and finally found the courage to remove the top and went back topless on the deck. I stood there as if to provoke the passersby, nobody noticed, but I did not care, I enjoyed it very much: the risk of being caught was my adrenaline!!

I tanned for some time under the sun and the soft caress of the warm breeze …. and the panties were gone … That was it, I was flashing the full marina in my naked glory ! I was exhilarated as each time I have done such a crazy thing. I enjoyed being nude for quite a long time, giving myself a chance of being caught, but nothing like this happened and I went back in the cabin for a little nap.

I actually fell asleep quite quickly and I woke up one hour later. I will never know if someone saw me or not. It still makes me laugh when I think of it.

I dressed back and quit the marina on my tiptoes with a large smile, memories full of my last naked adventure. Thank you Alex for proposing it to me … so sad I did not get caught on that boat … I am sure this is what you had expected. Another time maybe.



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